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The Balloon

The Balloon

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Published by Bob Yacobucci
A story of how God played a role in our life through a simple birthday balloon.
A story of how God played a role in our life through a simple birthday balloon.

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Published by: Bob Yacobucci on Aug 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Balloon
ByBob Yacobucci  August 19, 2012Many times
we notice events in our lives that seem somewhat “miraculous” and for some reason we
tend to gloss over these events. We find it easy to write them off as something weird or coincidental.However, we should instead consider these events as God playing a role in our lives. It my articleNoticing God,I touched on this subject. As a follow-up to that article, I would like to share a story withyou that reinforces why we need to slow down and pay attention because these incidences are not justflukes, they are purposeful events set in motion to signify to us that God is present in our lives.It started two weekends ago while our family was up at Raystown Lake camping. Jean, my wife, decided
that she wanted to celebrate our daughter’s birthday while we were at the lake. Kathryn was going to
be 19 years old and so, as we usually do for all our birthdays, we keep the birthday celebrations simpleby giving a few gifts along with eating cake and ice-cream. Jean bought two helium balloons earlier inthe day and brought them up to the lake with us. She decided to hang them outside on a post near ourRV to liven up the place. You see, if you have ever gone RVing you probably have noticed that other RVcampers decorate their area to give it a sense of home, such as putting up lights, welcome signs, or flags.So we thought we would try and participate in this ritual by hanging a few balloons to announce to the
world, “It’s a Birthday over here!”
although our attempt was somewhat feeble in comparison to othercamp sites. While Jean began to tie up the first of the two balloons, it got away from her and floatedoff. I noticed it taking off immediately, and had I been a little more responsive, I may have been able to
retrieve it, but being the “relaxed” person that I am I just sat there and watched it float away. I did not
want to confess
to Jean I just wanted it to be “free”; it just seemed to be right to allow it go (seriously, I
thought this). However, Jean was a bit disappointed that it got away, but the next balloon was not solucky. It was carefully tied around the post with several hundred double-knots.About three days
later, Jean and I decided to walk on our land that we own. I’ve been looking for land in
our area for about five years, but I was never able to find something suitable. The price of the land waseither too much or the layout of the land was not right; there just seemed to always be somethingwrong. This land we settled on though seemed perfect in all aspects including the asking price was
reasonable. After a few months of tense “negotiations”,
everything worked out and we became proudland owners. It is about 120 acres with about a third of it being pasture and the remaining being very
nice flat wooded area. In the excitement to live on the land, we’ve started constructing a home on th
eland with the expectations of moving in early next year. However, as a way of enjoying the land now,we frequently go for short walks hoping to see deer and other wildlife. We normally just walk up theroad which is located along the edge of the land, but this day Jean expressed an interest to walk deeperinto the woods. I expressed an interest to just stay on the road, but she seemed determined to go into
the woods for a walk, so we did. I know a few times I said, “let’s go back” and she just kept wa
lking. Theroles we were playing at this point were reversed. I am usually the one to go exploring and Jean is theone to go back. We stopped after a bit and Jean stood there marveling at a rock and the design in it.Although I was also intrigued by the rock, I turned for some reason and just started to walk into thewoods further, not sure why, but I did. I noticed a fairly tall dead tree hanging from another tree. Then Ilooked over and saw a bright object on the ground probably 50 feet from me. As I started to walktowards it
I thought to myself, “What are the chances that this is the same balloon Jean let go?” I got
closer, and realized, yes, this was a balloon, but I could not imagine it was the same one. I picked it up

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