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Hidden Things Excerpt

Hidden Things Excerpt

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Published by Dana Trombley

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Published by: Dana Trombley on Aug 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A ringing pHone
jerked Calliope Jenkins out o a soundsleep. She umbled or the source o the noise, startled andtrying to blink her eyes into ocus. The blocky red alarm clock LED hovered in the darkness like a bad memory, reading 1:43
.On the third ring, she managed to nd the handset and rollit o the cradle into her palm. “H’lo?“Calli,” said the voice on the other end o the line. “It’s me.”She smiled and pushed hersel arther underneath thecomorter. “
. I thought you’d be home and asleep by now.The strange, hiccuped silence o an interrupted cellularconnection broke through the call or a moment. “A ewthings came up; I’m still out on the road, actually.”“Cripes, really? When
 ” A murmur drited rom the oppo-site side o the bed. Calliope hal glanced in that direction andlowered her voice. “Hang on a sec.” She got up and paddedtoward the door to the bedroom, snagging her robe as shestepped into the hallway. “When do you think you’re going toget back?“I don’t . . . Everything’s pretty complicated.
Doyce Testerman
“Complicated how?” Yawning, Calliope shufed into thekitchen and pulled open the rerigerator door.“Can’t. Too late to get into any o it, anyway. You going to beall right?”She shrugged, still staring blankly into the rerigerator. “I’mne, except it’s two in the morning.”She could hear him smile on the other end o the line.“Cranky. You should take a shower and wake up.She pushed hair out o her ace. “See, this’s your main con-usion. I don’t
to wake up. I wasn’t actually lying inbed thinking, ‘Oh, I wish someone would call and give mea reason to get up.’ I wasn’t thinking anything. I was
.I was enjoying it. I’d like to get back to it sometime tonight.”“So . . .” She could hear the smile broaden in his voice. “Noshower?”She smiled. “Freak.“Hardly.”“We could use that or the new ads: ‘Joshua White: wheremind and gutter meet.’ You’d be very popular.”“Wrong kind o clientele.”“Because our current client base is so normal.” She rownedat the open rerigerator. “What
you working on right now?“It’s a new one, kind o. I shouldn’t have taken it.”“Obviously.”Another pause on the other end o the line. “Yeah. Say, I washoping you could . . . I know it would be a huge hassle or you,but I was wondering i you could talk to Lauren or me andexplain what’s going on.”Calliope’s eyebrows drew together; she pushed the rerigeratordoor shut. “You can’t call her?”“It’s really all I could manage to call you.
Hidden THings
“Whatever. They only allow you one call beore they put youback in with
 “Seriously.”She nudged at the raised edge between the dining roomcarpet and kitchen tile with her toe. “Can we go back to talkingabout me in the shower?“It’s all right i you don’t want to. I’ll understand.”“You’re going to owe me.”She elt the relie on the other end o the line. “I’m going toowe you huge, Calli. Huge.”“Yeah . . .” She wrapped an arm across her midsection, pull-ing the robe close. “That all you needed to wake me up at twoin the morning or?“That and the shower thing. You’re the best, Cal, I swear. Goback to sleep. Tell your guy I’m sorry about the call.”’Kay.” She glanced out the kitchen window at the palestreetlights. “Just be sae.”“Don’t worry about me. I’m ne.”“Sure.”“Sae as houses. Go to bed. Watch out or the hidden things.”Her attention came back to the phone. “The hidden thingswhat?”The line was already dead. Calliope turned her gaze back tothe window, the phone orgotten in her hand. Seconds passedbeore she shivered inside the olds o the robe, set the phonedown on the counter, and headed back to the bedroom. The redLED o the clock read 1:48
.The clawed thing took the phone rom Joshua. “She sounds . . .nice.”

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