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386 Journaling Assignment 3

386 Journaling Assignment 3

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Published by Annie Cromwell

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Published by: Annie Cromwell on Aug 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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August 16, 2012Third month at Planned Parenthood completedJournal Entry #3The ninth week was the week of the
“Smart, Sexy, Safe”
party. It was a shortweek because Gabbi gave us the Wednesday after the party off. We were able to getmany of the tasks such as the trivia wheel, the raffle and the sign up sheets for variousaction teams completed before this week so it was an easy week overall. I was able tocomplete some additional holiday writing.The 10
week was our “Week of Action”, every day
was devoted to a specific ask that we have been working on throughout the summer.
Monday was our “Don’t Burstmy Bubble” Zone day;
in which we asked people to sign a petition regarding the Bubble
Zone legislation we’re trying to pass that would protect w
omen entering health centersfrom protestors following them all the way to the door of the center. We spent ourafternoon asking people in Farragut Square near the food trucks for signatures, and whilewe were turned down a number of times (for a number of reasons), we eventually got into
the swing of things and made significant progress. Wednesday was “Women AreWatching” Wednesday, which was similar to Monday only instead of canvassing on
behalf of the Bubble Zone initiative, we asked people on the national mall to take apledge to vote for pro-
women’s health rights candidates in the upcoming election.“Women are Watching” day was incredibly difficult because instead of asking people to
simply allow women to not be harassed on their way to their yearly pap smear or breastexam, we were asking them to do something that is very controversial: vote. I say thatsarcastically because I feel very strongly about voting if you are eligible, and even though
we try to encourage individuals to vote for pro-
health candidates, we do not tellthem who to vote for. So when people ask us if signing up means that they agree thatabortion is permissible, I got upset becau
se that is not what it’s about, at all. Similarly to
lobbying, fieldwork for non-profits is so important because you get to see the general
 public’s opinion on your organization and the work they are doing. It helps us better 
understand our public, and helps us cater our message accordingly. We have a better
understanding of what words work (“abortion” “war on women”) and what words do(“women’s health” “women’s rights!”).
With the majority of the interns gone at this point, the 11
week was a week of reflection. I am putting together a culminating video of all the work we have done overthe past three months for my supervisor to show to the board, so that next summer (orwhenever PPMW is able to have interns again), the interns will have stipends or even getpaid. I am also putting together another video with statements from volunteers aboutPlanned Parenthood. I am also completing my fourth holiday writing assignment. Thevideo for the board is so important because without the knowledge of all the work that we
accomplished this summer, there’s a good chance the board will not provide future
interns with stipends or pay. This fact was a major deterrent when weighing the pros andcons of taking this internship. Between juggling two unpaid internships in DC, I wasexhausting my savings, my vacation pay and any other small amounts of money I hadbeen putting aside. I would never want a really talented individual who was consideringan internship with PPMW to decide against it because they cannot afford to get into thecity three to four times a week.

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