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Com 100 Calendar

Com 100 Calendar

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Published by Ian Derk

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Published by: Ian Derk on Aug 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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COM 100: Introduction to Human Communication Spring 2012 Course Calendar Page 1 of 5 
COM 100: Introduction to Human CommunicationSpring 2012 Course Calendar
All readings, assignments and activities are due by 11:59 PM Sunday evening of each week.Discussion posts are due by 11:59 PM Friday and responses are due by 11:59 PM Sunday of each week.This schedule is tentative and subject to change.Please see the Blackboard course for up-to-date calendar.
Date Readings Assignments & Activities Discussion Forum QuestionWeek 1:August 20, 2012Posts due 8/24 at11:59 PMAssignments andReply 8/19 at 11:59PMFundamentals ofCommunication Studies(Weeks 1-5)
Chapter 1: Introduction toHuman CommunicationChapter 1 IntroductionReview Chapter 1 Flashcardsand Animations
Message Creation 
(10 points)
 View According to Jim video clip and respond toquestions regarding the message creationmodel.Chapter 1 Quiz
(20 points)
Class Introductions 
(10 points)
Collaboration is an important component of anonline course. With that in mind, it is criticalthat we interact with one another in thediscussion board. To facilitate interaction, wewill play Two Truths and a Lie. In your initialpost, write three statements about yourself (two true and one lie). In your reply tosomeone else, try to guess which is the lieand explain what led you to that conclusion.
Week 2:August 27, 2012Posts due 8/31 at11:59 PMAssignments andReply 9/2 at 11:59 PM 
Chapter 2: Perception, Self, andCommunicationChapter 2 IntroductionReview Chapter 2 Flashcardsand Animations
Your Digital Persona Blog 
(10 points)
Read the articles linked to the post and describeyour digital identity. See the blog for moreinformation.Chapter 2 Quiz
(20 points)
(10 points)
How have your own physiological factors,past experiences, and culture/co-cultureaffected your perceptions?
Week 3:September 3, 2012Due 9/7 at 11:59PM 
Chapter 3: Language andMeaningChapter 3 IntroductionReview Chapter 3 Flashcardsand Animations
Speaking in Tongues 
(10 points)
 See the assignment for more information.Chapter 3 Quiz
(20 points)
Language and Culture 
(10 points)
 Please complete the Language and Cultureassignment on p. 61 of the textbook.
Week 4:September 10, 2012
Chapter 4: NonverbalCommunication
The Simpsons-Vending Machine 
10 Points
)Watch the clip without the sound and try tointerpret the scene using nonverbal cues.
Interpreting Communication 
(10 Points)
Play the game linked in the discussion board.It should take no more than a few minutes.
COM 100: Introduction to Human Communication Spring 2012 Course Calendar Page 2 of 5 
Date Readings Assignments & Activities Discussion Forum QuestionDue 9/16 at 11:59PM 
Chapter 4 IntroductionReview Chapter 4 Flashcardsand AnimationsChapter 4 Quiz
(20 points)
 Explain how this "game" articulates itsconcept without using words. In your reply,talk about how you played the game and whatthat might say about your responses tononverbals.
Week 5:September 17, 2012Due 9/23 at 11:59PM 
Chapter 5: Listening and CriticalThinkingChapter 5 IntroductionReview Chapter 5 Flashcardsand Animations
Julian Treasure 
(10 Points)
 After watching the video below, create amnemonic device to help people remember these ways of listening better. It could be asong, word, picture, poem, or whatever works tosimplify the concepts and help you remember.The only limitation is that you can't use the firstword of the rules in his video in a list. You needto create your own device.Chapter 5 Quiz
(20 points)
Listening Effectively 
(10 points)
 The textbook lists 10 different nonverbal skillswhich are essential in your ability todemonstrate active listening (120-122). Doesthe use of these nonverbal communicationskills differ depending on the type of listeningsituation? Give one example of a nonverbalskill which demonstrated active listening fromyour own personal experiences.
Week 6:September 24, 2012Due 9/30 at 11:59PM Fundamentals of PublicSpeaking: Preparation andDelivery(Weeks 6-10)
Chapter 10: Topic Selection and Audience AnalysisChapter 10 IntroductionReview Chapter 10 Flashcardsand Animation
Magazine Appeal 
(10 points)
 Choose a magazine (email URL address) anddetermine who the target audience is for your magazine. What does the magazine do toappeal to that market? Evaluate the types of pictures, content, layout, use of color, etc.Chapter 10 Quiz
(20 points)
Topic Selection Due
(50 points)
(See syllabus for details)My Research Topic 
(10 points)
Your topic selection is due this week. Whatwas the topic you chose, and why did youchoose the topic? Provide one resource inthe forum on the topic selected (with asummary). (You may take content provided in
the “Topic Selection” assignment and post in
the discussion). When you respond to astudent, please provide them with a resourcethat you have found that will support their owntopic.
Week 7:October 1, 2012Due 10/7 at 11:59PM 
Chapter 11: Being Credible andUsing EvidenceChapter 11 IntroductionReview Chapter 11 Flashcardsand Animations
Article Credibility 
(10 points)
 Select a newspaper article (online). Provide theURL address. Evaluate the source using thecriteria discussed on page 282-283 in your textbook. Each of the five criteria should have aresponse related to the article (2 points each).Chapter 11 Quiz
(20 points)
(10 points)
 Because your credibility depends so heavilyon how you are introduced, you should furnishan introduction of yourself when you speak toa group. Think of some topic that would be agood one for you and write an introductionthat includes your name, your topic, and your qualifications (education, experience) for thattopic. In light of research on the sleeper 
COM 100: Introduction to Human Communication Spring 2012 Course Calendar Page 3 of 5 
Date Readings Assignments & Activities Discussion Forum Question
effect (a change of audience opinion causedby the separation of the message contentfrom its source over a period of time), why doyou think credibility is so important in aspeech?
Week 8:October 8, 2012Due 10/14 at 11:59PM 
Chapter 12: Organizing Your PresentationChapter 12 IntroductionReview Chapter 12 Flashcardsand Animations
Write, Cite, Evaluate 
(10 points)
Go through tutorials listed in assignment andlearn how to cite the resources you found for your speech/research paper properly. Pleaseprovide five works cited resources you used inthe Topic Selection assignment. Cite thesources properly for this assignment. It shouldbe in MLA format.Chapter 12 Quiz
(20 points)
Speech Outline DUE
(50 points)
(See syllabus for details)
End of Presentation 
(10 points)
How do you know when a speaker is drawingto a close? What signs, cues, or signalsoccur to prepare you for the end of apresentation? How will you indicate to anaudience that your presentation is ending?Write a draft of your conclusion from thespeech you will be presenting.
Week 9:October 15, 2012Due 10/21 at 11:59PM 
Chapter 13: Delivery and VisualResourcesChapter 13 IntroductionReview Chapter 13 Flashcardsand AnimationsVideo: Terri Sjodin - Power PointPresentations
Media Presentation 
 (10 points)
 Using the speech outline created during week 8,create a 5 slide PowerPoint or Media (if moretechnically skilled) presentation. If you do nothave PowerPoint, you can use the freedownload available at http://www.openoffice.org 
Chapter 13 Quiz
(20 points)
Oral Presentation Day Available
Communication Apprehension 
(10 points)
 Communication apprehension is an
individual’s level of fear or anxiety associated
with their real or anticipated communicationwith another person or group. What do youthink causes people to have anxiety aboutcommunication?
Week 10:October 22, 2012Due 10/28 at 11:59PM 
Chapter 14: InformativePresentations
Review Flashcards and AnimationsChapter 15: PersuasivePresentations
Review Flashcards and
Taking a Look at Two Views 
(10 points)
Choose a disagreement you presently have withanother person or group. The disagreementmight be a personal one, such as an argumentabout how to settle a financial problem or whyyou should not have a curfew for your children,or it might be a dispute over a contemporarypublic issue, such as the right of women toobtain abortions on demand or the treatment of  AIDS patients. Once you have an argument,
(10 points)
 Can you give an example of a time whensomeone tried to coerce, manipulate, or persuade you?

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