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Shattered Mirror

Shattered Mirror

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Published by hungry1
Preface is included. (vSMe3@)
Preface is included. (vSMe3@)

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Published by: hungry1 on Aug 22, 2012
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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“Shattered Mirror” 
This story line is not original with me. It comes from a number of old timemovies, mostly of the “B” caliber. It is meant to be both a satire of those fossilizedformulaic flicks and an obviously exaggerated moral, with a little twist at the end.Your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to see if you can figure out the moral of the tale. That is the challenge.It was originally written as an analogy to help illustrate a moral for the lyricscalled “A CONDUCT LESSON”, available elsewhere on this same website. But it keptinsisting on coming out in rhythm and rhyme, so I finally had to give it its ownspace. When inspiration tries to force its way out, I figure it’s best not to fight it,but just to write it.The story line is that the crazed killer escapes and sets out after those heblames for putting him away. That's just about everybody. I was surprised that Icovered them all in just four verses, plus the intro and the closer. But that was tooshort, it still needed a couple more.The thing was that the villain had already gone after everyone I could thinkof. He had hit the judge, the D.A., the public defender, the foreman as well as therest of the jury, the witnesses and the cops. I had even thrown in a CSI technicianand a landlord for good measure. There was nobody left. The problem wasn'twriting more verses, it was finding anyone else to blame.I wracked my brain to no avail until I finally realized that the crazy killerwouldn't have that problem. In fact, he'd probably even think it was
fault forwriting it! So I tried looking at it from his point of view. That's when I came upwith a double-crossing partner and an affair with the victim's wife.But he still didn't want to stop there. He wanted to get even with the victimhimself for dying and leaving him facing the rap. So that led to an even betterending than I already had, and I decided to keep them both, the moralistic one thatI started with and the one that only a crazed killer could justify Heck, maybe thiswill be good enough that some day they'll even make a movie out of it. If so, it’llundoubtedly be a “B” movie, of course.If you haven't figured out the solution to the challenge yet, here is a hint.You have probably known someone who refused to accept responsibility forhis or her own choices and actions. Maybe the reason is because their bathroomlight doesn't work very well, or perhaps they can't see their own reflection due to abadly broken mirror. Of course, the person could just be a vampire with noreflection to see.When people look out upon the world, they're looking at it from within theirown skull. This can cause them to miss seeing the person that would only be visibleto them from the other side of the mirror. But when they look at it in a goodreflection, they may often get a better view of the most likely one to blame. Sodon't forget to look behind the mask that’s over your own eyes! From hence comesthe title of this piece.P.S.A short while after this was written, I saw a musical special about JohnnyCash doing his live recording sessions at Folsom and other prisons. That's when Irealized that this piece would have made a great addition to those albums becauseit fits right in with both their themes and his style of music. I guess that's one moreboat I can add to my list of misses.

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