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Chap 2 Western Asia and Egypt

Chap 2 Western Asia and Egypt

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Jonathan Daniel Keck on Aug 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Western Asia and Egypt,3500-500 BCECivilization Begins inMesopotamia
Objectives:1.Explain howgeography affected thecivilizations inMesopotamia2. Describe Sumeriancity-states andSumerian forms of communication thataffect our lives today
The Impact of Geography
The *Tigris and *EuphratesRivers create the *Mesopotamiariver valley (“between therivers”)The land was at the eastern endof the *Fertile CrescentLittle rain in the region, but itssoil had been enriched over theyears by layers of siltThe Tigris and Euphrates oftenoverflowed their banks anddeposited fertile siltPeople in the valleycould not predict theflooding of the riverFarming could only beaccomplished throughirrigation and drainageditchesAbundance of foodenabled thedevelopment of largecivilizations inMesopotamia:Assyrians, Akkadians,*Sumerians
The City-States ofAncientMesopotamia
By 3000 BCE,independent citiesemerged in southernMesopotamia in Erifu,Ur, and *Uruk— *city-states, the basic units of Sumerian civilization
Sumerian Cities
AlthoughMesopotamia hadlittle stone or woodfor buildingpurposes but usedmud brick They invented thearch and the dome
Gods, Goddesses, and Rulers
The most prominent building was thetemple, dedicated to the chief god orgoddess of the city*ziggurat—temple atop a massivestepped towerThe temples and related buildingserved as the center of the cityphysically, economically, andpolitically*theocracy—a government by divineauthority; Kings derived their powerfrom the divinities

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