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Informed Citizens Against Vaccination - Confused by a Spoon

Informed Citizens Against Vaccination - Confused by a Spoon

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Published by Matt Zukowski

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Published by: Matt Zukowski on Aug 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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8/16/12 THIS "MAN" BULLIED...1/3https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=488510187845627&id=394883877268&commen…
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LikeInformed Citizens Against Vaccination
· 5,072 like this
11 hours ago·
THIS "MAN" BULLIED AND HARASSED PPOUC AND IS TARGETING OTHER VACCINE FREEDOM GROUPS-WE NEED TO STAND AGAINST THESE JERKS AND REPORT THEM TO FACEBOOK AND THE FBI CYBER BULLYING UNIT.http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspxCraig EganStop the Australian (Anti)VaccinationNetwork 3 hours ago near Tacoma, WA ·Now that the PPoUC has been banished, I might need a new target.Like ·2 people like this.Rohan James Gaiswinkler ???2 hours ago · LikeCraig Egan Oh, I recently discovered the cesspool of misinformation that was the Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children. I started my own page to combat their insanity. 18 days later, they removedthemselves from Facebook. I don't have enough direct evidence to take full credit, and I knowcorrelation does not prove causation, but it was totally me.http://www.facebook.com/embarrassedcousinsEmbarrassed Cousins of Proud Parents of Unvaccinated ChildrenThis page is for discussion of the rise of anti-vaccination movements, the conse...See MorePage: 571 like this2 hours ago · Like · 5Lance Penna I think informed citizens against vaccination would make an easy target.2 hours ago via mobile · LikeSteph Wade If you want a challenge, try VINE. Lol2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2 Anne Blake ^ Now that WOULD be a challengeere
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 Xrene Dexxprxs
what is with this desire for some people to force others to be injected with anything apharmaceutical company can put a vaccine label on.. it's like mass hysteria.. these people are either incrediblystupid, or incredibly insane.. but i think it's more like both11 hours ago ·Like·2
Somer Time Andthelivinseasy
I'm leaning towards incredibly stupid. I just checked out that page and sawthe admin say "I actually did do my own research. Not on vaccines but on anti vaccine movements." .... Thisperson clearly has NO idea what he's talking about and flat out admits it.11 hours ago · Edited ·Like·3
Bri Ana
Why would you even acknowledge them? Seems to me they are getting exactly what they want. spotlight.11 hours ago via mobile ·Like·1
Michele Angelucci
I don't get it...PPOUC is still there. What is that moron talking about?11 hours ago via mobile ·Like·5
Informed Citizens Against Vaccination
It was off last night... Bri Ana because they took it too far, theyouted someone's identity and threatened to stalk someone... they need to be reported. Giving them attention onan anti vax page? Who's running over to join them that's "liked" this page after reading this? No one.11 hours ago ·Like
Melissa Van Cleave Plant
Won't they be disappointed when they see the page is reopened. They justunpublished temporarily to tighten up security against the trolls.11 hours ago ·Like·2 1Search for people, places and things
Matt ZukowskiFind FriendsHome
Chris JohansonChat(14)
8/16/12 THIS "MAN" BULLIED...2/3https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=488510187845627&id=394883877268&commen…
Save Bristol Bay
Save Bristol Bay - STOPPebble Mine. Protect CleanWater & Fishing Jobs. “Like” us today.· Sydney Wissel likes this.Facebook © 2012English (US)·Privacy·Terms·Cookies·More Like This PageLike
Melissa Van Cleave Plant
Sorry about the duplicates. Trying to remove them. Stupid FB.11 hours ago ·Like·2
Somer Time Andthelivinseasy
I certainly didn't like the page, but I did report them.11 hours ago ·Like·3
Melissa Van Cleave Plant
I just reported them as well.11 hours ago ·Like·2
Bri Ana
I do get what you are saying. But you have to understand that your audience is also trolls and haters.So these types of posts ARE directing traffic to the page. That is obvious from the simple fact that you've nowbeen targeted, right? Pro-vax people love to stalk and creep on these pages. It's weird and sick but it's true. Soit's a double-edged sword. To them, this is a shout out. If you truly want to get an army of people to report and"take them down" there's a way to do it. Utilize the many "groups" on facebook and gather support in non-publicforums.12 hours ago via mobile ·Like·2
Informed Citizens Against Vaccination
I love that that is part of my audience, maybe they will learnsomething :) And they will also see that I mean business and I will report them not only to the facebook but theFBI too. If they get some more likes for that other page because I posted, but the FBI also gets more reportsover this, that's fine with me. And I don't allow them to over run my page- I instant ban them when theycomment so that's not a problem.11 hours ago ·Like·2
Michele Angelucci
Doing research on the anti-vaccine movement rather than on vaccines was certainly timewell-spent that will benefit the kids...wow...they really are ignorant trolls with nothing better to do...11 hours ago via mobile ·Like·4
Informed Citizens Against Vaccination
 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=407090352672574&set=a.401494186565524.83787.401132683268341&type=1&theaterThis is the kind of thing they do.
Wall Photos
Ding dong.By:Embarrassed Cousins of Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children11 hours ago ·Like·2
Deb Haarstad
It just amazes me how the "vax peeps" are so mean and attacking towards us unvaxed peeps?My daughter was attacked the other day and told "CPS" would be knocking on her door for not vaxing her baby!Seriously, its feeling rather communist in this country! Scarey really!11 hours ago ·Like·5
Stephanie Grace
What a bunch of idiots lol11 hours ago via mobile ·Like·1
Melissa Van Cleave Plant
Has anyone bothered to throw it in their face that they accomplished nothing? LOL11 hours ago ·Like·4
Informed Citizens Against Vaccination
LOL Melissa11 hours ago ·Like
Melissa Van Cleave Plant
Someday, the pro-vax movement will realize that we are a group of higlhyintelligent, highly educated parents who were right all along. They will also realize that bullying does not stop thetruth. Perhaps if it were not true, they could stop us. We stand for what is right and just and it cannot bestopped. Someday, they will all be sharing a very large table in HELL!11 hours ago ·Like·4
Informed Citizens Against Vaccination
Hell is what we create here on earth, IMO, they are living hell withevery wasted minute bullying and harassing innocent people, instead of utilizing their time wisely (or lovingly) thatis punishment enough.11 hours ago ·Like·2
Stephanie Grace
Amen11 hours ago via mobile ·Like·1
Deb Haarstad
I have researched my vaccine choices for 25 years now and am very comfortable and mightyconfident with my desicions of not vaxxing my adult children. I just don't understand people that are blindlyfollowing this crazy vaccine schedule t...See More11 hours ago ·Like·4
Informed Citizens Against Vaccination
Right on Deb, I agree 100%11 hours ago ·Like·2
Kelly Dunham
Craig Egan gets confused by a spoon.11 hours ago ·Like·1
Kelly Dunham
He wrote this when he thought PPOUC was gone -" Either way, if anyone has good connectionsfor strippers and cocaine for the celebration party, holla at your boy."

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