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Modi Will Score a Landslide Win in Gujarat

Modi Will Score a Landslide Win in Gujarat



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Published by nao

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Published by: nao on Jan 18, 2008
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Modi will score alandslide win inGujarat
The Indian Express-CNN IBN-Divya Bhaskar-CSDS survey says that,about 13% of the Muslims in Gujarat intend to vote for BJP. About 16% of the 'educated' Muslims and 19% of 'rich' Muslims also intendto vote for Modi. Support for the party is higher among the educated,women and youth. Narendra Modi's style of functioning andgovernance in Gujarat finds more supporters among the young andeducated Muslims than among older and uneducated Muslims, thesurvey saysGujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, is all set to score a massivelandslide victory in the coming assembly election, much bigger thanthe one he scored in 2002. Modi is too big for the small timers fromthe Congress. Major portions of Kshatriya, Harijan, and Adivasigroups have migrated to the Bharatiya Janata Party under thecompulsions created by the serial communal riots since 1985. TheCongress has failed to reclaim them as its aggressive wooing of Muslims has put off the Hindus who are seeing the present congressparty as an extension of the christian church. In this communalpolarisation, Modi has built a halo of Hindu
taranhar (saviour
aroundhimself, further consolidated by highly focused publicity campaignslike Vikas Purush,a leader with a difference.This special chemistry with the people has allowed him to get awaywith riding rough-shod over BJP workers, fellow leaders and otherwings of the Sangh Parivar. The Kisan Sangh's farming communityhave prospered under Modi Raj. The Bajrang Dal and Vishwa HinduParishad and other Sangh Parivar constituents is organizing thevoters. This special bond with the public helped him overcome theboycott resorted to by BJP workers during the last panchayat,municipality and municipal corporation elections. The refrain was,who will get the public to the voting booth if the party workers are
not around? The voters came on their own initiative, and voted forthe BJP. Through sheer charisma Modi single-handedly scoredlandslide victoriesin all threeelections.Modi's direct-dial relationship with his voters will hold good in theassembly election, bypassing the need to depend on the party todeliver the votes. If landslides could be scored in elections where hewas indirectly involved, there has to be a bigger response where hisleadership is directlyon offer.No one understands the hyper-Muslim phobia of Gujarat voters thanModi, who with his Sohrabuddin comment has launched a well-crafted strategy to create a situation where voters will turn up at thevoting booths on their own to reveal which side they are on. Modiknows it will be on his side.As action by the Election Commission has started it will bring in thecomplete HINDU votes for Modi. EC has slapped notice on Modi for justifying Sohrabuddin encounter two days after Gujarat ChieMinister Narendra Modi justified it. Election Commission has nowSonia’s Mother Teresa autobiography man and the emergencycriminal Navin chawla working over time for congress party and hasissued notice to Modi asking for a response by Saturday Earlier,government lawyer KTS Tulsi, who is representing the state, alsothreatened to resign over Modi's comments. However, the BJP saidthe CM will explain his remarks to Tulsi. Lawyers are also beginningto join issue with Modi. Fake encounters can be justified in nationalinterest and is the only way to take out muslim terrorists. Fakeencounters justified for ULFA men in Assam, Naxlists in AndhraPradesh, The Muslims in Nandigram killed in fake encounters by theSecular Congress and Leftists. But the BJP is not losing sleepingover the notice or the Gujarat counsel Tulsi's threat to quit theSohrabuddin case in protest against Modi's remarks and demandedaction against sonia and Digvijay who said that Gujaratis are Hinduterrorists.The Patel-Thakur castes' alienation is more media hype than groundreality. Modi's appeal to Hindus cuts across caste lines. Though Modiis an OBC, highcaste
darbar kshatriya 
s regard him as their leader. .Mrs.Sonia Gandhi should be charged for making provocativestatements against Mr. Modi. The desperation of dying congressparty is seen in her speech. Mr. Narendra Modi actually showed
tremendous restraint in not personally insulting Mrs Sonia Gandhi bycalling her the wife of a mass murderer. Neither did Modi sayanything that can be construded as a derogative statement asagainst the blatant way Sonia was saying about Modi. This christianlady from Italy had called Shri Vajpayee a Gaddar, and a mentallyunbalanced fellow. It was only Vajpayee who allowed Mrs. Sonia’sson Rahul Gandhi to walk out of the prison in USA, when RahulGandhi was arrested at Logan airport with drug money he wascarrying with his secret Colombianwife.Mrs.Sonia is a plant in India by Opus Dei the spy agency of Rome forconverting Hindus to Christianity. What is more shocking than Mrs.Sonia’s speech, is Mr. Digvijay'sstatements. What Mr. Digvijay hasstated is not only provocative but is also criminal. Digvijay can easilybe charged under the Indian Penal code for his statements against Gujarat. He has called Gujarat a land of Hindu terrorists.Never in his lifeDigvijay Singh has called muslims as Muslimterrorists. If he makes one such statement in public, the muslims aresure to behead him in public. Yet Digvijay had target Hindus,because he knows that Hindus are nonviolent people and will riseagainst others only for self protection. Digvijay can be charged withextreme provocative statements and more importantly on the chargeof derogatorystatementsagainst the Hindus.If one hears Mr. Modi's speech they will see that at NO TIME did Moditarget any particular religion. All he said was that TERRORISTS likeShabuddin shouldnot be spared.Why is it that the congress always jumps to the defence of terroristswhen they are Muslims. It is because Sonia has used LTTE forsmuggling antiques out of India, and her boyfriend Q had used LTTEto assassinate Rajiv Gandhi as per the recent report from Paris,when Rajiv had expressed a possibilyof divorcewith Mrs. Sonia afterthe elections.It is the congress party that always communalizes all issues. UPAchairperson Mrs. Sonia had planted christians in Judiciary, police force and incritical Administrative positions against all norms. Soniahad converted Doora Darsan in to a christian conversion channel.She has minted coins with christian cross which is against the veryethos of this secular nation. Christian community which used to be amodel is now modified in to an anti national group by Sonia. Christian

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