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Published by CCFamilyAE

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Published by: CCFamilyAE on Aug 20, 2012
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Child Development .......... 2Library Voice ..................... 4Family Life ........................ 6Fun & Games .................. 9Education ........................... 11Local History ................ 12Child Safety .................. 14Calendar .......................... 17Family Events ............... 18Local Resources ............ 20The SLO Lane ................. 22
 Central Coas
Raising Boys / Childproong to Prevent Home Accidents / Murder at Cafe Noir 
Pg 3
Central Coast 
March 2012
Central Coast Family March 2012 www.centralcoastfamily.com Page 2
Cover Photo:
MBHS Pirate Players Gryphon Strom &
Lyndsey Homan in Murder at Cafe Noir
Noelle Sisneros Photography
Two 4-year-old girls decide to play cars.First, each one picks out her cars, thenthey talk about which ones will be themommy cars and which will be thebaby cars. Next, they decide to makea house for the cars. Taking the bin of
Duplo blocks o the shelf, they begin
to build while talking about what themommies are going to do. After theyhave completed the house, they puttheir baby cars to bed. This wholeprocess takes about 30 minutes, andnot once did they actually run the cars
along the oor or make noises even
remotely sounding like a car.A group of 4-year-old boys decideto play cars. They dump the basket
of cars on the oor, each grabbing
their favorites quickly. Next, they
begin to push the cars along the oor,
the table, each other, any availablesurface making loud car sounds.Running their cars into each other,they simulate crashes, which areusually accompanied by more loudnoises. This play lasts a few minutes
before they are o to do something
else, leaving the cars behind.This is an example of normal behaviorfor both boys and girls. Researchershave found that the areas of thebrain involved in language, in spatialmemory, in motor coordination, andin getting along with other people,
develop in a “dierent order, time,
and rate” in girls compared withboys. While the areas of the brain
involved in language and ne motor
skills mature about six years earlierin girls than in boys, the areas of thebrain involved in targeting and spatialmemory mature about four yearsearlier in boys than in girls.
 In simple terms, girls’ brains developfrom the front (the thinking part)to the back (the doing part). Theynaturally spend more time talkingthings out. Boys’ brains develop fromback (doing) to front (thinking), sothey are more apt to jump right intodriving their cars. This explains a lotand can help us understand whatnormal behavior looks like and why
boys and girls often play dierently,
even with the same toy. Of course,there will be exceptions to this rule.But in general, boys and girls are
dierent - from the inside out.
You may have noticed that, comparedto girls, the boys in your life needmore room to play, use higher levelsof energy when they play, and uselouder noises in their play. This isnot because boys are unkind or (asit may seem at times) just trying to
annoy you. This dierence reects
where boys are in the developmentalspectrum and how they are made.While all children enjoy rough andtumble play (often called rough-housing), boys especially need this.Roughhousing allows boys a safeopportunity to negotiate power,
learn cause and eect, establish and
follow rules (including those for takingturns), and to learn give and take. Italso helps in building relationships,develops gross motor skills,strengthens muscles, and nourishestheir sensory systems. In fact,according to Anthony DeBenedet andLawrence Cohen in their book The Artof Roughhousing, it can even makekids smarter! They tell us that whenchildren are roughhousing, a chemicalcalled brain derived neurotrophicfactor (BDFN) is released. “BDFN islike fertilizer for our brains. It helpsstimulate neuron growth within thecortex and hippocampus, both ofwhich are vital to higher learning,memory, and advanced behavior suchas language and logic.”Parents and care providers need toprovide boys with safe places wherethey can establish personal power.Dan Hodges wrote in his book Boysthat “personal power is not based ondominance over others. It is an abilityto make choices and produce results.It is a skill that is used with and forothers. It is based on a sense of self-worth. When we fail to provide boyswith safe opportunities to developpersonal power, they may respond
by creating conicts and chaos”... in
order to gain personal power.So, what can we do to encourageconstructive boy behavior? Beginwith an understanding of normalbehavior. A healthy and happy boy
Child Development
by Susan Elizabeth Crook
 Central Coast 
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Central Coast Family March 2012 www.centralcoastfamily.com Page
is often loud, lively, rascally, andconfrontational. Knowing this, thesecond thing to do is provide amplespace and time for him to simply bea boy…let him spend his energy toexhaustion. Respect his space andplay with him only if he welcomes youinto his space. Otherwise, stay closeby to observe and help if needed.Head to the park with your son andsome friends, where they can kick aball around, get rough, establish theirown rules and have some fun. Mostchildren don’t consider organizedsports as play, so provide plentyof unstructured play time as well.Provide your son with props thatencourage imaginative play, such as
Law Ofces of
David S. Vogel
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capes for super heroes. Keep a supplyof foam water noodles (cut in half) touse as swords, so boys can imaginethemselves as warriors, super heroes,or pirates. Provide space whereboys can climb to the moon or dig toChina. Set out a variety of buildingmaterials, parts and pieces like raingutters, pvc pipes, boards of varyingsizes, cardboard boxes, paint brushesand buckets, old pot lids (that make
great shields for sword ghting)
and pots (that make great helmets),plastic and galvanized tubs and shortladders. This is a good start, and mostof it can be found around your houseor at yard sales and thrift stores.Give boys access to water so theycan dig moats, make lakes and rivers,build dams and generally just wallowin the mud. Truly, it won’t hurt, but itwill help boys to build important skillsnecessary for adulthood. And last, butequally important, limit screen time ontelevision and computers (includinggames on an iPad or smartphone).
Have condence that the ways boys
think and play, grow and learn, areokay. Actually, they’re perfect…
dierent from girls, but absolutely
perfect for boys. To love and care forboys, all you need to do is provide thespace, the tools, and especially theunderstanding and respect they needand deserve. Following are some ofthe many resources available to helpyou raise amazing boys.
by Stuart Brown M.D.
The Power of Play
by David Elkind,Ph.D.
The Art of Roughhousing
byAnthony DeBenedet, M.D andLawrence J. Cohen, Ph.D.
Boys: Changing the Classroom, not
the Child
by Daniel J. Hodges
Earth, Water, Fire and Air
byWalter Kraul
Last Child in the Woods
by RichardLouv
Chants, Fingerplays and Stories
compiled by Bev Bos and MichaelLeeman
* Harriet Hanlon, Robert Thatcher, and Marvin
Cline. Gender dierences in the development
of EEG coherence in normal children.Developmental Neuropsychology, 16(3):479-506, 1999.Susan Elizabeth Crook is the founder and
director of Wellspring Children’s Center, a non-prot Christian preschool in Los Osos. She has
worked with children for over 20 years, andholds a BS in Nutritional Science and an AA inEarly Childhood Education. Susan has 2 childrenand 4 grandchildren. She can be reached atsusan@wellspringchildrenscenter.org.
Child Development
Murder at Cafe Noir
by David Landau, Music & Lyrics by Nikki Stern
Presented by the Pirate Players of Morro Bay High School
Thu March 15thFri March 16thSat March 17that 7:00
Tickets: $7w/ASB, $8
eneral Contact:771-1845
atMBHSAuditorium235Atascadero Rd inMorroBay

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