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LivingDead-1stContact 20 Pp

LivingDead-1stContact 20 Pp

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Living Dead: First ContactbyJ. Neff Lind&Monika LIndJNeffLind@gmail.com Monika.Lind@gmail.com 
Insert Text:In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the oceanblue.His personal log of that voyage mysteriously disappeared.Only fragments survive today.The missing pages held a tale the history books wouldnever tell.INT. SPANISH ROYAL COURT - DAYInsert text: 1493Two aristocratic GENTLEMEN (complete with powdered wigs,tights, formal coats, etc.) walk briskly through thehalls of a government building.One of them clutches a leather bound journal to hischest. Does he hold it so tightly because it’s worth its weight in gold, or because it might explode if mishandled?GENTLEMAN 1We shall expose him for ascoundrel. This I assure you.GENTLEMAN 2If he told of a city of gold, I might agree, but a story sofantastical, it somehow has thering of truth.GENTLEMAN 1So because he tells of demons andghouls, because his tale is beyondbelief, you believe him.GENTLEMAN 2Perhaps.The gentlemen reach the end of the hall and enter a room  with a long table.On one side of the table sit ten more GENTLEMEN, alldressed in the same fashion.Across from them sits a haggard looking man, unshaven,dressed in rags, half starved. He looks like he has beento hell and back, because he has. This is CHRISTOPHERCOLUMBUS.GENTLEMAN 1Please state your name for theofficial record.
COLUMBUSChristopher Columbus.GENTLEMAN 1And this journal which you seebefore you, do you swear as to theveracity of its contents?COLUMBUSI do sir.GENTLEMAN 1And do you understand why you havebeen called before this council?COLUMBUS(wearily)Perhaps my handwriting wasillegible. Penmanship was never mystrength.Gentleman 1 is outraged at this impertinence.GENTLEMAN 1You will show the proper respect!As if it is not enough that youyou slouch in your chair like abroke-backed ape, you dress as apenniless beggar! Have you norespect for the dignity of thiscouncil!?!COLUMBUSForgive me sir. It is laundry day,and my last pair of stockingssmells ranker than an antique piss-pot.GENTLEMAN 1(pounds on table)ENOUGH! YOU WILL-GENTLEMAN 2(hand on Gentleman1’s shoulder)Please sir. Allow me.(to Columbus)We understand that you have beenthrough a trying ordeal. Youunderstand how we might questionthe contents of this journal.COLUMBUSI suppose I can.2.

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