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Three BITRON Testimonials on 3 vehicles

Three BITRON Testimonials on 3 vehicles

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The results I've been getting from this bitron product are truly amazing. I've broken down the results according to my 3 vehicles. Mitsubishi Shogun (Pajero), Nissan Almera GTi (N15), Ford Escort (Track Car).

The results I've been getting from this bitron product are truly amazing. I've broken down the results according to my 3 vehicles. Mitsubishi Shogun (Pajero), Nissan Almera GTi (N15), Ford Escort (Track Car).

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Published by: Alex W Fraser alexwfraser.tel on Aug 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Three Bitron Testimonials from Haseeb, England UK
 with front & rear view of each car.
Received by e mail in early August 2012 these products were shipped in Feb 2012 to Haseeb.You also can gain similar resuts check out
On 2012-08-04,
Hi Alex. Thanks for getting intouch. I hope this message findsyou and yours in the best of health. Apologies for the delay ingetting back to you but I've beenexceptionally busy with workrecently. Well, where to start with Bi-Tron?The results I've been getting fromthis product are truly amazing.I've broken down the resultsaccording to my vehicles. Asalways, I'm happy for you to usemy testimonials. I've alsoattached some pictures of my Bi-Tron treated vehicles. 
Vehicle: Mitsubishi Shogun (Pajero)
Engine: 3.0 V6 24v (6G72)Gearbox: AutoFuel: PetrolI purchased this vehicle about a month ago to trailer my track car. The day I bought thevehicle I drove it home, 170 miles, and averaged 20 MPG (38 litres of fuel used). This was95% motorway (highway) miles at an average speed of 70 mph using cruise control. After lifting the bonnet (hood) I noticed that the vehicle was noisy and running quite hot, especiallythe power steering fluid which was black in colour! It looks like it has never been changed. A few days later I added the following quantities of Bi-Tron without changing any of thelubricants or fluids:Engine: 236 ml - 5.1% of capacity (4.6 l)Gearbox: 136 ml - 1.8% of capacity (7.5 l)Power Steering: 100 ml - 8.3% of capacity: (1.2 l)Fuel Conditioner: 150 ml to 112 litres of petrol
Three Bitron Testimonials
I drove the vehicle, the following weekend, over a mixture of mainly motorway and some towndriving and almost immediately noticed that the car was running cooler and smoother. For around 80 miles of this journey I switched to four wheel drive due to adverse weather conditions and also drove at a much higher RPM than the first run without Bi-Tron. I acheived just over 23 MPG (570 miles from 112 litres of fuel). An improvement of 15% in fuel economy,running at higher speeds and more stress on the vehicle (four wheel drive) than previouslyand only having added only a minimal quantity of Bi-Tron! The vehicle feels more powerfulthan before and holds onto gears longer on 100% throttle. In my mind, there is no doubt theeconomy would be improved even further with a full vehicle service including fluid andlubricant change on bothdifferentials, transfer box and power steering adding therecommended Bi-Tron quantities.
BEFORE & AFTER MPGRESULTS:Before: 20 MPG (170 miles from38 l of fuel)After: 23 MPG (570 miles from112 l of fuel)15% increase in fuel economyNoteable increase in power andsmoothness------------------------
Vehicle: Nissan Almera GTi(N15)
Engine: 2.0 16v (SR20)Gearbox: ManualFuel: PetrolThis is my fast road car which Ihave owned for two years. I boughtthe car completely standard andover time have modified it. The car will be sold shortly, so I haveremoved most of the modificationsbut it is still driven on a regular basis. The only remaining engine
Three Bitron Testimonials
modifications are a full stainless steel exhaust system, K&N panel filter and ignition timingadvanced to 17 degrees. The Nissan is driven hard and is setup for power not fuel economybut recently I've been recording fuel consumption as I used the car to do a number of longmotorway (highway) journeys.Before using Bi-Tron I was unable to acheive more than 280 miles on a full tank of fuel (50litres). I am a member of the AlmeraOwnersClub.comand none of the members achievemuch more than this on a a full tank (URL of forum post discussing this to follow).The main reason for using Bi-Tron in this vehicle is to release all available horse power andprovide maximum protection.I have been using Bi-Tron fuel conditioner in this vehicle since late February 2012 whichmade a big difference to the power delivery above 4000rpm. The exhaust tail pipe is nowmuch cleaner since using Bi-Tron fuel conditioner. I added Bi-Tron to the power steering atthe same time but only added Bi-Tron to the engine around two weeks ago. The power steering was instantly transformed into a lighter, more direct feel. The engine was audiblyquieter upon start up and when running at high rpm. Strangely, the most noteableimprovement has been how smooth the engine feels. Before Bi-Tron there was a lot of harsness and vibration which has now been eliminated.I used Bi-Tron in the following quantities:Engine: 236 ml - 7.3% of capacity (3.2 l)Power Steering: 100 ml - 10% of capacity (1 l)Fuel Conditioner: 60 ml to every 50 litres of petrol
BEFORE & AFTER MPG RESULTS:Before: 25 MPG (280 miles from 50 l of fuel)After: 30 MPG (340 miles from 50 l of fuel)20% increase in fuel economy
Best result after adding Bi-Tron: 33 MPG (510 miles from 70 l of fuel)One thing I noted was that the Nissan would run rich when too much fuel conditioner wasadded. Initially I added 120 ml per 50 litres of fuel but after reducing this to 60 ml per 50 litresI've not encountered any problems.
Three Bitron Testimonials

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