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BIO 156 Syllabus Fa 12 MW Revised

BIO 156 Syllabus Fa 12 MW Revised

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Published by Joanne Oellers

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Published by: Joanne Oellers on Aug 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Welcome to Human Biology and the fascinating world of the human body. Human Biology is a generaleducation course intended for students with pre-nursing/health professional goals, however, anyone iswelcome! Studying the universal processes of living systems from chemistry to cells, we will lay afoundation for our exploration of human organ systems followed by discussions of humans and theirrelationship to the environment.
 Office Phone: 928.634-6578
Email: joanne.oellers@yc.edu Skype:
 joanne.oellersOffice Location & Office Hours: Building M, Room 213MW 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m., TTh 9:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m. (5 hours)Other times by appointment.
Building L, Room 105Mondays & Wednesdays 8 a.m.-10:45 p.m.
This is an introductory biology course for allied health majors with an emphasis on humans. Topicsinclude fundamental concepts of cell history, histology, microbiology, and genetics. Dual credit for BIO156 and BIO 100 will not be awarded. Prerequisite—Reading proficiency. Credit hours—4.
All Yavapai College students will be required to use the
portal. The portal includes:
Links to your College email
Your degree audit system –
– to track your progress
Registration information & your schedule
Links to view transcripts, update information, and more!For assistance with the Portal, go tohttp://portalinfo.yc.edu/support.asp.
Student Email
Yavapai College requires enrolled students to have an email address to which official Collegecommunications can be sent, referred to as your “scholar” address, accessed by clicking on the emailicon in your
portal.Students are expected to check their Yavapai College email account for college-related information andfor class information and announcements at least every other day.
Students may elect to forward their YC email to an address different from their scholar account (seeinstructions on website) but assume full responsibility for reading email at the forwarded location.For assistance, go tohttp://www.yc.edu/content/myyc/emailinfo.htm 
For your safety, you must wear full coverage shoes for every class. If you forget, you accept fullresponsibility for any injury that results from exposed foot areas. I suggest you keep a pair of closed shoes in your car or backpack.2.
No eating in class, please. Water bottles are allowed.
Human Biology 
, Michael D. Johnson, 6
edition, ISBN 9780321701671. Please become familiar withtextbook website resources.
Course Website = Blackboard + My Website
Even though we meet in the classroom, I provide announcements, materials, andactivities in Blackboard or on mywebsite, linked through Blackboard. Please startexploring each of these sites.
Important College-wide Dates
Fall semester begins Monday, August 20Late registration ends Sunday, August 26Last day for 100% refund Sunday, August 26Last day for student-initiated withdrawal Sunday, October 14Labor Day holiday Monday, September 3Veteran’s Day holiday Monday, November 12Thanksgiving holiday Wednesday, November 21-25Last day of fall semester Monday, December 10
Develop personal responsibilit
. See yourself as the primary force in outcomes andexperiences.2.
Become self-motivated 
. Discover personally meaningful goals to overcome obstacles.3.
Practice self-managemen
. Plan and take purposeful actions in pursuit of goals.4.
Be interdependenc
e. Build mutually supportive relationships that help yourself and others toachieve goals.5.
Cultivate self awareness
. Employ behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that keep you on course.6.
Strive for life-long learning
. Find value in every experience.7.
Develop emotional intelligence
. Manage emotions in support of goals.8.
Enjoy discovery learning
. Find the wonder in the nature and seek understanding outside theclassroom.9.
Believe in yourself! See yourself as a capable of achieving your dreams and goals.
ASSESSMENTClass Progress
Simply select
View Grades and Email 
on the left sidebar of your Blackboard Announcements screen. TheGrade Center displays your point totals and the points possible in the course. Simply divide your earnedpoints by the total course points at a particular point for your percentage grade.
Assessments & Grading Criteria
 Lab notebooks 4 x 50 200Quizzes 11 x 10 110Milestone Papers 4 x 15 60Attendance 26 x 5 130Exams (you will drop one) 3 x 100 300800 points totalAll assessments are equally weighted. Here is the performance and grading scale used to determineyour final grade:A = 90 - 100% 720 & above Superior, extraordinary scholarship outstanding performance,excellent comprehension of subject material and above averagewritten/oral expressionB = 80 - 89% 640 to 719 Above-average work, good conceptual understanding, goodexpression, perhaps slightly lacking in organization and/ormechanicsC = 70 - 79% 560 to 639 Acceptable work for this level of collegeD = 60 - 69% 480 to 559 Below standard of acceptable college workF = < 60% 480 & below Failure to meet minimal requirement for passingcourseA failing grade may reflect lack of attendance, effort, or points, or result from non-compliance withcourse policies, including neglecting to withdraw oneself from class before the student-initiatedwithdrawal deadline.
Progress Reports and Meetings
Three times during the semester, I will give you an official report on your progress to that point. Also,please meet with me in person sometime during the semester. After exams or during my office hoursare good times.Be alert to your scores. Check frequently! If you uncover any discrepancies, notify me ASAP,and please let me know if you are struggling in any way. We can work together to find asolution.To do well, expect to spend 8-12 hours a week on the course outside of class.

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