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memo: Prof. Constantino Tsallis Lecture: Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics

memo: Prof. Constantino Tsallis Lecture: Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics

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Published by Fumihiro Chiba
This is a lecture talk on nonextensive statistical physics for non specialists of statistical physics on 14 March 2012.
This is a lecture talk on nonextensive statistical physics for non specialists of statistical physics on 14 March 2012.

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Fumihiro Chiba on Aug 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prof. Constantino Tsallis Lecture: Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics
Date14 March 2012 (Wednesday) 13:30-PlaceSony Computer Science Labolatories / 3F – large meetingroomAccessAccess - Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
=====================================13:30-15:00Prof. Constantino TsallisDepartment of Theoretical Physics, HeadCentro Brasileiro de Pesquisas FisicasNational Institute of Science and Technology for Complex Systems, HeadWikipedia:
Constantino Tsallis
(Greek: ; b. 1943) is a naturalizedBrazilian physicist  working inRio de Janeiro at CBPF,Brazil.He was born inGreece, and grew up inArgentina, where he studied physics at Instituto Balseiro, in Bariloche. In 1974 he received a
Doctorat d'Etat et Sciences Physiques 
degree from theUniversity of Paris-Orsay. He moved toBrazilin 1975 with his family (his wife and daughter).Tsallis is credited with introducing the notion of what is known asTsallis entropyandTsallis statisticsin his 1988 seminal paper "Possible generalization ofBoltzmann–Gibbs statistics" published in the
Journal of Statistical Physics 
, vol. 52, pp. 479–487. The generalization isconsidered to be one of the most viable and applicable candidates for formulating a theory of non-extensive thermodynamics. The resulting theory is not intended to replace Boltzmann–Gibbs statistics, but rather supplement it, such as in the case of anomalous systems characterised bynon-ergodicityor metastable states.One of the most impressive experimental verifications of the predictions ofq-statisticsconcernscold atoms in dissipative optical lattices. Eric Lutz made an analytical predictionin 2003 which was verified in 2006 bya London team.Tsallis conjectured in 1999 (Brazilian Journal of Physics 29, 1; Figure 4):That a longstanding quasi-stationary state (QSS) was expected in LONG-range interactingHamiltonian systems (one of the core problems of statistical mechanics). This was quicklyverified by many groups around the world.That this QSS should be described by q-statistics instead of Boltzmann–Gibbs statistics. This wasverifed in June 2007 by Pluchino, Rapisarda and Tsallis(in the last figure, instead of the celebrated Maxwellian (Gaussian) distribution of velocities (valid for SHORT-rangeinteractions), one sees a q-Gaussian).These results establish that the q-entropy provides verifiable predictions from first principles as ageneralization of Boltzmann–Gibbs entropy for certain classes of phenomena.
Lecture I: “Introduction to nonextensive statistical mechanics” (90 minutes)This is a lecture talk on nonextensive statistical physics for nonspecialists of statistical physics.After briefly reviewing the basic concepts of the celebratedBoltzmann-Gibbs statistical mechanics,we shall introduce why and how the standard entropy needs to begeneralized into nonadditive forms.We shall also show how the Fourier transform and its inverse, theCentral Limit Theorem,the Levy distributions, and the large-deviation theory areconsistently generalized.
References(i) C. Tsallis, ”Introduction to Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics - Approaching aComplex World” (Springer, 2009);(ii)http://tsallis.cat.cbpf.br/biblio.htm15:20-16:20 Prof. Constantino TsallisCBPF (Brazillian Physics Research Center)“Recent topics of nonextensive statistical mechanics” (60 minutes)In this talk we shall briefly review frontier topics ofnonextensive statistical physics.Predictions, verifications and applications for natural, artificialand social systems will be focused on.Topics will include from elementary particles (recent experiments bythe Collaborations CMS,ALICE and ATLAS at LHC/CERN and Collaboration PHENIX at RHIC/ Brookhaven),low temperature phenomena, turbulence to econophysics, medical applications,and nonlinear generalizations of Schroedinger, Klein-Gordon and Dirac equations.References:(i) J. S. Andrade Jr., G.F.T. da Silva, A.A. Moreira, F.D. Nobre andE.M.F. Curado,Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 260601 (2010);
J. S. Andrade, Jr., G. F. T. da Silva, A. A. Moreira, F. D. Nobre, E. M. F. Curado
Physical ReviewLetters
, 260601 (2010)
http://www.cbpf.br/GrupPesq/StatisticalPhys/pdftheo/AndradeSilvaMoreiraNobreCurado2010.pdf(ii) F.D. Nobre, M.A. Rego-Monteiro and C. Tsallis,Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 140601(2011);
F. D. Nobre, M. A. Rego-Monteiro, C. Tsallis
Physical Review Letters
(iii) J. Ludescher, C. Tsallis and A. Bunde,Universal behaviour of interoccurrence times between losses in financial markets:An analytical description”,
Europhys. Lett. 95, 68002 (2011).
Prof. Tsallis Library:Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
http://tsallis.cat.cbpf.br/biblio.htmThe following papers were referred in the above series of lectures.
Part I: Non-extensive versus Extensive: Introductionto nonextensive statisticalmechanics
; weak chaos, small lyapunov exponent
, non-
ergodic (?)
C. Tsallis, M. Gell-Mann, Y. Sato
Physical Review E
Part II: Central Limit Theorem
(3) S. Umarov, C. Tsallis, M. Gell-Mann, S. Steinberg Generalization of symmetricalpha-stable Lévy distributions for q>1
Journal of Mathematical Physics
, 033502(2010)
http://www.cbpf.br/GrupPesq/StatisticalPhys/pdftheo/UmarovTsallisGellMannSteinberg2010.pdf (4)
G.L. Ferri, M.F. R. Savio, A. Plastino
Physica A
, 1829-1833 (2010)
S. Umarov, C. Tsallis, S. Steinberg
Milan Journal of Mathematics
, 307–328 (2008)
Part III: Large Deviation Theorem
R. Hanel, S. Thurner
Europhysics Letters
, 50003(2011)
P. Tempesta
Physical ReviewE
, 021121 (2011)
Part IV: Predictions and Verifications
J. S. Andrade, Jr., G. F. T. da Silva, A. A. Moreira, F. D. Nobre, E. M. F. Curado
Physical ReviewLetters
, 260601 (2010)
M. S. Ribeiro, F. D. Nobre, E. M. F. Curado
Physical Review E
, 021146 (2012)
P. Douglas, S. Bergamini, and F. Renzoni

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