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Becoming a Better Learner

Becoming a Better Learner

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Published by Duval Pearson

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Published by: Duval Pearson on Aug 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Becoming aBetter Learner 
Becoming aBetter Learner 
to our
‘Becoming a Better Learner’
guide,one o the many ways in which we at the Campaign orLearning are working to celebrate and support learning. Thisguide has been developed to support your learning in theworkplace but can also be used wherever and whenever youare learning, whether it’s with your amily, in your communityor in a classroom. We’ve developed this guide in response tonumerous requests rom people we work with, both learnersand supporters o learning.
We know that learning through our lives makes us healthier, happier, longer-livingand generally wealthier. And the more condent we are in our ability to learn, themore likely we are to try new things and develop our understanding and skills as well as pursue our interests. So this guide shares tips, advice and tools to help you withwhatever you are setting out to learn and to be the best learner you can be.
We’ll look at:
Learning – just what do we mean?
page 3
Why learn?
page 4
What’s stopping you learning?
page 6
What happens when we learn?
page 10
Improving your learning
page 12
Useul inormation
page 22The guide covers lots o dierent topics which should be useul at any stage o yourlearning, whether it’s starting out or refecting on what you have done. We hopeyou nd it helpul. We are interested in your eedback – please send any commentsthrough to Julia Wright at
The Campaign or Learning
I you asked a group o people what theythink learning is, you will probably end upwith a variety o answers – rom acquiringacts to studying to personal development.All the answers usually t into two mainmeanings:
Learning as a process
– i.e. theactivities and experiences we gothrough to gain a result we want,such as a qualication, skills orunderstanding
Learning as an outcome or endproduct
– e.g. changes to what youknow or can do, such as new skillsthat can be used, or ideas that mayalter the way you look at the world
As humans we are constantly learning.It’s something that we do bothconsciously and unconsciously - asindividuals and socially with others.We may do it in a ormal environmentlike a college, in the workplace withcolleagues or by ourselves by readingor on the internet.This guide ocuses on helping you toimprove ‘learning as a process’ - whenyou are intentionally learning and havelearning goals rather than learning thatmay or may not happen as we go throughlie – and by doing so help you to improveyour learning outcomes too.
The Campaign or Learning’s defnition o learningincorporates both meanings o learning:
Learning is a process o active engagement with experience. It is what people do whenthey want to make sense o the world. It may involve the development or deepening o  skills, knowledge, understanding, awareness, values, ideas and eelings, or an increasein the capacity to refect. Eective learning leads to change, development and thedesire to learn more.’ 
– just what do we mean?

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