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American and Nva Weapons and Tactics in Vietnam by Nbk

American and Nva Weapons and Tactics in Vietnam by Nbk

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Published by GasMaskBob
American and NVA Weapons and Tactics in Vietnam.
American and NVA Weapons and Tactics in Vietnam.

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Published by: GasMaskBob on Aug 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Allied and NVA/VC Tactics
Allied and North Vietnamese / Viet Cong doctrine showed marked and significant differences in theapproaches taken by either side when faced with decisions regarding unit tactics on the battlefield. Thissection of will be used to examine the tactical doctrine of the various combatants in relation tomany different areas and highlight those differences which are glaringly apparent as well as those whichwere far more subtle but nonetheless present. No attempt is made to determine which, if any, can beconsidered as 'best' or 'correct'.
Fire Support CoordinationAn in-depth examination of the complex fire support coordinationprocedures as practised in Vietnam, including artillery, helicopter, Tac Airand naval gunfire support.Defending InstallationsAn examination of lessons learned and their application to the defence of static US installations against Viet Cong mortar and recoilless rifle attacks.NVA BunkersA look at the construction techniques of the NVA and the effectiveness of weapons systems employed against them.Ambush OperationsIntroduction to US doctrine regarding ambushes, including pages on thevarious types of ambushes used (from hamlet to waterway) as well as aselection of schematics detailing US formations adopted in ambushes.
Eagle FlightIntroduction to Eagle Flight Operations and Missions, includingschematics detailing flight formations and assault landings as well as anactual operational summary.VC Tunnel ComplexesAn examination of the techniques developed and adopted by US forces incombating VC tunnel systems.Village Search OperationsMethods adopted by US forces in isolating and searching villages andhamlets suspected of harboring VC or VC sympathisersCountering AmbushesTechniques used to avoid being ambushed by NVA and VC including trailsecurity and Company movement.Friendly Fire IncidentsWhilst not strictly a subject detailing tactics used this article nonethelesshighlights the dangers of poor tactical decisions when employingsupporting fires.Countering Standoff AttacksThis article examines the various strategies adopted by the US and Alliesin countering the increasing threat of NVA standoff attacks againstfriendly installations
Ambush OperationsIntroduction to NVA and VC Ambush tactics, from simple and small scaleto fully fledged five-element maneuvering ambushes.
Offensive OperationsOverview of NVA/VC offensive operationsDefensive OperationsOverview of NVA/VC defensive operationsBooby TrapsEmployment and effect of widespread use of booby trapsNVA SappersDevelopment of the NVA Sapper Corps examines training, organisationand tacticsPower RaidsHow the NVA/VC conducted their lightening fast attacks on allied basesand defensive installations.Hill Trap ManeuversIn 1966 the NVA started to develop a form of maneuver designed toannihilate US forces in 'special' killing zones.Standoff AttacksAs the war progressed, the NVA made increasing use of standoff weaponsto attack US installations in 'hit and run' operations utilising rockets,recoilless rifles and mortars.Area Control and MobilityIn order to maintain their grip on the local populace and remain elusivefrom allied forces, the NVA and VC adopted techniques that allowed themto achieve both objectives simultaneously.NVA and VC Base CampsThe construction of base camps and the maintenance of supply caches wasa major feature of NVA and VC mobile operations. Realising this, theywere also the major targets of the allied efforts.