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Yume Ch1: A warm welcome

Yume Ch1: A warm welcome

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Published by Tsuki

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Published by: Tsuki on Aug 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Yume’s past Ch1
 It was a beautiful morning in Gestukagure. The snow drifted beautifully over the entire island,covering the ground in a thick white blanket of the dream like powder. Even the skies seemed obscuredin grey and yet, the young girl had the privilege to see it. Lying in bed, the blonde haired girl sat up withher blanket wrapped around her small body and stared out to the white flakes that drifted from theskies outside. Winter to her, was the most beautiful season. Yet her brief moment of peace and quiet
was interrupted with a knock at her door. “Lady Yume, you need to get up. You have your studies afterbreakfast.” A familiar voice called to her from beyond the door. The child turned to the door with
slight pout on her face. “I want to stay in bed.” She stated as she pulled the
covers over her head a bit.There was no desire to leave the warm refuge of her bed. Finally the door opened and a woman with
pale violet hair stepped into Yume’s room. “There’s many things a person can ‘want’ in the world. Butthere are things that ‘need’ to be done.” She stated as she went to Yume’s closet and began to pick outthe layers for her Kimono. Yume’s disinterested stare returned to the beautiful sight outside, list
ening to
her guardian ramble about the day’s schedule. “It’s very cold today, so you should wear warm layerstoday… After breakfast you’ll have quiet study for an hour, then you’ll need to practice the chapter youlearned today… and
“ When the woman lifted
her head and noticed Yume no longer paying attention,s
he sighed. Knowing full well what would bring Yume’s attention back to actually cooperating. “You dorealize today is when your sister returns. Correct?”
Immediately Yume looked back to her guardian
in great surprise. “You aren’t … joking are you?Don’t joke about such things.” Yume watched a subtle smile appear on the woman’s face before sherealized it wasn’t a joke. “
san is finally coming home?! So she’s done with the academy?? Finally? Is
here to stay?” Yume was overjoyed at the news of her older sister returning home. The womandidn’t answer any of her questions though. “If you want to know then get dressed and let’s get startedon your tasks for today.” “Then get out!” Yume shouted with
great urgency as she jumped out of her
bed and quickly began to push her guardian out the door. Or she attempted to at least. “L
lady Yume!”Her guardian tried to calm her down. “Out, out, out! So I can get dressed and get ready jeeze!” Finally
the woman allowed Yume to guide her out the door and Yume closed it. It seemed such an amusingsight. Yet it made sense. Yume had always looked up to her older sister. But in some ways, the guardian
dreaded the elder sister’s return. Yume’s older sister was looked do
wn upon by the high elders and eventhe head of the household, their own mother. In fact, it was their mother that decided to send Ankokuaway to the academy in Konoha so she may learn discipline and to be of better use to the family. Theguardian only hoped that when Ankoku would return that she would come back as a better person and
not rebel against their family’s law. It had been three years since Yume had seen her sister though. So
her eagerness to see her older sister was to be expected.Once Yume go
t the layers of the kimono on, she opened the door. “Umm… help please?” Sheasked as she held up the sash. Her guardian couldn’t help but laugh, but then again Yume was still just a
child. With practiced ease, the woman took the obi and wrapped it around t
he girl’s waist, pulling it tightand tying it into a perfect bow. “Ok, let’s go!” Yume tried to rush past her, but the guardian picked herup. “Not so fast.” The woman chided as she guided Yume to the mirror. “You need to take more pride in
your hair, chi
ld. You do want to look your best today, don’t you?” Yume paused before her subtle pout
returned to her lips. Of course she sat still for the time being as the woman took a brush and untangledher golden locks. For a Shiromi, she had a very unique hair color. Most Shiromis she noticed had a verypale hair color and dark eyes. Whereas she had very colorful golden hair and vibrant green eyes, takingsuch traits after her father rather than her mother. No, her mother had white hair and blue eyes. Whichbegged the question of how her older sister had black hair and dark eyes. Yume never questioned such
though. She loved her sister more than anyone else in the family. She was all she had as a “friend”. Her
thoughts were immediately interrupted when she felt the sharp tug of her guardian pulling her hair back.
“Ow, ow!” She hissed in pain before the woman apologized.
Yume stared into the mirror seeing the woman pulling her hair partially into bun and thenputting the significant headpiece on her head. It was a beautifully hand-made piece of jewelry in theshape of a moon, yet with 6 small silver wings on either sides that allowed the jeweled blue sapphires to
dangle from her hair. “There. All done.” The guardian stated, but Yume couldn’t look away. Ever since
she was 7, she had to put such a gaudy thing in her hair. But it was a sacred piece. Only worn by therightful heir to the family name, the soon to be head of the household, this is what it signified. The wings
signifying the Shiromis were believed to be a “godsend” for their endeavors in medicine and the moon
what their home. A little story told among them was believed that they were descendants of celestialbeings, those that resided on the moon. But Yume knew it all to be a lie. A lie that she saw as a prideful
exaggeration, something only told to justify their traditions, their laws, and the Shiromi’s isolation fromsociety. Something Yume didn’t care for. If they were healers, then why couldn’t they travel the world?
See people, heal the wounded, care for the sick? But the elders never cared for that. Their ideals wereto preserve the family. Nothing more.
“Yume.” A different voice called and Yume’s attention was seized as she turned to the woman
standing at her doorway. In the doorway was the familiar woman with long white hair and blue eyes.The woman wore a translucent shawl on her head and a similar headpiece, only it was much more
ornate and embellished than Yume’s. Even the woman’s layered kimono was beautifully embellished.“G
-good morning, Okaa-
Yume greeted as she hurried over to her mother, embracing her at thenarrow of her waist since she was so short. She was even standing on the tips of her toes to hug her. Hermother seemed surprised, but gently pulled away from Yume before she knelt down on her level to pull
her close. “Morning to you as well, dear.” She softly greeted. When Yume pulled away, she smiledwarmly and giggled a bit in her excitement, “Did you hear? Ankoku is returning today!” The white
woman immediately glanced to Yume’s
guardian in an emotionless stare before returning her gaze to
her daughter. “I know dear… do go on ahead. I’ll join you at the tablet for breakfast momentarily.” Yumenoticed her mother’s unchanging expression that somewhat caused her smile to fade before
she gave aslight nod and wandered down the hall.To some extent, Yume always knew her mother was a tad bit impassive. The woman did havemany prying eyes which she did her best to put up such a front and hide her vulnerable emotions fromthe branch families and elders. Her mother needed to be strong, to show she had every right to be thehead of the family and that her children would be treated with the same respect. In many ways, Yumeadmired how strong her mother was for her at times. Defending Yume fr
om the elder’s biased decisions
and always making time for her. But, in her heart she wanted her mother to show a little morecompassion and love sometimes. Not just through her actions, but expressing it. As Yume passedthrough the foyer with these thoughts in mind, she noticed a cloaked figure at the door, removing hershoes. The golden haired girl paused as she watched the girl take off her cloak to reveal her long black
hair. “Nee
san?” Yume inquired before the girl quickly turned around. Her dark eyes locked onto Yume’sinquisitive stare. “What?” She asked in a rather impatient way, but Yume’s eyes welled up in tearsbefore she ran over to her sister and embraced her. This sudden action shocked Ankoku and she didn’t
even bother to return the affection.
-san! I missed you so much!
I’m so glad you’re home! Please,
come join me and Okaa-
san for breakfast. Please!” Ankoku stared down at her younger sister withnarrowed eyes as she pried her off. “I just got home, Yume. Let me breathe, jeeze.” She stated
Yume chuckled a bit to her sister’s attitude, but she was still happy to see her again. “But you have to behungry right? Come on, breakfast is ready!”Ankoku didn’t even look to Yume as she put her knapsack by her shoes and hung her cloak on
rack by the door. It didn’t take long before the white haired maiden and the guardian stepped into
the foyer as well. Yume glanced back to their mother and then back to Ankoku seeing the tension
immediately. Ankoku’s harsh stare said everything. She was s
till intensely hateful against the woman forshipping her off like that. Like she was unwanted. Undesired and yet, it was all supposedly in the best

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