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IT 23 Project

IT 23 Project

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Published by: paul andrew laranjo asuncion on Aug 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1In this reading report we will tackle Information and Technology, its definition, function,comparison other branches of computer
technology, and it’s History.
Definition of Information Technology
According to International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT):
Information Technology is used for the study, understanding, planning, design,construction, testing, distribution, support and operations of software, computers and computer related systems that exist for the purpose of Data, Information and Knowledge processing.
Another Organization, Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) said that:
Information Technology is the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware. IT deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software toconvert, store, protect process, transmit, and securely retrieve information. The combination of telecommunication and computer science for the capture, storage and transmission of information to every nook and corner of the world is said to be IT.
Those are the two international organizations that defined Information t
echnology and they’re
definitions are hard to understand. I did not change nor alter their definition as it was written on theirwebsite because if I did, I could be accused of plagiarism.Information Technology
is abbreviated as “IT”. It is a pronoun used to describe something oranything. It’s a career that can be a
nything you want to be. For us, it is storing information (from acomputer, server or cloud etc.) and getting information out and sharing with people using the
technology available at a certain age. You may be wandering why I added “at a certain age” in ou
rdefinition. Well, let me inform you, before the term Information Technology was invented it was alreadyused dated back to Stone Age. During that age they store information by carving into cave walls, ontosurfaces of stone using a stone. As thousands of years pass people reach the modern age. That is ourage; are primary way of storing and retrieving information is through modern computer technology.
Many are asking, “What is information technology and what activities involve IT?” I find it a weird
ion. The good question is “what is not affected by IT?”, “what is not affected by computers these
I think none is not affect by IT: mobile cellphone, industrial factories, schools, hospital,government and private offices, bank, financial institution, agriculture, military and etc. The truth is allof us use IT. As what I have stated above, IT is a career that can be anything you want to be. Here aresome examples: Health Informatics or Nursing Informatics.
2There are manyways we could define ITone is through IT as itself.Meaning we
relateto other body of knowledge or otherbranch of engineering orother branch of computertechnology.Thanks to "Mr.Google" we were able tofind a way to define ITusing a diagram in themodern age. It is veryobvious in the picturepresented that IT is thecombination of the three
major fields. “IT” is now a
body of knowledge more in tuned to softwares/programs and less on hard ware. IT professionals couldalso make software/programs; they are master network builders in software side. As a young body of knowledge they reach out to its consumer/costumers (e.g. business, banks, financial institutions.)through consultation
. “IT” consultancy means advising consumer how to
use information technologyand implement software/programs provided by IT professionals. For example a hospital bought systemsoftware from an IT company to make hospital management easier.The second way we could define Information Technology as provid
ed by “Mr. Google” is
through its roles in computer technology. We also made a Diagram picture for these. But first we need
to understand the term “IT professionals”, “Computer Engineers”, and “Computer Science”
.Computer Engineer.Computes Engineers specializes on building or designing computer hardware like the CPU(computer processing unit). They are also knowledgeable in computer software.Computer Scientist.Well, they are scientist who acquired knowledge from computer science. They specialize onscientific and computational approach, computations within the computer. For example, the ALU(arithmetic and logic unit) that performs arithmetic and logical operations.
Let’s make it simple, the ALU
in the CPU is responsible for interpreting the electric signals in the circuits of the motherboard andconvert it into bits or digital signals or binary (0 and 1). They are more on theory and also knowledgeableon computer hardware. They are the major producers of different programming languages.
3IT ProfessionalYou may be wondering what it means to be an It professional, what are their functions. Firstthing to remember is one must hold a degree in IT related fields (e.g. computer science, BS IT, Softwareengineering etc.). When computer engineers and scientist work together they produce a computer likedesktop containing software. The only problem
is most people weren’t able to use
it since it is verycomplicated. And that were the roles of an IT professional used. The major role of IT is to make waysthat people who are not highly computer literate be able to use computers. In other words, IT isinnovation. Using the knowledge and technology generated by computer engineers and scientist tomake a simpler one. Making computer technology available to all people.

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