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Published by Andrei Dascaleac

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Published by: Andrei Dascaleac on Aug 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE VERB TO BE- REVISION1.Read the following text:Miss Fox and the birthday present.
Miss Fox is very excited as she has to go to a friend’s birthday party.’’Am I ready for the party?’’, she asks herself. ’’No, I am not! Silly me!I don’t have a birthday present. My friend istall and thin, so I can get her a nice dress.’’ So, she goes to the shop to buy the dress. But,surprise! Her friend, Daisy, is there! ’’Are you not at home?’’asks Miss Fox surprised.’’No, I’mnot. Well, I think I will get this fantastic dress for my birthday. Am I beautiful in it?’’ asks Daisy. ’’Yes, you’rewonderful’’ says Miss Fox. Miss Fox is not happy at all. She cannot get the dress, now. She will get somethingelse.’’ We will meet at the party, do not be late, almost everybody is there.Thomas is not as he is ill. But, all theother friends are there,’’ says Daisy.
2. Do you know the words?
excited- încântat(ă) she cannot-ea nu poate everybody- toată lumeaready- gata almost- aproape something else-altceva
3. Read the story again and underline the verb
to be.
Build up sentences with the underlined forms.
 _________________________________________________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________________________________ 
4. Write the forms of the verb
to be
and write sentences after the model:
I’m Mary, I’m not Helen. _________________________________________________________________________________________  ___________  _________________________________________________________________________________________  ___________ 
5. Complete the sentences with the verb to be( are, am, is):
 _______ you Little Tom? No, I’ ___ not, I ___ Little John.
 _______ it your pencil? No, it’___ not, it’___ yours. _______ they roses? No, they____ not, they’___ daisies.
I am- I’m=eu suntI am not-I’m not= eu nu sunt am I? sunt eu?

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