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Under Your Spell First Twenty Pages

Under Your Spell First Twenty Pages

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Published by: stumbleupon on Aug 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:INT. DANIELS RESIDENCE - LIVING ROOM - DAYSUPER: "BARDEN, CALIFORNIA - 2007"JENNIFER DANIELS, a twelve-year-old girl with eyes thatsparkle like emeralds, watches a cartoon on TV that featuresWile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.As she does, "Miss Emerald Eyes" has a conversation with hermother KATHY DANIELS, a divorced woman in her mid-40's.JENNIFERMom, do you think the Road Runnerwill ever get caught?KATHYIt's like you getting a date withJustin Timberlake. It's a longshot.(beat)How's school going for you?JENNIFERIt's okay.KATHYJust okay?Jennifer looks at her mother.JENNIFERI have a new friend. Her name'sKimberly.KATHYThat's wonderful.JENNIFERI was thinking of going out withher and some friends sometime.Like tonight.KATHYI'm afraid you're gonna have toput a rain check on that.JENNIFERWhy, Mom?
2.KATHYHomework's on your agenda tonight,Miss Emerald Eyes. You can planyour night out with Kimberly someother time.JENNIFERC'mon, Mom, that's not fair.KATHYYou need your education like theRoad Runner needs his bird seed.Kathy walks out of the living room and leaves Jennifer byherself. She puts a frown on her face.As Jennifer looks back at the TV, she sees the Coyote readthe book "HYPNOTISM FOR BEGINNERS". After Coyote puts downthe book, he picks up a golden pocketwatch on a chain andstarts to hypnotize the Road Runner.Jennifer is fascinated with what she sees on the TV. Shesees the Road Runner get drowsy as it follows the watch.Coyote is about to get the Road Runner to fall off thecliff, but he inadvertently hypnotizes himself.Jennifer has got a big smile on her face as she watches theepisode unfold.INT. JENNIFER'S ROOM - LATERAs soon as she enters the room, Jennifer walks to hercloset. She looks inside to get out a big trunk of herbelongings. When she opens the trunk, she finds a silvermedallion with an eye at its center.She gets a small silver chain from her jewelry cabinet andputs it in the little hole on top of the medallion. Aftershe lays the medallion on her bed, she closes the trunk andpushes it underneath the bed.She picks up the medallion, lays down on her bed, andpretends to hypnotize herself.JENNIFERFollow the watch, Jennifer.You're getting sleepy. Youreyelids are getting heavy. You'regoing into a deep sleep.There is a knock on the door. Jennifer quickly puts themedallion underneath her pillow.
3.JENNIFER (CONT'D)Come in.Kathy opens the door.KATHYWhat were you planning on doingwith Kimberly tonight?JENNIFERWell, we were thinking of going tothe movies to see "Pirates of theCaribbean".KATHYHate to break this to you, honey,but Captain Jack and his pals willhave to wait another day for youand Kim to see their hunt fortreasure.Jennifer feels a little down. Kathy walks to her daughter'sbed and sits next to her.KATHY (CONT'D)The only treasures I want you tolook for tonight are your brightand shiny schoolbooks.(pause)They're magic schoolbooks, Jenny,because they can take you to themost beautiful place you'll eversee.JENNIFERThe shopping mall?KATHYSomething better: Diploma City.JENNIFERI'd rather go to Century City.KATHYGive your homework a thumbs upreview. Do it for me, won't you?Jennifer sighs, then she gives Kathy the "thumbs up" sign.JENNIFERThumbs up for my homework. It'sfun, it's cool, and it helps metowards a brighter future.

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