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row 17 seat b (1)

row 17 seat b (1)

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ROW 17, SEAT B - SHORT FILMbyNathan Illsleynillsley@comcast.net508-269-4607
FADE IN:INT. AIRPORT TERMINAL - DAYWALTER HARRIS sits in a busy airport terminal and reads acopy of the New Yorker. He is wearing reading glasses andhas his legs crossed over each other.He takes a break from reading his magazine every few secondsand surveys the rest of the terminal, always focusing hiseyes on someone of an ethnic background.JESS(on intercom)Flight 511, Boston to Chicago willbegin boarding immediately. WillFirst Class passengers sitting inrows 20-30 please make their wayto the gate.Walter closes his magazine and places it the side pocket ofhis leather satchel.A Middle Eastern man approaches and sits in the empty seatnext to Walter. He is wearing a very baggy shirt.Walter pauses for a moment, closes his satchel, stands up,and moves to another empty seat.Th Middle Eastern man stares at Walter for several secondsbefore looking away.Walter reaches into the inner pocket of his sports coat andremoves his ticket. The ticket reads "Row 17, Seat B."JESS(on intercom)Will First Class passengers inrows 10-19 on flight 511, Bostonto Chicago please make their wayto the gate.Walter stands up, looks at the Middle Eastern man one lasttime, and walks in line.Several passengers go through the line and hand theirtickets to JESS, a stewardess in her mid twenties.JESSHow are you today sir?
2.WALTERI've been better.He hands her his ticket.JESSWell hopefully you can relax onthe flight then.She scans his ticket and hands it back to him.JESSHave a great fli...Walter walks away before she can finish.WALTERYou try and relax with a goddamntowel-head on your flight.Walter storms his way towards the plane.INT. AIRPLANE - DAYWalter walks through the aisles and looks at several numbersbefore getting to Row 17. Seat B is the aisle seat and seatA is the window seat.He opens the overhead compartment and places his satchelinside.He sits in his seat and removes the safety instructions. Helooks at them for a few seconds, no more than a cursoryglance, and replaces the pamphlet in the seat pouch.He leans over the edge and looks back towards the coachsection. People filter in.Another man, MICHAEL JEUDY approaches row 17.MICHAELHow's it going boss. Can I squeezepast you for a second there?WALTERWhat?MICHAELI'm in seat A. Can I get past realquick?

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