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Impact Weapons Assassins Tradecraft

Impact Weapons Assassins Tradecraft

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Published by TemplarKnight56
Impact Weapons as tools for Self-Defense, Street Fighting
Impact Weapons as tools for Self-Defense, Street Fighting

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Published by: TemplarKnight56 on Aug 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Impact WeaponsFREE RESOURCES AVAILABLE AT:www.assassinstradecraft.com Greatly Increase Effectiveness of Strikes
This page will provide you with an introduction to a wide variety of Impact Weapons. You will find linkson this page to other learning resources, images and descriptions of Impact Weapons that can beclassified into a number of different "sub-categories". This is an effort to develope at least a looselyorganized scheme of classification, or "TAXONOMY", to facilitate systematic study.
- Walking sticks and sword canes.
-Solid- solid batons, nightsticks, billy clubs, short-stick or "jo" (Japanese).
-Collapsible- with coil spring or steel tube.
•Yawara stick or koppo stick
- variously called a "palm-stick, pocket-stick, Dulo-Dulo, Shobo, Chizikunboor Kubotan". This category also includes the "Shu-Chu" and the Okinawan "Tecchu"
- made with either a coil spring or a flat strip of spring-steel.
•Sand clubs
- Small leather sack filled with sand or birdshot/buckshot
- Palm Sap, flat-slapper or SLAPJACK, short sap.
•Sap Gloves and Gauntlets
-Gloves with powdered lead, lead shot, and/or metal plates sewn into orattached to the outside
•Brass or metal knuckles
-sometimes called "knucks", 4-finger knuckles, 2-finger knuckles and 1-fingerknuckles, the classic "D-KNUCKs, B-Knucks" and Japanese Ninja Shuko and "Tekken".
•Plastic, Nylon or
Lexan fistloads-These instruments are undetectable using conventional metaldetectors.
FREE RESOURCES AVAILABLE AT:www.assassinstradecraft.com 
The days of the Quarterstaff and Japanese "BO" staff are gone. One doesn't often see a traveler walkingthe streets with a 6-foot pole. But occasionally you might see someone with a cane. Combat use of thecane was once a highly developed martial art. Even today there are books and even classroominstruction where you can get schooled in cane combat.
FREE RESOURCES AVAILABLE AT:www.assassinstradecraft.com 
When we speak of "Impact Weapons", we are talking about an instrument or tool, the purpose of whichis to increase the effectiveness of strikes. That is, to deliver an IMPACT to the human body. Impactweapons are capable of stunning, disabling or even killing depending on the skill with which they areused.The cane was once a "gentlemanly fashion accessory". That has become increasingly rare except for theelderly. An advantage of the ordinary cane is that they are legal to carry in most jurisdictions in the US.Another advantage is that you can strike from further away without close physical contact. TheAssassin's Tradecraft is concerned with stealth and surprise. From that perspective it is much morepreferable to have an instrument-tool-weapon-implement (take your pick which term you like) that isconcealable. Image below shows a variety of forms of polce-type Impact Weapons:Blackjacks-which have a coil-spring handle and 12-14 ounce cast-lead tips.Slapjacks-which have 3/4" flat spring-steel handle and a weighted, encased in leather but relatively FLATstriking surface, to reduce the chance of cutting and maximize the "stunning effect. The illustration

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