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Issue #3

Issue #3

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Published by UniBeam11
Now that Commander Rogers has his team assembled, it is time to enter the mysterious temple that contains the answers, he and the rest of SHIELD are looking for, but what he finds, he would never expect.
Now that Commander Rogers has his team assembled, it is time to enter the mysterious temple that contains the answers, he and the rest of SHIELD are looking for, but what he finds, he would never expect.

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Categories:Types, Comics
Published by: UniBeam11 on Aug 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue #3
Cut Scene: Ancient Greece: Somewhere near the Aegean Sea
ZeusIn exchange for your services I will give you a city-state to rule and your own… resources. In theevent that you succeed that is.DoomIt will work. Nothing is beyond my grasp and nothing can restrain me, not even time itself.Consider the battle won, Zeus.ZeusWatch your tongue
Do NOT underestimate Kronos. Your powers are nothing againstmine and he is near my equal. I seek your help but I do not want it and if you don’t deliver I shallsquish you beneath my heel to save the titan his troubleDoomTrust in me, Zeus, your faith and favor are not misplaced.
Cut Scene To: Two Days Ago: Stark Laboratories
Stark Okay, I’ve finally finished my part. I’ve combined the formation of the symbiote into a form thatsimulates tech armor with a few other alterations.PymI’ve taken the tissue sample from your brain that you saved and analyzed the foundation of theExtremis formula. It is very possible to build on top of it, the secret is to just adjust thecarbohydrate chain of the myo-statin primer and theoretically you can put in whatever you want.Stark Alright, perfect. Now, I’m going to take it from here, what I need from you now is a way torapidly speed up the healing process. Last time I took this formula I was bed ridden for about 24hours, I need to cut that down by about 23 hours and 59 minutes.PymTony, I’m not even sure if that’s possible, you’re asking to rewrite your entire biological structurefor a
time, we have no idea how your body even survived the first time, let alone subjectingit a second time. It’s going to take a lot more research in order to tackle that part of the process,we can let it go naturally and see what happens, but if you want me to speed the process up, you’regoing to have to allow me more time for research, and that is not a request.Stark Look, Hank, I’ll be fine. I need you to do this for me.Pym
I’m not going to be responsible for killing America’s favorite billionaire playboy whilesimultaneously killing the Stark name (which you may have already done anyways).Stark Luckily, you wont kill me, I still have retained some of the extremis in my system, mainly theability to regenerate wounds. I’m in peak physical condition because of it.PymWell, that means we need to integrate that information into our data, it could take a while to process.Stark It’s already been integrated into the initial data I gave you, look, there’s certain reasons and partsof this project I need to leave you in the dark about, it is absolutely pertinent that I do, I’m sorry but that’s the reality of the situation.PymIf you feel that way then I’m not sure I can help you. I feel it’s necessary I know all of the ins andouts, one miscalculation on my end due to lack of information can kill you.Stark Hank! I’m not debating this with you! Please, just trust me, when have I ever let you down or  betrayed you?PymThis better work without any hiccups, damn it. I’ll get to work on speeding up the process, but Ican’t guarantee it will work instantaneously.Stark Dazzle me, Pym. Just so you know, I have always admired you as a scientist, if anyone can pullthis off, it’s you.PymQuit kissing ass, Tony. This will work because I said it will.
Cut Scene To: The Temple, Now
CapBefore we get started, it might be helpful to know what we could be dealing with. Hellstrom, isthere any way you can see what’s in here waiting for us?HellstromHonestly, if you wanted those sorts of abilities, you might have called the Sorcerer Supreme, I’mthe Prince of Hell, not a cheap magician.Cap
Well, unfortunately he was unavailable. Kurt, I need you to teleport ahead and scout out theenvironment, if anything looks even the slightest bit questionable, I need you to get back here asfast as you can and report back to me. Keep the high ground if you can. Nightcrawler Yes, sir. (teleports ahead)HellstromWhy didn’t you just ask him first instead of me?CapI didn’t want to send anyone into any unknown territory if I didn’t absolutely have to.SpideyI’ve seen Indiana Jones and this place looks like prime real-estate for some booby traps. Somearrows flying out of the walls, trick stones in the hallways, a giant boulder ready to crush us whilewe make an awesome and daring escape running for our lives, ahh the good ol days of cinema. Nightcrawler Captain, at the end of the hallway is a large wall but other than that I didn’t see anything out of theordinary.CapAlright, I’ll take point. Stay close, tight formation.IronmanThere must be some kind of electromagnetic pulse, my tracking systems are beginning to fail.Must be the same thing that knocked out SHIELD coms. Be on full alert, Peter, we’ll be relyingsolely on your spider-sense.SpidermanCount on me, costume copycat. Seriously? Ironman in spandex? Haha goodness, all that tech andyou need me and my…WHOA!!!(cap triggers laser blades)Cap! Incoming 9 o’clock! Nightcrawler Everyone to me!CapSpiderman grab on!Spiderman No worries cappy, I got this!

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