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Inside Vaccines - Religious stances...

Inside Vaccines - Religious stances...

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Published by Matt Zukowski

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Published by: Matt Zukowski on Aug 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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8/21/12 Religious stances...1/2https://www.facebook.com/insidevaccines/posts/147360368738340
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LikeInside Vaccines
· 5,382 like this
about an hour ago·
Religious stances should be eliminated if they go against medical practice and recommendations?Seems like a bit of slippery slope. And there isn't nearly the solid scientific evidence behind HPVvaccination as there is behind blood transfusions, is there? O
Op Ed: Religious intervention can hurt child healthcare
www.edmontonjournal.comInterventions by religious leaders in children's health careare not uncommon.Like·Comment·Share 2 peoplelike this.
Kathy Blanco
wow how dare they~about an hour ago ·Like·1
Stephanie Van Herik 
Umm isn't "Freedom of Religion" the whole reason the colonies were originally started?about an hour ago ·Like·2
Craig Egan
I think the bigger issue is with religious exemptions. I have yet to meet a single person who would bein favor of vaccination, but alas, their religion forbids it. They're as rare as someone who agrees with Obama onall of his policies, and would be a supporter, until they found out he was born in Kenya.More often, I see people trying to figure out what religion they are supposed to say they are to avoidvaccinating. Now, I understand people have differing views on vaccination, but it's called an exemption for areason. If any reason was ok, it would just be optional and no exemption would be required. I can't just claim I'ma church and be exempt from taxes. I can't just claim I'm disabled and be exempt from the Selective Services.Some areas allow for a philosophical exemption. That's fine, move there if you want to use that. But cheatingyour way around the rules isn't ok. Sure, it's your choice to vaccinate your kids or not. But if I choose tovaccinate, and I choose to send my kids to a school that has rules about mandatory vaccination, to cheat thoserules is nullifying my choice.about an hour ago ·Like
Inside Vaccines
Craig Egan, that is a pretty silly bunch of statements. You know what people's religiousthoughts are? Oabout an hour ago ·Like·1
Inside Vaccines
For a perfectly obvious and simple example, I don't know of any religion that requires peopleto risk the health or well-being of their child for the common good of the community. Do you? Oabout an hour ago ·Like·1
Inside Vaccines
I'm also hearing reports of you trolling in a really unpleasant way on some other pages. If itturns out to be true I'll probably have to ban you, although so far you've been fairly pleasant here. The remark above is pushing the boundaries however. Oabout an hour ago ·Like·1
Craig Egan
No, I mean I see conversations where people are literally asking what religion they are supposed toclaim they are.about an hour ago ·Like
Craig Egan
I'm not sure what people's definition of trolling is. I was banned from the PPoUC within an hour, andI literally asked them what the etiquette was for someone who was for vaccinations to ask a few respectfulquestions.about an hour ago ·Like
Craig Egan
Our relationship did kind of go downhill from there, but as one of the 3000 people banned from thatpage, I obviously didn't do anything else on their page. I couldn't.56 minutes ago ·Like
Inside Vaccines
No, that wasn't what I heard about. It wasn't PPoUC. O52 minutes ago ·Like
Craig Egan
Oh! Yes, I got banned from another page when someone was asking about getting a tetanus shotfor their child who stepped on a rusty nail. I advised them that they should balance out the opinions of peoplewho were against vaccines of all types with someone who has actually went to medical school.50 minutes ago ·Like

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