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WinServ2008 TestHelp 2

WinServ2008 TestHelp 2

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Published by Lanswitch5601

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Published by: Lanswitch5601 on Aug 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 2: Installing Windows Server 2008
1.Exceeding the minimum requirements makes your server more scalable and able to meet increasedrequirements as the organization grows.ANS:TPTS:1REF:442.Cutting expenses when buying server hardware could prove to be costly later on if it results inunreliable equipment and difficult software installations.ANS:TPTS:1REF:453.A disk cannot be formatted after it is partitioned.ANS:FPTS:1REF:464.NTFS follows the POSIX.1 standard, which does not include case-sensitive filenames and the use of multiple filenames.ANS:FPTS:1REF:505.NTFS supports large disk volumes of up to 16 GB.ANS:FPTS:1REF:50
1.Before any final decisions are made in selecting hardware, you should check the hardware for the ____ sticker or consult the Windows Server Catalog of Tested Products.a.Certified for Windows Server 2008c.Windows-ready b.Windows Serverd.Windows-friendlyANS:APTS:1REF:452.If you are upgrading a computer that has been used for a different operating system, such as onecurrently running Windows Server 2003, that computer might already be in the Catalog of TestedProducts, but it might still be necessary to upgrade the ____.a.processorc.CPU b.motherboardd.BIOSANS:DPTS:1REF:453.When you ____ a disk, this process divides the disk into small sections called tracks and sectors for thestorage of files by a particular file system.a.partitionc.segment b.formatd.installANS:BPTS:1REF:464.After the Windows Server 2008 installation is complete, you can use ____ to create additional partitions, such as on any remaining unallocated disk space or on disks you add later.
a.Format Managerc.Server Manage b.Disk Managerd.Partition Manager ANS:CPTS:1REF:465.NTFS has been supported in Windows Server systems from when ____ was introduced in the early1990s to Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003.a.Windows 3.1c.Windows 95 b.Windows 3.11d.Windows NT Server ANS:DPTS:1REF:496.Folders and files can be ____ so that only the designated user can view the contents, adding yetanother level of security.a.indexedc.encrypted b.linkedd.compressedANS:CPTS:1REF:497.____ is used in conjunction with Active Directory to make file searching and retrieval faster.a.Journalingc.Encryption b.Indexingd.Disk quotaANS:BPTS:1REF:498.____ by a file system means that it tracks changes to files and keeps a record of these changes in aseparate log file.a.Journalingc.Indexing b.Compressiond.POSIXANS:APTS:1REF:509.____ means that when software in Windows Server 2008 runs into a damaged disk area, NTFS canheal the area without having to take down the server.a.Journalingc.Self-healing b.Hard linkd.IndexingANS:CPTS:1REF:5010.One ____ is a license for one workstation to access the server.a.CALc.WAL b.DALd.SALANS:APTS:1REF:5211.You can specify a domain or workgroup on the ____ window that is displayed when the computereboots after the actual installation process is completed.a.Server Managerc.Domain Configuration b.Initial Configuration Tasksd.Workgroup ConfigurationANS:BPTS:1REF:5212.Windows Server 2008 ____ version is designed to have a small footprint on a network, making it lessvulnerable to Internet attackers.a.Itaniumc.Datacente b.Hyper-Vd.Server Core
ANS:DPTS:1REF:5313.A(n) ____ is a set of unique identification information that is typically put at the end of a file, or that isassociated with a computer communication.a.digital certificatec.security role b.Active Directory credentiald.public-key pair ANS:APTS:1REF:5414.The ____ role is central to implementing Active Directory and creating one or more domains.a.Active Directory Certificate Services b.Active Directory Federation Servicesc.Active Directory Lightweight Directory Servicesd.Active Directory Domain ServicesANS:DPTS:1REF:5415.____ are directories on one or more computers that users on other computers can access through thenetwork.a.Local directoriesc.AD directories b.Shared directoriesd.Network directoriesANS:BPTS:1REF:5516.____ is used to manage security tokens and security services on a Windows Server 2008 Web-basednetwork.a.Active Directory Certificate Services b.Active Directory Lightweight Directory Servicesc.Active Directory Federation Servicesd.Active Directory Domain ServicesANS:CPTS:1REF:5517.The ____ role places the Windows Server 2008 server in the role of a computer that makesapplications available to users on a network or over the Web.a.DHCP Serverc.Fax Serve b.DNS Serverd.Application Server ANS:DPTS:1REF:5618.____ enables folders shared from multiple computers to appear as though they exist in one centralizedhierarchy of folders instead of on many different computers.a.COMc.DFS b.DNSd.DDLANS:CPTS:1REF:5619.The ____ role is used to enable client computers to run services and software applications on theserver instead of on the client.a.Print Servicesc.Application Serve b.Terminal Servicesd.UDDI ServicesANS:BPTS:1REF:5720.Windows Deployment Services operate in a(n) ____.a.Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)c.Active Directory (AD)

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