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HOT June 2012

HOT June 2012

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Published by Mostafa Mohamed
Heart Of Tronoh (HOT) Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS' official campus bulletin
Heart Of Tronoh (HOT) Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS' official campus bulletin

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Published by: Mostafa Mohamed on Aug 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Board of Editors
Tuan Haji Mohamed Noor Rosli binBaharom
Talhah bin Hassan
Juli Murshidah bin AhmadMunassor
Azelin bin Mohamed Noor
Ikhwan bin Md. Shahsazizan
Shahirah bin Mohamed Loqman
HOT Board:
:Ting Nguong Seng, EE, Yr. 2 Sem. 1
Joyce Shamini A/P Rajendran , CV,Yr. 1 Sem. 1
Bong Yin Chung, CE, Yr. 1 Sem. 1
Chief Reporter:
Mostafa Mansour, EE, Yr. 3, Sem.1Teresa Clare Ratnam, PE, Yr. 1Sem. 1
Kar Weng, CV, Yr. 1 Sem. 1
Chan Sin Wei, CE, Yr. 1. Sem. 1
Melchor Felipe Abaga Ntongono,EE, Yr. 1. Sem. 2
Beshr Al Khateeb, CE,Foundaon Sem. 3
Amelia Bin Mohd RuzainulAbiddin, CE, Foundaon Sem. 2
Muhamad Zul Azraii bin Zulkiple,ME, Yr. 3 Sem. 1
Khairunnisa Bin Ar Alhan, PG,Foundaon Sem. 2
For any feedback, reach us via:
Also, nd the HOT Facebook page:
BITS Stole the Show 
Inside Stories
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Dare to Dream
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Sizzle and Scoop
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Photo Compeon: The Beauty of UTP
Editor’s Foreword
Heart of Tronoh (HOT) wants towelcome the new students who have just joined our UTP family in May. Forothers who have just come back fromeither long or short break, let’s regainthe pace and strike for the best ineverything we do.
HOT will try to bring more news andshare with our readers. Do grab acopy of HOT and spice up your readwhen you are free. Thank you.
By Josephine Koh, CE Yr. 1 Sem. 1TRONOH, June 16: “Music RevolutionElevated” Euphonious 2012 was jointlyorganised by the International CultureClub, Co
curriculum Unit and StudentSupport Services Department. Theattendance of UTP Vice Chancellor,Ybhg Datuk Dr 
Zainal Abidin Bin HajiKasim added sparkle to this event. Withthe theme “Movie Original Sound-track“, the competitive battle betweenthe 6 finalists were judged by RajaYasmin Raja Yusof, the ManagingDirector of All
About CommuniqueSdn Bhd and member of Couple Band.
The champion of Euphonious 2012 is“Bits” who thrilled the audience with astunning performance with songs suchas “Billie Jean” (Michael Jackson) and“Jangan Tinggal Daku” (P.Ramlee).Bits also swept away two solo awards, best female vocalist and best background performer. They havesuccessfully managed to captivate boththe audience and the judges. As aresult, they won RM1000, amagnificent trophy and a recording dealwith Big A Production. Threnodyappeared as the First runner upfollowed by Bro’s Code, Blacklist, LastMinute and Athena.
Estranged and Rosevelt brought thehouse down with a stellar performance.Our very own Vice Chancellor alsocontributed a song to the musiccompetition as a farewell to his fellowstudents and colleagues.
Winners of Euphonious 2012Best Male Vocalist
Muhammad Hafiz B. Abdul Aziz
Best Female Vocalist
Ku Eet Ying
Best Drummer 
Mohd Firdaus Bin Mohd Nasir 
Best Bassist
Muhammad Saufie
Best Keyboardist
Hadryan Gabriel D.W Majin
Best Accompanist
Muhammad Aminuddin Bin Zainal
Best Background Performe
Atika Abdul
Best Guitarist
Muhammad Hisyamuddin B Abdul
Best Self 
composed Song
Performance by BITSPerformance by Threnody
Performance by Last Minute
By Aaron Chia Yun Zhen, PG Yr. 2 Sem. 1
23 June 2012 is the day school children can leavetheir school work on the sidelines and play together under Dare to Dream 2 (D2D2). Prior to the successof this programme last year, D2D2 had invitedchildren from 4 schools namely SK Kati, SK Menora,SK Rambai 7 and SK Padang Asam to UTP. The programme aims to give joy to the students and alsoto drive them to have high aspirations and to motivatethem to be successful.The event started with a motivating speech by EnShukri bin Md. Ani, an education officer who cameall the way from Kuala Kangsar. He advised studentsto work hard to achieve their ambition and have fun atthe same time. This was followed by a welcomingspeech from Dr.
Mohamad Naufal
Bin MohamadSaad, advisor of E3SS ( Electrical ElectronicEngineering Student Society ) and a motivationspeaker, En Sufi, who had just finished his internshipin Paris. En Sufi encouraged students to work hard for their goal, like just how he had worked his way toParis to fulfill his childhood dream of experiencingthe beauty of Eiffel Tower.
Games were in store for the students after the speech.First, students were tested on teamwork to build afoothold of bridge from newspapers. They have to balance and fumble their way to the finish point andwe saw some teams were plagued by the challengewhile others treated it as a piece of cake. In thecharade games, students were asked to convey thecontent through images without verbal assistance.
In the afternoon, students explored the proximity of the academic block under Amazing Race D2D2.Students assisted by facilitators needed to solvedifferent intricate puzzles in each station to collect points. It was very competitive at the beginning wheneach group tried to outdo each other in the race. Nevertheless, when everyone played together, it wasmore fun.
The event ended at late noon with prize a givingand closing ceremony. Students were delighted withD2D2 and vowed to come back next year for morefun. Definitely, we would welcome them next year with a more exciting Dare to Dream.By Aaron Chia Yun Zhen, PG Yr. 2Sem. 1
ICIPEG 2012 (InternationalConference on IntegratedPetroleum Engineering andGeoscience) is an annual event held by Universiti TeknologiPETRONAS which aims to focus onsubject matters relevant to theintegration of PetroleumEngineering and Geosciencesdisciplines.
ICIPEG is part of ESTCON 2012(World Engineering, Science andTechnology Congress) held from 12to 14 June 2012 at the KualaLumpur Convention Centre. It is the biggest conference in Malaysia thatattracts researchers from all aroundthe globe to share their papers,opinions, and ideas with everyone.ESTCON 2012 with the theme“Towards Sustainability: BridgingEngineering, Technology andHumanities” aims to connect ex- perts in research and innovation tosustain knowledge in this field for  betterment of society.
In response to this prestigiouscongress, SPE
SC (StudentChapter of Society of PetroleumEngineers) gathered 39SPE
SC members to have aone day trip during ESTCON 2012.It gave an opportunity for students togain knowledge concerned with thedevelopment of the oil and gasindustry. Students also had anopportunity to engage with globalindustry experts.
This congress included 20 parallelsessions with more than 1400research papers from all around theworld regarding reservoir engineering, biofuel energy, seismicstudies, chemical engineering andmore. It is an excellent global stagefor knowledge sharing, intellectualdiscussions and also networking onvarious areas of interest. Studentswere exposed to the latest researchdiscussed in those fields and somedeemed it as an inspiration for their upcoming projects.
An Exhibition hall situated at thecongress gathered top
notch premier companies like Perkin Elmer Sdn.Bhd., Solution Engineering Sd. Bhd.and many more. Many companiesshowcased their complex machineryand devices used in the industry.There were also many talks given by pioneer engineers from PETRONASand professors from variousuniversities. One of the engineers,Dr Nasir Haji Darman urgedstudents who will be futureengineers of PETRONAS to work hard to face upcoming greater challenges in the oil and gasindustry. It was a fruitful trip for thestudents and perhaps to be repeatednext year.
Dare to Dream
By Ting Nguong Seng, EE Yr. 2 Sem. 1
A shop named “HAVE IT LATE” has beenintroduced in UTP recently. This shop is unique as itis operated from 11.30 pm to 2.30 am by UTPstudents. The students who are involved in operatingthe shop are actually from the Economic &Entrepreneurship Department of InternationalStudents Council (ISC). The reason for having thisshop is to supply snacks and light food to UTPstudents after 11.00 pm when all other cafes areclosed.“HAVE IT LATE” is actually the first shop in UTPthat is operated by students. Apart from selling lightfood, cold drinks and snacks, printing services andtrading of old books are also available. The managersclaim that the price of the goods sold in the shop iscompetitive compared to others in UTP.Started on 12 April, 2012, the shop has been able togain a small profit that was used to support theInternational Cultural Night (ICN). The managers of the shop want to extend their thanks to Senior Manager of Student Support Services Department(SSSD), En Talhah Hassan, for providing them withthe location. All student organisations and clubs areencouraged to be involved in this shop by becomingsuppliers for goods or by becoming parts of the man-aging committee.
The front view of the shop
Snacks and dairy products on the shelves
Cold drinks in the refrigerator
SC Trip To ESTCON 2012
Group photo in front of Suria KLCC
Exhibition hall
Red Sonata Fiesta:The Grace Of Autumn Rhyme
By Low Zhen Teng, CV Yr. 2 Sem.1
Tronoh, 22 June: Being a sequel to Red Sonata Fiesta2010, this renowned event had come to its third serieswith the theme of “autumn”. As a potpourri for Chinese cultural showcase, Red Sonata Fiesta 2012(RSF 3) marked the dazzling start with an in
campuscultural week in the form of sonata, consisting of cultural exhibition, cultural games and activities andcultural concert night as finale.
According to Oo Woei Luen, the project manager of RSF 3, during the yesteryears, autumn is a period of maturity where the Chinese harness their crops beforethe arrival of winter. Hence, “The Grace of AutumnRhyme” signifies the fulfilment, richness, wisdom andfreedom when this season is endowed withharmonious melody. The cultural exhibition whichtook place in Pocket D from 18
22 June has seenan increased resurgence in interest of students toenjoy themselves immensely in Chinese Culture.Sub
events such as “The Longest Calligraphy”,“Running Mad” and “Laser Battle”, further enhancedthe participants’ enthusiasm.As the highlight of RSF 3, the Cultural Concert Nighton 22 June had attracted throngs of people to theChancellor Hall to savour the elegance of autumnrhyme. As a good appetizer, the glowing dragon performances portrayed creativity to combine thetraditional dragon dance with state
artillumination technology. Next, the close rapport built between the UTP Chinese Orchestra and two overseasmusicians, Zheng Mei Shan, Erhu soloists from Cana-da and Zheng Yi Shan, Liu Qin soloists from Taiwanhad further whet the appetites of spectators with their mesmerizing melodies. Being the climax of the night,Eagle Showbiz Chinese Acrobatics from Chinaawestruck the audience with their fascinating andthrilling performances. The ceremony culminatedwith thunderous applause when UTP Performing ArtsGroup (UPAG) suddenly invited all the committeesfrom RSF 3 to dance together, whilst bidding adieu tothe honoured guests and audience.By Teresa Clare Ratnam, PE Yr. 1 Sem.124 JUNE – Students gathered in the Undercroft for this two
half day event organised by Tandemicwith the support of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MoSTI), Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) as well as the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) and Ministry of Finance(MOF) in collaboration with Syntech Organization and the Computer & Information Sciences department of UTP.
The main objective of this project is to foster innovation and creativity in problem
solving among theyouths. Participants were divided into groups where they tackled their respective everyday problems withguidance from the facilitators from Tandemic. They then built prototypes and presented them to the judges.The grand prize, “The State Innovation Award”, went to a group of UTP students who improvised on the drycell.
Glowing Dragon Dance Performance(From left) VIP Tuan Haji Hasbullah Haji Ihsan, Project Manager, Oo Woei Luen,VIP, Ir Lai Kong Phooi, and VIP Tuan Haji Talhah bin Hasan are conducting thedrumming session as the Opening Gimmick.
Students discussing in their various groups
Photo Competition: The Beauty of UTP
Facilitators from Tandemic
Contribute to us by sending UTP related articles,events or issues to heartoftronoh@gmail.com ,with the subject “article”. Name your file the titleof your article. Include your name, year and programme in the email.
Send us photos of related events with suitablecaptions to heartoftronoh@gmail.com , withthe subject “sizzle”. Name your file your caption. Include your name, year and programme in the email.
Masjid An
 Nur, one of the seven wonders of UTPAlso, special thanks to the participantswho entered HOT’s very first photocompetition.
1.Jerry Ooi2.Ola Karrar 
3.Mohd Izuhan Shah
4.Syahirah Shapri
5.Fakhrul Razi bin Nasarudin6.Hor Weng YaoPlease note that, we’ll be having another  photo competition for our next issue. For more information, please log on toHeart of Tronoh facebook.https://www.facebook.com/heartoftronoh By Hudzaifah Yousof Bin Humayun

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