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Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 Review

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Published by Diane_Evert_6298

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Published by: Diane_Evert_6298 on Aug 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Walking Dead:Season Two Episodes Three & Four Review
 By Dianthrax 
*As usual this article contains spoilers, adult language, & mature content- read on at your own risk.*
Last Monday was Halloween. This meant my sister came in from outof town on Sunday with my niece so that she could trick-or-treat with all of her cousins, just like we do every year. Because of this and the ill-timed arrival of a nastycold, I wasn’t able to finish my review of episode three in time to post it. Now episodefour has come and gone and while I know going back isn’t exactly ideal when we’veonly just started going forward…I have so much shit to say that I just can’t
say it,no matter how irrelevant it may seem to people who are not me.So this is going to be the combined three and four commentary, and while I’ll try tokeep it as succinct as possible, I’m known for not being terribly good at that. Sorry.
Episode Three
Is there anything that says to the world “I’m f#%king crazier than a June-bug on crack” quite likerandomly shaving one’s head? The chicks in the Manson “family”, Anne Heche right before shehad her little incident in Fresno, guys on sports teams who make it to some championship & decidethat it’s the best way to show team solidarity yet still think their girlfriends will find themattractive; all examples of varying degrees of insanity. That’s probably why when I saw Shanestaring at his newly buzzed self in the mirror at the beginning of episode three my first thought was“Wow- way to make yourself look like a total freaking serial killer.”I don’t know why exactly but episode three seemed like it contained less in it, even though it endedup showing/telling us a lot more about the characters. When we left them, Shane and Otis weretrapped behind the flimsy gate at the high school with all the medical stuff Carl needed so thatHershel could fix his internal bleeding and save him. We pretty much knew that somehow thosesupplies would get to Carl in time; it was just a matter of the two men managing an escape withlots of scary chase scenes and walker jumping-out-almost-getting-you moments.Back on the interstate, Daryl can’t sleep and decides to go on a night-time stroll to look for Sophiawith Andrea tagging along. She’s still being a bitch to Dale and Carol is crying all the time whilethe other two- T-Dog and Glenn- went on to meet up with the Grimes’ at the farm.I think it speaks to how totally badass Daryl is that someone like Andrea- who admits her biggestfear is ending up torn apart by a bunch of “drooling freaks”- will willingly choose to go out atnight when she has the worst visibility and they are most active, and stroll around in the woodsvirtually unarmed where she knows
 for a fact 
there are walkers lurking around. That’s how safeshe feels with Daryl- like no matter what they come across he can protect her. Carol even saysessentially that exact thing to Dale- “don’t worry; she’s with Daryl.” His character has gone fromangry, racist wildcard with a killer temper to everybody’s sweaty binky (i.e.: security blanket.)And who could blame them; he’s the only one I’d feel safe with!I’d also insist that I have him with me every night when I go to bed the way my nephew does withhis binky.
There’s a whole lot of intensity at Hershel’s farm where Lori and Rick await the return of Shaneand Otis, but here is what I’m thinking: the house has electricity and hot water so clearly somegenerators somewhere…powered by what when nothing else has electricity? It’s also lit up light aChristmas tree pretty much in the middle of a field that goes up to the tree line of the forest andextends outward to a driveway that leads to a road which then leads to a small town. Now, theforest as we have seen it has had walkers prowling around in it, and buildings like the church havewalkers holed up inside so we know they have to be out there; what the Hell is up with this giantfarmhouse shining like a beacon with people chilling on the porch and walking around unarmedlike nothing is going to happen?! More importantly:
why has nothing happened?!
There’s noreason why walkers wouldn’t see the light and be drawn to it. So what makes this place such a perfect little safe-haven?We also see Rick eating a sandwich and drinking milk, so on top of the horses that the farm familyhas been riding they also have a cow and some chickens stowed safely away? Even if they have aworking fridge the supermarkets don’t, which means in order for that milk to be drinkable it has to be fresh & must have come from a
local source. Later in the episode there’s a part whereMaggie shows Glenn which people in her family were lost by pointing to their photos.Soooo you’re telling me Step-Mommy and Step-Brother didn’t make it yet they somehowmanaged to save Bessie from becoming walker-chow?
The cow
was better protected than the people? “The walkers are coming- we must save the cow!”? Also, the milk we drink is pasteurizedand homogenized, which is pretty important to the tastiness and safety of it. Have any of you seenmilk right from a cow and before it’s homogenized? Because I have (I come from a family of farmers in Iowa- its super-sexy) and it’s not something that you’d consider drinking. I suppose youcould say that they only drink skim milk, but Rick’s glass didn’t look like skim to me. That breadalso looked an awful lot like perfectly sliced packaged bread from a store…which they wouldn’t be able to find since anything left in a supermarket would be stale and/or moldy.I know, I know: I’m obnoxiously nit-picky. And I have more! Yay!So after Daryl shares his super-awesome story about his itchy ass with Andrea, they come across ahanging walker. The idea was that he was bitten so he hung himself, but since he didn’t shoothimself in the head he became a walker when he rose. Then he was stuck in the tree on the nooseand as Daryl put it “he hung there like a piece of bait” while all the flesh from his feet and legs wasstripped off and (presumably) eaten. Which is right about where I get confused.Who or what ate the flesh off the guy’s legs?If it was a walker it would have to have been there practically at the same moment the guy offedhimself since I doubt he just let it munch on his legs without hopping off the branch, and he mostlikely wouldn’t be able to get into the tree if it started on him and progressed very far before he gotup and into place with his noose. Since walkers have no interest in dead flesh he would’ve had tohave been really, really fresh for a walker to come along and strip his legs. Even if the fall didn’t break his neck and he suffocated instead, the time it would take to pick his bones clean is muchlonger than the time it would take for him to die. But after he died he would eventually rise to become a walker, though we don’t know how long that took for him since it varies from person to person. Jenner said the longest was something like two days? So at most he was “bait” for two
days before waking and becoming inedible since walkers don’t eat each other and animals know tostay the Hell away from walkers. But two days in that heat and humidity all hanging and bloated-he would not smell like food to anything but maggots.So I ask you again;
who or what ate the flesh off the guy’s legs?!?
 Those were the major bones that I had to pick, no pun intended. I suppose I should focus on whatwas the main point of the episode, which would be Shane and Otis escaping the high school andgetting back to Carl in time.There were a lot of close-calls and desperate moves, including one where Shane had to drop about20ft out of a window, landed badly, and hurt his ankle. Otis had to help him gimp along towardstheir vehicle with a crowd of walkers on their heels. Back at the farm Carl’s internal leakage was becoming such a problem that Rick couldn’t give blood to him fast enough to replenish it andthings were looking bad. Lori actually talks about giving up, asking Rick why it’s better for Carl tolive when he has no future in this world. Rick talks her down, though, and when time is up theyagree to try the surgery with no respirator and pray. That’s when they hear the truck pulling up andas soon as I saw that it was only Shane inside, I knew what he did.I knew before he started acting all tweaky and pacing with his eyes wide open like a meth-head. Iknew before he went to go take his shower and give his own reflection a good stare. Then theepisode had come full circle and he was shaving his head while we saw inside of it & what reallywent down at the school: he murdered Otis to ensure his own survival. Down to their last bullets,he turned and shot the guy before wrestling his backpack full of supplies away from him (duringwhich Otis managed to tear out a clump of his hair which is what prompted the shave.)The major point of this was that it didn’t have to go down this way. They weren’t in a situationwhere this was the
way one of them could live- it’s possible the two of them could have madeit to the truck together. But Shane wasn’t willing to risk it and the security of an assured escapewas worth more to him than a man’s life and a piece of his own soul.But was the need to save Carl any part of his motive? Or was it purely about saving his own assand the fact that Carl’s life depended upon his return a notion that resurfaced in his mindafterwards simply as something he could tell himself to feel better?I want to blame Shane but in the end I can’t. What he did was unforgivable but I know that if itwere my niece or nephew in that bed with bullet fragments in their abdomens I wouldn’t hesitate tosacrifice the stranger who put them there to ensure I got back with all the supplies they needed. And how would
sleep at night you ask? Soundly and with all of my hair since Tiny would be mywalker dinner-distraction so freaking fast he wouldn’t have time to pull any out.
Episode Four
Rarely is it appropriate in a review to start with something from the end of the episode but I’mafraid in this particular situation it just can not be helped. That’s because I think it’s very importantthat I say, first and foremost that

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