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Soul Mate Dreams

Soul Mate Dreams



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Published by Ariadne Green
Are you dreaming about "the One"? Dreams reveal the soul-to-soul connection between two who are destined to be together. This article is derived from Ariadne's latest book, Divine Complement.
Are you dreaming about "the One"? Dreams reveal the soul-to-soul connection between two who are destined to be together. This article is derived from Ariadne's latest book, Divine Complement.

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Published by: Ariadne Green on Jan 18, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Soul Mate Dreams
By Ariadne Green, author of Divine Complement, 2006
"I saw my former lover (male) all dressed in black holding red roses and he said a part of me will always belongs to you."--anonymous dreamer.
Why do I keep dreaming about my old flame? Am I missing him or what?
Recurring dreams starring ex-lovers or about arelationship you thought was long over, such as amarriage that ended badly, can be haunting andperplexing. Just when you think you have buried therelationship and have finally let go, a dream unearthsthe bones from the burial, resurrects the lover andyou may find yourself back in the throws of thepassionate love affair you so cherished before. Thepossible dream scenarios are many, from cuddling inbed to fighting like you always did over next tonothing. Dreams like these seem to reconcile adeep sense of loss, sort out the bad residual feelingsand somehow make right what went wrong.For a man or a woman who is married to someoneelse and with children in the next room, a dream of reconciliation with someone from their past may beat best unsettling. One may naturally wonder if theyare secretly so dissatisfied with their present
relationship that they are looking for a higher volumeof love with someone from their past. Or, is it thatthey are in bondage to the dream lover andhelplessly subject to their desires? Most may notconsider their dream mate is really their soulmate.Although not all dream lovers are soul mates or as Iprefer to call them Divine Complements, a largenumber are, pointing to a mysterious soul-to-soulconnection that lingers beyond the duration of anordinary commitment. Divine Complementscollaborate and interact in the psychic realms evenwhen a relationship in real life is deemed impossible. The collaboration at the otherworldly dimensions isrealized in dreams as the consciousness of onecollides with the consciousness of their twin to shareintimate details about their lives, such as thoughts,pursuits and desires for reconciliation. From thesedreams one becomes cognoscente that there is aspiritual purpose to the relationship that goes beyondconscious attitudes, personal ideals, promises toothers, desires and personal needs. The purpose isa divine one.Divine Complements or twin souls are mysteriouslylinked through a heart bond. A signature exists withinan invisible heart matrix, an aspect of the oversoullinking twin souls together through a code of lightand harmony. Therefore, twin souls are forever boundat a dimension of spirit in much the same way thatwe are connected to God. This bond is of a divinenature and higher order than emotional bonds orpsychic connections and represents a sacred andspiritual covenant- a promise that is spirit driven.
Called the Stellar Promise, this commitment hasorigins are before the fall, when both were birth outof a creative miracle of God's intention of comparable partnership. This signature at the heart has lasted for eons anddrives twin souls together to fulfill their life purposetogether lifetime after lifetime. If and when theymeet again the spiritual chemistry between them ishopefully enough to ignite their hearts to recognizethe deep bond as greater than any romantic ideal.When all goes as planned twin souls becomeintimate and commit to a lasting partnership orfriendship. Too many times however the soul and spirit drivenconnection is not enough to outweigh the problemsassociated with conflicting personalities. Twin soulspart without having had the opportunity to reconcilethe past, such as making up for their mistakes in pastlives. The well laid out promises they made for thisincarnation in their soul contract, may fall toirreconcilable differences or a poverty of love.Falling from grace, they drift apart only to reuniteonce in a while in the dreamscape to share in the joyof their continued communion at the heart.
Longing and Pining Dreams
 The emotional connection we feel for our DivineComplement is a bond of human love. This love canbe preserved, respected and prized or it can betrampled on, buried, abandoned, and even destroyed

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