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Review of Rob Zombie Show

Review of Rob Zombie Show

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Published by Diane_Evert_6298

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Published by: Diane_Evert_6298 on Aug 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bay Area Backstage
Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly DELUXE 2 Tour
With Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures& Nekromantix
By Dianthrax
So I have a secret to share which may or may not surprise you; before I startedwriting for Bay Area Backstage I really hadn’t gone to very many concerts. Or at leastthat’s what I thought when I first started. Since then I’ve met people who have gone tofewer shows total than I did just in high school and most of them claim that it’s becausethey have no interest in seeing something like a band live. I’ll admit that sitting in thevery back of some giant amphitheatre where you can barely see the musicians on thegiant screen, let alone on the stage, and listening to music that sounds clearer as your  phone’s ringtone is not all that fantastic. I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to attendsomething like that, but that to me is
a concert. A real concert overwhelms your senses and floods your blood with endorphins until you just can’t sit still. It makes youscream along with the songs and jump around until you can barely speak and every inchof you is covered in sweat. A real concert is a singular experience.That was exactly how I felt after seeing Rob Zombie in concert tonight for the first time.I’ve been to some really great shows in my short but onerous life. I’ve seenamazing artists including some of my personal favorites put on wonderful performancesthat left me stunned. Yet I have never seen anything quite like the show that Rob Zombieand his bandmates put on tonight. My ears are still ringing and my voice is all raspy fromthe screaming, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The night got its great start thanks to themembers of Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures.When I started listening I was sure that I’d never heard of them before. I’m not the biggest Psychobilly fan but I have to say that I had a lot of fun with these gentlemen.Captain Clegg was an excellent lead guitarist and interacted really well with the crowd.He had everyone cheering for these self-proclaimed “white trash rednecks from Texas”and laughing over his bawdy jokes. The music itself had some strange lyrics set to veryfun and danceable beats with songs like
 Zombie a Go Go
 Headless Hip Shakin’  Honey,
which the Captain made sure to explain was a song “actually about a girl withouta head, not a girl who doesn’t give head.” (I told you it was bawdy.) There was even asexy go go dancer in what was basically a bra, miniskirt, and heels dancing along andshowing off a set of abs that would make an MMA fighter jealous. I was also pleasantlyshocked to realize that there was a song in their set that I knew! It’s called
 I’m At HomeGetting’ Hammered While She’s Out Getting’ Nailed.
It’s hilarious and presently on myiPod.Even the time between bands was more fun than the average performance. Whilethe stage was re-set the audience was treated to a mixture of horror movie and TV showthemes and soundtracks. Music from “Psycho, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The
Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, The Munsters” and of course “Halloween” helped pass thetime until the next band was ready to go.While Nekromantix drew a larger crowd and had a bit more in the lighting effectsdepartment, I have to say that I didn’t enjoy them nearly as much as I did Clegg. Themusic was very intense and seemed to have more of a Metal feel to it. I thought it was a bit of an interesting twist that the lead singer was the bass player, though. He completelyrocked that bass too, which was shaped like a small coffin. His fingers flew and heslapped the strings in ways that I’ve never seen done on a standing bass before. Thisgroup was slightly more dynamic on stage as well. They moved around a bit more, jumped up onto equipment and so on, but they had much less crowd interaction than the band before them. Plus I found it harder to understand the words in their songs, whichfrustrated and bored me. Needless to say I was ready for Rob Zombie to start his showlong before Nekromantix was finished with theirs, though on the plus side it did give mea chance to get an obscenely overpriced soda from concessions without feeling like Imissed much of anything.At last it was time for the main event! I was pretty much vibrating with excitement by now and ready for some serious rock. The energy from the crowd was thick in the air,as was the cloud of smoke from all the various people who waited until this moment tolight up. The stage setup alone was quite impressive: two long black banners with whiteskulls hung down on either side of an enormous screen behind the platform where thedrummer was seated. Below that and on either side of the stage were two more largescreens, along with at least four TV sized screens spread along its very edge. During theshow they played all kinds of random and often times disturbing images and movie clipsas a constantly changing background. There were clips from classic horror films, their own music videos, and for some reason a lot of very creepy Hentai. It was freaky andviolent and sexy and somehow seemed to fit perfectly with the other lighting effects andmovements of the musicians.Speaking of these brilliant musicians I’d like to take a moment to show someappreciation to the costume people who work with these guys. Guitarist John 5 lookedkickass in an all white jumpsuit with a bloodied front and half of his face a torn up mess,and Rob was nothing short of a feast for the eyes. Good God damn is that man in goodshape! It’s understandable with all the running, jumping, and dancing around he does onstage but still…his pants were
on, riding low on his hips and coupled with a vestthat left his arms and lower stomach bare. Occasionally he wore a jacket or cowboy hatthat sadly covered more of him up, changing his costume about three times during theshow, but for the most part he was just looking super-edible. Not bad for a 44 year olddon’t you think?So aside from looking good RZ also managed to play an utterly badass show with13 songs complete with 3 encores. He rocked with old favorites like
 Living Dead Gir
 House of 1000 Corpses
while also mixing in soon-to-be favorites like
Sick Bubblegum
off the new album Hellbilly Deluxe 2. But I have to say that the encore was what did it for me. Not only did he end on a high note with
after the crowd had been screaming

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