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Bison Courier, Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bison Courier, Thursday, August 16, 2012

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Aug 21, 2012
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Bison Courier
Official Newspaper for the City of Bison, Perkins County, and the Bison SchoolDistrict APublication of Ravellette Publications, Inc.
 P.O.Box 429 • Bison, SouthDakota 57620-0429  Phone: (605) 244-7199 • FAX (605) 244-7198 
Volume 30Number 9August 16, 2012
Includes Tax
Town Board has more on regular agenda than planned
ByGladys JacksonThe Bison Town Board met fortheir regular board meeting whichwas called to order by PresidentJuell Chapman Wednesdayevening, August 8, 2012. Otherboard members present wereDavid Kopren, Mike Lockert,Matthew Butsavage and LukeClements. Town Clerk Beth Hulmkept the minutes.However, due to circumstancesbeyond the Board’scontrol, thismeeting began with an air of emergency – the Town of Bisonhad no water! It had very recentlycome to the Board’s attention thatRural Water had a leak and hadnot found out where, and did notknow how long it might take to lo-cate the leak. This prompted theBoard to immediately start devel-oping plans to get water to theTown. This was somewhat of anew experience and the idealsbegan to flow.Employee Heath McKinstry in-formed the Board that WarrenEmergency Management out of Pierre, SD, and which the Town isamember of, can bring outtankers holding 6,000 gallons of potable water.He was instructedto call Warren Management forthe tankers and to begin workingon bringing the Veal well(s) on lineif needed.Several concerned citizensstopped by and offered their helpor called Beth saying they hadwells and that people could comeget water or have a shower.Richard and Brad Seidel offered tohelp get in water with their tanks.They would set up at the schooland people could come and getwater to use for household chores.The Board appreciated their offerand took them up on it. Ron Seidelhad just filled up his tank, whichwas setting west of town, so thiswas brought in to help out.Harding County offered to bringin tankers to set around town incase of a fire. It was also notedthat the National Guard in Stur-gis has potable water which couldmaybe be gotten. Mike Lockertstated that before we can do any-thing, we have to see what RuralWater will allow us to do, becausethe Town of Bison is not allowed toput anything into the Rural Watersystem.Town Clerk Hulm was in-structed to make sure signs wereup and notices were put on theradio.President Chapman then calledSheriff Kelly to come and meetwith the Board as he is the Emer-gency Management person for theTown. He will make some calls tothe Office of Emergency Manage-
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Water line break north of the Bixby Road and Highway 20 junction. Perkins County Rural Wateremployees could not be reached for comment.
Water situation declared an emergency
s & Happenings
Perkins County Fair Rodeo
Saturday evening at 7 p.m. , Sun-day at 1 p.m.
 Annual Talent Show
Friday, August 17 at 7 pm @ the PerkinsCounty Fairgrounds, under thenew grandstands. Come and enjoythe local talent.
Outdoor Movie Night
Grabyour lawn chairs and blankets andgo to outdoor movie night on Fri-day, August 17th at the Bison foot-ball field. Remember the Titans(Rated PG) will be showing. Con-cessions will be available. Showstart time is 9pm. Freewill Offer-ing. All proceeds will go to BisonPost Prom.
Homecoming week
is Septem-ber 24 - 28, it was in the school let-ter incorrectly.
 Anyone wanting to servelunch
at the home games shouldcontact the school.
SonRise gospel ministries
willbe at Beckman Wesleyan ChurchinPrairie City on August 30th at 7p.m. EVERY ONE IS WELCOME!
Stateline Right to Life
will behaving a bake sale and canned orfresh garden produce sale at thePerkins County Fair on Friday, August 17, from 10:00 am - 3:00pm. Donated items of baked goodsor garden items are sincerely ap-preciated. See you at the fair!!
Community Auction
coming up August 26th at the PerkinsCounty Fairgrounds for more in-formation and a complete listingplease go to www.sdauctions.com
Open House Bridal shower
for Anne Ellingson, bride elect of Keith Mutschler , on Saturday, August 18, 2 - 4 p.m. at Mom’sPlace Cafe, Main Street , Bison.Bring your own gift or a PamperedChef rep will be available.
Shop-classroom building on hold
School bells will be ringing onceagain next Wednesday, August 22when the new school year begins. All the teachers have been hiredand are ready to begin.The Bison School Board metMOnday night for their regularmonthly session to address manyissues on the agenda. Board mem-bers present were Chairman DanKvale, Dan Beckman, Eric Arne-son and Marci Brownlee-Kari.Football, Volleyball and CrossCountry also began on Mondaynight so the school year is alreadyoff to a start.Shane Kolb was hired to be the Assistant football coach and willbe working with head coach BeauChapman.There are coaching po-sitions that still need to be filled.Much time was spent discussingthe proposed shop-classroombuilding measuring 40’by 130’.This building would contain threeclassrooms, shop area and twohandicapped accessible bathroomsat an approximate cost of $200,000. The present shop build-ing would be torn down to makeroom for the new building. Super-intendent Kraemer visited with anemployee of Morton Buildings of Rapid City recently who is very“interested” in this project. Thisemployee would come to Bison tomeet with school board membersto discuss the cost and his bid. “Wedon’t know what it will cost.” re-marked Arneson. After visitingwith the man from Morton’s hisbid would be better understood.The board then agreed to form acommittee from the board to meetwith Kraemer and the man fromMorton’s Building Company.Those on this committee areChairman Kvale and Kari. Krae-mer also suggested that a PublicHearing be held at the next boardmeeting on September 10 to getthe public’s input on this costlyproject.Brittnee Aaker and CassidySarsland, seniors at BHS, werealso in attendance to make a re-quest on behalf of the senior class.Could they use the senior loungethis school term? By unanimousapproval the board gave theirokay. Kraemer reminded them of their responsibilities of caring forthe lounge and maintaining a C inevery subject as criteria to use thelounge.Music teacher Darren jacksonwas also a guest in the board roomto propose that a High School dig-ital music course be offered duringthe 6th hour of the school daywhich he would teach. The coursewould be available for any one whowanted to take it. By computer thestudents would learn to composemusic. “There would be more thanenough learning possibilities”, ex-claimed Jackson. By taking thisclass a fine arts credit could beearned. Music composed would beshow cased at the Christmas Con-cert. By unanimous consent thisproposal was approved.kraemer is of the opinion that 7thand 8th Grade boys need to learnfootball skills to prepare them forvarsity competition. Is a coachneeded to accomplish this task? After a time of “hashing it out” itwas the board’s consensus NOTtohire a coach for this work. Perhapsvolunteers could help out includ-ing fathers of the boys or seniors
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Town Board
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ment in Pierre on the Town’s be-half.With the wheels in motion, andprobably some good lessons learnedthat will undoubtedly be re-visited,the Board continued with their reg-ular meeting.The July 10 regular and July 25special board minutes, as well asthe Financial Report, were readand approved.Russ Peacock met with the Boardto ask permission – when he doeshis new driveway – to take thedriveway all the way out to the as-phalt. The Board approved Russ’srequest as long as he knew that anyright-of-way issues, would be at hisexpense.President Chapman informed theBoard that Tracy Buer with theCounty has been chip sealing andpatching holes along Carr Street upto Coleman Avenue. They are doinga good job. The Board does not wantthe roads torn up, just chip sealed.Chapman will inform the Countyand State of this.STATUS REPORTS – HeathMcKinstry informed the Board thata meter has been set up at the tem-porary cement plant to meter thewater used. He still has about fivenew meters to get installed by Sep-tember and holes to fill in thestreets. He would like to get rid of all the old meters soon.Boom Concrete still has not com-pleted the retaining wall out at thedump grounds; this was supposedto get done last August, althoughno actual contract was signed.Boom Concrete will be contacted ongetting this completed.Storm Sewer Update – Sincethere is no longer a road that runsfrom behind Grand’s warehouses tothe elevator, and the landownerwill not give easement, this part of the storm sewer plan will have tobe scratched. Aback flow preventercould be put in which would requirea pit to be dug. At this time, theBoard does not want to abandonany possibilities. The State of South Dakota is still urging theTown to do the green compost onlow lying areas or they will not do acost-share on this project. The Townwould still have to pay the first$5,000.00 to do this. The demolitionof the old Richard Heck house andbuildings was discussed. Aletterwas written to Earl and SharonSiefken to get the garage off theproperty, but this has not hap-pened. ASheriff’s letter may haveto be sent. Because of all the issuesstill in question, the Board directedPresident Chapman to call and in-vite KBM, Inc. and the State DENRto attend the next board meeting totake about options and theloan/grant from the State. Attorney Bogue sent word thatafter researching, Coleman Avenuedoes belong to the County. Asug-gestion was made that a committeefrom the two Boards – Town andCounty – get together to re-visitabout Coleman Avenue. If the Com-munity Access Project continuesnext year, a request could be put infor help on Coleman Avenue as thatis a 60/40 split, but money does notcome into that project until May of 2013 and would not be availableuntil later in 2013.Town Clerk Hulm reported thatthe audit conducted by Eide Baillyon the Town of Bison has been ap-proved by the State of S.D. with noproblems found.Lagoon Project – The Town of Bison has received the grant forthis and the engineer should be fin-ished with this project by the 15thof September.NEW BUSINESS – The Townhas received a draft of the AirportMaster Plan. Airport Committeemembers Juell Chapman and MikeLockert will review this and reportback to the Board. An auto supple-ment of $9,276.04 was approved tothe airport.Credit Card Machine - Boardmember Matthew Butsavage vis-ited with the Board about getting acredit card machine installed at thebar. Due to the fact that the Townwould have to be bonded and pay amembership fee, it was decided theBoard was not interested at thistime.Security Cameras - security cam-eras will be installed at the bar inthe near future. Chapman’s Elec-tronics and West River CooperativeTelephone Co. will be contacted forquotes for an 8-camera packagewith 30 days of recordings.Museum Door – Amotion wasmade, seconded and carried to hireJohn Blosmo to add a second accessdoor in the northeast corner of themuseum. He had given a quote of $649.00, he will donate the labor,but the Town has to purchase thedoor.Employee Handbook Update – Mike Lockert would like to get theEmployee Handbook updated. TheBoard was handed out a copy of thecurrent book and will report backnext month on any changes needed.The Board voted to approve andpublish the liquor audit; set aside$10,000 in a new City Hall Fund;move $8,200.56 for Christmasstreet lighting to a restricted ac-count; supplement $100,000 fromthe General Fund to the StreetFun; supplement $20,000 from theGeneral Fund to the Airport Fundand approve the First Reading of Ordinance 2012-1 of the budget.The second reading will be held atthe September meeting.The Board then went into Execu-tive Session with adjournment af-terwards.
Periodicals Postage Paid at Bison, SD 57620POSTAL PERMIT #009-944
Published weekly every Thursday by Ravellette Publ., Inc.at POBox 429, Bison SD 57620-0429
 Telephone: 605-244-7199 • Fax: 605-244-7198
E-mail Addresses: courier@sdplains.comcouriernews@sdplains.comSUBSCRIPTION RATES:
Bison............................................................................$36.04Meadow, Shadehill, Prairie City, Reva & Lodgepole........$35.36Lemmon........................................................................$36.04in state........................................................$39.00 + sales taxout of state (
Includes all Hettinger addresses.) 
...$39.00 (no tax)
Send address changes to The Bison Courier, POBox 429, Bison SD 57620-0429
Display and Classified Advertising: Mon-days at 12:00 p.m. Legals: Fridays at 12:00 p.m.
Don Ravellette
News/Office Manager:
Arlis Seim
Ad Sales:
Beth Hulm (244-5231),beth@sdplains.com
Ravellette Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nothing may bereprinted, photocopied or in any way reproduced from this publication, in wholeor in part, without the written consent of the publisher.
Page 2 • The Bison Courier •
Thursday, August 16, 2012
Nutrition SiteMenu
Thursday, August 16
Hot beef on whole grain breadmashed potatoes w/gravygreen beans, peaches vanilla ice cream
Friday, August 17
Ginger pork chopsbaked potato w/sour creamspinach saladgrapes
Monday, August 20
Taco salad whole wheat rollmixed vegetablesfruit in pudding
Tuesday, August 21
Meatloafboiled potatoesbroccoliapricots
Wednesday, August 22
Roast porkcompany potatoescooked cabbageapples in light syrup
Hettinger, ND 701-567-2200 
Back to School Dance
Saturday, August 25 • 8:30 p.m.
Wear your favorite team colors!
No one under 21 allowed!
“Our sales are every day”
CC Flooring 
Highway 12 Hettinger 701-567-2677 carpet • vinyl • hardwood • ceramics 
We have river rock,red scoria & landscaping rock! 
Call for a quote! Besler Gravel & Trucking, LLC 244-5600 
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who could work with youngerboys.The following items were de-clared to be surplus property andwill be sold at the community auc-tion: parts for the walk-in freezer,six used bus tires, two projectionscreens, old weight scale, four Sub-aru tires and one inside door.Bids for milk, propane and coalwere read and discussed. Bid win-ners were as follows: Milk - AllStar Dairy; Coal - Bison Grain;Propane: Southwest Grain. Areport from the Northwest Area Schools Special EducationCooperative was given by Beck-man. This Cooperative would liketo host training for new schoolboard members. The new schoolboard members would be encour-aged to attend this training. Atthis time no date has been set.Kari volunteered to be an alter-nate to attend the meetings of thecooperative in the event that Beck-man would be unable to attend amonthly meeting.Kraemer took the board on atour in the school to view the newtile in the ceiling of the kitchenand to see the finished work on thewooden floors in two classrooms. All of the work was well done andlooks very beautiful.Two thousand new elementaryreading books have now arrivedand are ready for use. The teach-ers are also anxious to start usingthem.Kraemer also told of new federalregulations for serving food in thelunchroom that require computersand training. That will be a chal-lenge for the cooks this year.In other action: School handbooks were approved. Aschool em-ployee was given the “greenlight”to choose a different health insur-ance carrier other than theschool’s health insurance carrier. Acredit card was approved forschool purchases only. An execu-tive session was held at the end of the meeting to discuss personnel.
Garden Gate
pan, large enough that you won’thave a mess in your oven if it hap-pens to collapse.For a 5# pumpkin you’ll needabout 2 quarts of milk, half andhalf, cream or a mixture of thethree; Heat the liquid with 15large fresh sage leaves, 2 tsp. salt,fresh pepper, and three garliccloves (slivered). Pour the hot liq-uid into the pumpkin, lay a pieceof foil over the top, then set thepumpkin lid on that.Put the whole thing into theoven at 375 degrees. Cook forabout two hours or until thepumpkin feels soft when you pressa finger against the side. Removethe oven, carefully remove the lidand foil, begin drawing the cookedflesh into the liquid, if all goeswell (meaning the flesh is nicecreamy and smooth and the sidesdidn’t collapse in) You can stir liq-uid and flesh together and set it onthe table as it.If it does collapse or the flesh isstringy, just scoop everything outinto a bowl or blender and puree.Taste for salt, throw in a handfulor two of cheese and garnish withItalian (flat leaf) parsley.Seems like this recipe would workwith squash as well, however,squash does not have the sturdysides of a pumpkin shell and col-lapse would probably occur. Wehave not tried squash yet.
 Plant gardens, and eat the fruitof them. – Jeremiah 29:5 
Submitted by Karen Englehart,Master Gardener, SDSU Coopera-tive Extension Service.
Garden Harvest Slows
 August is well upon us, wheredid the summer go? It seems justlike yesterday we were plantingthe garden. Our tomatoes aremuch too green yet, lots of themand nice size but refusing to ripen!In the hopes of advancing theripening of the tomatoes we havebeen heavily pruning the plantsand removing all new growth andall blossoms. Yes, they are stillblooming! Ours are a bit late sowe are praying that we do not getan early frost!Speaking of frost, we do notwant to see frost on the pumpkinseither. We hope there are folksthat planted pumpkins to sell atthe 2012 Pumpkin Fest in Bison!If you do have pumpkins, here is asoup recipe for you to try, sure towarm a body on a cold winter day.
Pumpkin Soup
Start with a nice round pumpkinwith bulging sides and a bit flat ontop. Cut a lid out of the top, scoopout the seeds and fibers, then rubthe inside with sea salt (regularsalt works). Set the whole pump-kin in a large ovenproof dish or
Chase Kari and Angela Fields are pleased to announce theirupcoming wedding on Saturday August 25, 2012. The cere-mony will be held at the St. James Lutheran Church in BelleFourche, SD. Their parents are Ernie Kari and the late LisaKari, Prairie City, SD and Merlin and Lori Fields, Milbank, SD.The bride graduated from Milbank High School and Ridgewa-ter College with an Associate in Applied Science degree in Vet-erinary Technology. The groom attended Bison High Schooland is currently ranching near Bison, SD. They will make theirhome near Prairie City, SD.
Fields and Kari announce engagement
 July 25th, 2012 • 7lbs. 1 oz. 18 longRayna joins her brother: Drew - 5yrs. old Maternal grandparents:Reagan and Joann Massey, Hawley, TX Paternal grandparents:Norman and Shelby Miles,Meadow, SD 
Clint and Wendy Miles are proud toannounce the birth of their baby girl:Rayna Sage Miles
The Bison Courier •
Thursday, August 16, 2012
• Page 3
Stanley Home Products
4 - 7 p.m. Thursday,August 16
Advo Care Wellness Products
7 p.m. Wednesday,August 22
Prairie LoungeBison
 Amy Lewis of Denver, Coloradoand Sarah Lewis of Brookingsspent a few days with their grand-parents, Art and Marilyn Christ-man.Jim Christman has spent aweek with his parents Art andMarilyn Christman.Keith Carmichael visited withBernie Rose one day this pastweek.Stacy and Maddie Boomgardenof Pipestone, MN were Wednesdaylunch guests of Bernie Rose and Vonnie Foster.Betty Walikainen spent Thurs-day afternoon with Bernie Rose.Last Monday, Gary and KathyHoldahl of Clark, SD; Joyce andIke Pederson of the Chicago areawere afternoon visitors of Fredand Bev Schopp.Fred and Bev Schopp took in theparade in Faith Saturday andsome of the other Stock Showevents.Carolyn Petik was a Tuesdaycaller at Irene Young's.Theywere both afternoon guests at JeriLynn Bakken's.In the evening,Carolyn was a visitor of LindaZimmerman in Lemmon.Jerry and Carolyn Petik wereWednesday callers of ErnestineMiller.Carolyn Petik was a Thursdaylunch guest of Irene Young's andlater in the afternoon was a brief visitor of Thelma Lemke.Jerry and Carolyn Petik at-tended the Corson County Fair onSaturday and Sunday.After thefair on Sunday they visited withGrace Bubbers in McIntosh
Meadow News
By Tiss Treib
Classic Cleaning Company
Only Dry Foam Touches TheCarpet
.•Fast drying•No shrinking or mildew
Bud & Mary Lee Drake
605-244-7555 Cell 307-746-5416
Carpet and UpholsteryCleaning without Steam,

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