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The Walking Dead Premier Review

The Walking Dead Premier Review

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Published by Diane_Evert_6298

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Published by: Diane_Evert_6298 on Aug 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Review of The Walking Dead: Season Two Premier
 By Dianthrax 
*Warning: contains spoilers and mature content. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.*
This past Sunday the big moment had arrived; all of the hints and web videos and generalhubbubaloo came to a head with the 90 minute premier of Season 2 of AMC’s hit action/horror TVseries The Walking Dead. Personally, I’d been looking forward to it more than the return of anyother show- including season 7 of Supernatural, which if you knew me, is truly saying something.The parts of a movie or comic or TV show that stand out to me are the small things that separatethem from the rest of their ilk. You don’t need to read a review that tells you about everything thathappened during the episode or all the details of each gory, scary part or how hot the really sexy part was- those things people understand perfectly and don’t have trouble remembering. Whatsome people might have trouble recalling or connecting are things like what we know about Dalethat tells us why he will never accept Andrea’s choice to die, no matter how much she wants it or how persuasive an argument she may give him. No matter how much you like the gore its how theshow plays with our emotions in so many ways, including the little ones we may not even notice being manipulated, that make The Walking Dead as amazing as it is.With that in mind, the first thing that I’d like to draw attention to is the hiding-under-the-cars part.That was brilliant mainly because of the acting, particularly the performances of Steven Yeun,Melissa Suzanne McBride, and Laurie Holden-AKA: Glenn, Carol, and Andrea. Steven andMelissa were able to portray the terror of the situation so realistically that it added wonderfully tothe tension. The angle of the camera was outstanding, too. Showing from the characters point of view this seemingly endless parade of dirty, rotting feet shuffle past in jerky, sudden steps forwardwas truly intense. You were holding your breath, waiting along with them & hoping it would work.Though I think by far the most frightening moment in the entire episode was Andrea hiding fromand then fighting the walker inside the RV.The way she slowly looked up and realized a hoard of walkers were already moving past thewindow right beside her, as if she didn’t want to see because she didn’t want it to be real, made myarm hairs rise up. The panic you would feel- the “HolyshitwhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdo!?” was plain on her face & in her shaking breath. Hiding in that little bathroom & trying to be quiet but for some reason still fiddling with the gun she didn’t know how to put back together you just
shewas going to be found. Then the way her terror seemed to turn into rage when she looked up andsaw Dale- as though she was telling him with her eyes and face that this was
fault. She wasgoing to die this painful, horrible death and it’s because of him. All of that leading up to her screaming and stabbing that super-nasty walker in the face with the screwdriver in one of the bestkills ever and collapsing on the floor sobbing, covered in blood with the American flag hanging inthe window as a backdrop… Ms. Holden really got to show off in the premier- she was amazing. Norman Reedus was very busy in this episode as well, proving once again what I’ve been sayingall along: Daryl is awesome & the survivors need him more than he needs them. Starting with thefuel-conserving although very loud motorcycle ride- a motorcycle I am convinced belonged toMerle since it’s decorated with white supremacy icons & I don’t believe Daryl is actually racist.
(Plus he kind of looked like he was riding his big brother’s bike, you know? I’m sure it’s supposedto look like that but that’s just how it felt to me.)I knew that bike was going to see some action this season somehow. There’s no way NormanReedus plays a character again who has a motorcycle but then never rides it. Season one must’ve been Hell for the guy; it’s no wonder he ended up in a Lady Gaga video! (Which he was excellentin, by the way.) Moving on…Daryl shanking a walker in the back of the head with an arrow then laying down and covering bothof them with corpses in order to save the bleeding T-Dog was another of my favorite momentsfrom this episode. Not only did he actually part with his crossbow without hesitation, he alsoseemed to forget how to close his mouth when a rotting corpse is on his face. That’s gotta be tasty.But what’s important is that you see Daryl’s true character- the fact that he acted to save someonewithout hesitation, without weighing the risk to himself, and without considering that a few daysago this man lost the key to the cuffs that had his brother chained to a roof in a walker-infestedcity. When it comes down to it he does the right thing.He is also apparently Tommy Lee Jones in
The Fugitive
and can track anyone or anything. Thatmakes sense considering he’s a hunter, but once again we see that the group needs him and would be totally lost without him. The tracking with Rick was fun to watch both because I keptremembering how Daryl threw his squirrels at him the first time they met, and because it lead tothe extremely disgusting “we have to make sure” part with cutting open the walker to eliminate the possibility of him eating the lost Sophia. That was disgusting and awesome and reminded me tonever try to eat dinner while watching Walking Dead.Obviously because of her missing daughter, Carol had an important role in this episode, particularly when it came to her interactions with Rick. The guilt and helplessness she felt and howshe projected it on to him; you could feel how burdened he was by it and how that effected thedecisions he made for the group. I think he’s struggling more than everyone realizes to keep it alltogether, particularly because I think he knows about Shane and Lori. The prayers by two suchdifferent characters in that church were both very significant and told us a lot about Carol andRick.For Carol it was like a confession, which for us was also a confirmation of something that at thevery least
had always wondered about; whether or not Ed was sexually abusing Sophia.The day that he died, Ed was lying in his tent and refused to go out to be around the others having just been beaten up by Shane. When Carol made as if to leave with her, Ed suddenly turned andsuggested Sophia stay and “keep your daddy company.” Carol pulled her away and said with moresteel in her voice than I’d ever heard her use with her husband- or anyone for that matter- “Shewants to join in” and exits the tent with her.There was something about how Ed said that and how Carol reacted that always felt wrong to me.Then there’s Sophia herself, who seems to be more child-like then she should be for her age. In her  prayer, Carol didn’t exactly say anything physical ever happened to Sophia, saying instead that she prayed for Ed to be punished “for laying his hands on me and for looking at his own daughter with
whatever sickness was growing in his soul.” But plenty of damage can be done without anything physical happening, too.Her prayers and pleading for mercy for her daughter in her soft, quiet voice was so emotional; youcan just imagine how it must have ripped up Rick’s insides to hear it and to know that it’s all basically riding on him. You saw it in the choices he made after that- splitting up the group againand staying behind with Shane and Carl. His prayers inside the church were so ironic it made ithard for me to think that he doesn’t know about his wife’s affair. He explained that he’d never  been very religious because he’d always put his faith elsewhere: his family mostly, his friends, andhis job. The three things he put his faith into were the three things that let him down and put him inthis position: If he’d never been shot while on the job he’d never have been abandoned in thehospital while his wife was told that he’s dead, meaning (hopefully) his best friend would never have betrayed him and had an affair with his wife that he’s slowly going crazy over, and his familywouldn’t be tearing itself apart because his wife is wracked with guilt over having that affair withher husband’s best friend and being the reason why he now feels like he has to leave their group.(Plus I think she’s preggers & its Shane’s.)It’s like God wanted to prove exactly how wrong Rick was in putting his faith in these thingsinstead of where they belonged, or that Rick knows these three things are messed up and he’sexplaining how foolish he feels in putting his faith in them. He also begged God for guidance,asking for some kind of sign that he’s doing the right thing. But you don’t have to be in a church for Him to hear you pray! It’s not like the acoustics are better inside them so He pays closer attention! I mean, it’s bound to be pretty hot and smelly in that placehaving been all sealed up with those walkers inside. You’d think the survivors would want tospend as little time as possible in it, right?Also, what kind of tiny-ass church in the middle of nowhere makes sure to hang a sign welcoming bikers and uses battery operated bells set on a timer?? And considering how rural the surroundingarea is there was a pretty extensive cemetery that little church sat in the middle of with grass thatwas still pretty green and lush-looking. Is there a walker gardener who mindlessly takes care of thelandscape?The sign that had the name of the church showed briefly as the group ran by and it had a Biblicalchapter and verse on it, which is not uncommon. It’s hard for me to decipher but I believe it says:Revelation 16:17, which is “And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there camea great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.”This refers to the seven vials/bowls containing the seven plagues released by angels upon the earthduring Armageddon that will lead to its complete destruction and eventually, the wicked beingthrown into the lake of fire and the devout ascending into paradise forever. The final plague issupposed to be terrible storms and earthquakes that destroy cities with huge hail-stones fallingfrom the sky 100lbs a piece. It’s so terrible and the destruction so complete that before it couldeven run its course, a great voice from heaven proclaims that human existence is over.

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