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Human Hearts

Human Hearts

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Published by Elizabeth Breed
play #19, by Elizabeth Breed
play #19, by Elizabeth Breed

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Published by: Elizabeth Breed on Aug 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Human Hearts
A full-length play by Elizabeth Breed
Dr. James Spencer a gynecologist 35-45 MEllie Brookings his patient 25-35 FBraeden Stampler, R.N. a nurse 30-35 MSCENE ONE.
Dr. James Spencer’s doctor’s office. Wednesday.
patient’s bed is in the middle of the table. A desk and chair off to one side, and a
couch. There is a changing section towards the back of the room, a curtain, or apartition.ELLIE BROOKINGS is sitting on the table, a blanket over her legs, in a patients gown.She has a cell phone to her ear, she is speaking to her mother.ELLIE(on the phone)
Mom, you need to relax! I told you I’d make an appointment, and I made anappointment! No mom, I’m sitting in the doctor’s office right now.... Yes, I am... mom,my ass is hanging out, I’m already wearing the gown, you need to calm down please.Everything’s fine... No, Charlie doesn’t know about it.... No, I’ll tell him, he’s just beenreally busy with work and I didn’t want to... Yes, I understand that you think that’sirresponsible, but what would you like me to do about it? I’m at the doctor, Yes.
Fine... I love you, too. Gotta go. Bye.She hangs up the phone, and rummages around in her purse which is next to her onthe table. She pulls out a stick of gum, pops it in her mouth, and begins clicking it.She looks around the room, and sighs, bored. After a few moments, DR. JamesSPENCER enters.JAMES
Sorry to keep you waiting. Hello, I’m Dr. Spencer. And you’re...
Ellie. I’m Ellie.
 JAMESNice to meet you Ellie.ELLIEIs it?JAMESPardon?ELLIE(rambling)
You must say that to all of your patients. You can’t possibly think it’s nice to meet everyone, right? Unless you’re one of those very lonely people who actually jump at 
the chance at meeting a new person, No matter how... I mean, I understand that youare about to become very well acquainted with my... you know, and maybe you werejust trying to make a kind introduction to ease the inevitable awkwardness. And
now I’ve said too much and I feel like a complete a
sshole. And I kind of wish I weredead.James smirks.JAMESDo you always talk this much?ELLIEYes. And I over-
think. A lot. But we don’t need to go into that now. You’re not that 
kind of doctor.JAMES
You’re right, I’m not.
I’m that kind of person
that likes to ease awkward situations with incessant conversation. The higher the word count, the better.JAMESAre you nervous, Ms. Brookings?ELLIE
Of course. Wouldn’t you be?
I really wouldn’t know.
 ELLIEOh. Right.JAMESWhat brings you in today?ELLIE
My mom. She... she thinks it... she worries about me, a lot. She’s kind of overprotective that way. Well... I haven’t been to the doctor in about four years, so
she worries and wanted me to come in to see you.JAMESYour mother is Hannah Brookings?ELLIEYes.JAMESYeah, my mom knew her from the club. She had a mean backhand, I hear.ELLIE
She’s very proud of her tennis game.
So you’re just in for a checkup, then?
 ELLIEYup. Just to make sure all the plumbing works... as it were.She gets suddenly very awkward.JAMES
Ms. Brookings, you can relax. I’m going to make everything very comfortable foryou. You don’t need to worry about a thing. I just have a few routine questions for
you, and we can continue onto the exam.ELLIE

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