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Demon Crystal First Twenty Pages

Demon Crystal First Twenty Pages

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Published by stumbleupon

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:DREAM SEQUENCE - INT. DESTINY BENSON'S ROOM - NIGHTThe candles at the center of the small round table, as wellas moonlight beaming from outside the window, are the onlythings illuminating an eerily-lit room.At one side of the table is DESTINY BENSON, a fifteen-year-old occultist. Across the table from her is MARCI BROWN,also fifteen, Destiny's best friend.While Marci wears normal clothes, a sweater and jeans,Destiny looks surreal in a gypsy costume.DESTINYJoin hands with me, Marci.Marci obliges.DESTINY (CONT'D)We are both gathered here tonightto open the gateway to the spiritworld.Destiny closes her eyes.DESTINY (CONT'D)If there are any spirits who wouldlike to enter the world of theliving, this room is a safe havenfor you.She reopens her blue eyes.DESTINY (CONT'D)Is there anyone you would like tocontact?MARCIMy grandpa.DESTINYPut your fingers on theplanchette.Marci slowly moves her fingers toward the planchette.Destiny's fingers are already on the mysterious device.DESTINY (CONT'D)Now clear your mind of allthoughts and concentrate.Destiny takes her eyes off Marci and focuses on the Ouija.The both of them wait patiently for the planchette to move.
2.DESTINY (CONT'D)Concentrate, Marci. The spiritscan cross over at any time.All of a sudden, Marci notices something about theplanchette.MARCIOh, my God! The thing's moving,Destiny! It's moving towards theletters.A nervous Marci spells out the letters, one by one.MARCI (CONT'D)H-E-L-L-O.She looks at Destiny.MARCI (CONT'D)I can't believe it! He just saidhello!DESTINY(staring at theOuija)Don't be shy, Marci, ask yourgrandfather a question.Marci takes a deep breath.MARCIHow are things in heaven, Grandpa?After a moment of hesitation, the planchette moves again.MARCI (CONT'D)N-E-X-T.The planchette momentarily stops.MARCI (CONT'D)Next? Next what?It resumes its motion.MARCI (CONT'D)O-N-E. Next one? Who's the nextone? D-E-A-D. Next one dead?You're spooking me, Grandpa.Who's the next one dead?Marci looks closer at the Ouija, then suddenly...
3.MARCI (CONT'D)Help! H-Help me!Marci's neck is gripped tightly by the hand that's jumped upfrom the Ouija board. Destiny snaps out of her trance, andshe is shocked by what she sees.MARCI (CONT'D)H-Hurry, Destiny!Destiny takes her hands and makes an effort to break thegrip, but is unsuccessful.Once Marci is dead, the hand lets go. Her face lands on theOuija board with a resounding thud.DESTINYOh, my God! Marci? You can't bedead.Destiny can't keep her composure, crying out loud. She'sabout to touch Marci, when Marci's face rises. No longerhuman, Marci's brown eyes are now bloody red and her facenow resembles a demon.MARCIYour daddy's dead are so are you,bitch!Marci opens her mouth, her teeth sharp and pointy.INT. DESTINY'S ROOM - NIGHT (BACK TO REALITY)Destiny screams as she wakes up from a terrible nightmare.She catches her breath. The door opens and in comes BARBARABENSON, 40's, Destiny's mother.BARBARADestiny, are you all right?Destiny nods her head without saying a word. Barbara hugsher daughter in an effort to comfort her.FLASHBACK - EXT. NORTH CAROLINA STATE FAIR - DAYDestiny, nine, is on the merry-go-round with WILL BENSON,40's, her father. She sits on his lap as the both of themenjoy the ride.

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