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Ahmadinejad Al Quds Hitler Speech 2012

Ahmadinejad Al Quds Hitler Speech 2012

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Published by AJ Weberman
This is the only full transcription on the Internet.
This is the only full transcription on the Internet.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: AJ Weberman on Aug 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It is quite clear to everyone today that Zionism counters human perfection and human societies and is the main cause of human decline 
A minority group that is anti-humane and corrupted and is against divine values has been organized and iscountering all the divine values. These are deviated persons who merely think aboutwealth and power and dominating others.
For more than two thousand years, and at least four hundred years, that a small number of Zionists have caused turbulence in human societies and have caused irreparable loses 
Slavery, colonialism have been mainly planned by these Zionists. World War I and II - based on clear documents - have been aimed at domination and the wars have been planned and designed by behind the scenes Zionists.
The Zionists since they dominated the US administration they havebrought under the control all the affairs of the world
. A few people acting behind the scène of US administrations and they have under the control all the points of power in the world and they dominate all the banking system of the world and also they have dominated the world media.
And they are using all these tools for destroying values,cultures, nations and the existence of countries.
You see that wherever there is a major moral destruction and decadence. You see there are Zionists companies and corporations and wherever there is massacre and a slaughter the Zionists are involved.
The formation of the Zionist regime is a pretext and an opportunity for actuallysupporting certain governments, the governments that serve the Zionists. They want tocreate convergence because instead of religion, instead of God [Allah], instead of theprophet [Mohammad], the divine book [the Qur’an] and all the perfect values they wantto destroy all these and instead create those governments that serve the Zionists. Andthe Zionist regime is the tool that is used by the Zionists for dominating the Middle East,and the region, and the world.
The existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to all humanity and the destruction of the personality and character of nations and human beings.
You know they are involved in the inter-racial [racist] teachings. They onlyconsider themselves as humans and they consider others as animals. They actually, theZionists, consider [as] authorized the killing of humans and the Zionist plundering thewealth of others. You see the Western governments, they tolerate being insulted, butthey do not tolerate any criticism of the Zionist regime and they justify all the crimescommitted by the Zionist regime, because they rely on the Zionists and the Zionists paythem money for propaganda.
And it’s a party comprising seven to eight thousand people and they are running all the affairs. It’s a Satanic party today.
Fighting the Zionist regime is equal to protecting the rights of all humans and alsodefending human dignity and opening the way for saving humans from colonialism andarrogance and saving humans from poverty and misery. The whole world should know,with the grace of God, protecting the Zionist regime has turned into a commitment bymany countries, Western powers, on the other side. On the other hand you see that withthe grace of god world al-Quds day has turned into a focal point for unity and solidarityof Muslims aimed at eliminating this fake Zionist regime. For several hundred yearshumanity has been just countering the Zionists and for several hundred for almost onehundred years you see the nations have been captivated by the Zionist management.You see in a big country like the US the presidential hopefuls they have to bow beforethe Zionists and show their commitment otherwise they will not have the chance inparticipating in the American elections…Dominating Palestine has been a historical wish by the Zionists; tens of conflictshave been set up in order to attain this wish. And close to seventy years designs havebeen made and crimes have been committed for setting up this fake regime Zionistregime and all the human boundaries have been trampled upon so that the Zionistregime would be imposed on the region. And all the might and capabilities of thearrogant powers were used and they managed to obtain success to some extent,[however] exactly at a time when they thought the Zionist regime has been stabilizedand it has been accepted by the regional nations due to a major move by the Iraniannation known as the Islamic Revolution guided by a divine man and subsequently withthe awareness of nations and their movement against Zionists and the revitalization ofPalestinian resistance in the past two or three decades the foundations of the Zionist
regime has been jeopardized and the philosophy behind its formation has been put toquestion. The Zionists they felt the danger and you see the Western nations are aftersaving the Zionist regime and prior to this they were saving the Zionist so they wouldhave the [?] of restoring themselves…Most dictators trample upon the rights on nations. The majority of these dictatorsdepend on the Zionists and the arrogants. These dictators have no way but to bedependent on them. But hopefully the nations have been awakened and they aredemanding their rights. All nations have been captivated even in the United States andEurope. Most governments in the West are affiliated to the Zionists and the people haveno right to choose. They [the Zionists] have formed several parties and in fact whenthey become tired of one party they have no choice but to depend on, resort to, anotherparty and all these parties are after serving the Zionists. And you see the people areshouting in the US and Europe but there is no one to save the people.And of course the existence of the Zionist regime is a guarantee for thisplundering. It’s a base, it’s a focal point. The arrogant powers overlook the dignity andrespect of all humans including Muslims.
A Muslim nation can destroy all these arrogant powers 
and justice is the opposite aside of arrogance and they will victimize everythingand in order to obtain power and wealth and any negligence can cause irreparablelosses. Any negligence will cause a failure.Today they are engaged in a complicated scheme and that means a two stateplan.
The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor. Even a single cancerous cell in an inch of the Palestine land the same situation will continue in the future.
The Zionists aredomineering elements and want to they are after expansionism. An academic colleagueof ours who is at the US met me in one of my trips overseas. I mean an Iranian met mehe said that you are right concerning the Zionists. He said we were working in anacademic team and there was a single person who was a pro-Zionist he wanted tobecome a member and the other 15 members opposed his membership and he justkept coming and going and I felt pity and I asked the other members for this pro-Zionistperson to become a member of the academic board after six or seven years I returnedand I saw none of the members are present there and all of the members are new andfind one of those old members and I say what happened to the team and he said thatsingle pro Zionist person has in fact led to the expulsion of all the other members andhe has brought his pro-Zionist friends to become members of that academic board.
The presence of the Zionist in a single inch of the Palestinian lands is dangerous let alone having a government there.
This is my understanding of the ongoing situation.This is my personal understanding and this is my understanding this is the scheme thathas been designed do not level any allegations against me later on this is my personalunderstanding and in fact the Zionists are after just having a theatrical performance and

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'Messianic' Dylanologist added this note
AJ, how come your messages disappear after a short while? And, Mr left-wing Zionist, a linguistic and intellectual conundrum: "Zionism" is supposed to be "right wing". Yet the early "Zionist" settlers on the kibbutzim and moshavs etc. were a kind of socialist phenomenon. So I don't buy this Neighborhood Bully-right-wing-Likud bullshit. If communism a Jewish plot, then how can Zionism be right wing
'Messianic' Dylanologist added this note
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