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Guideline Doc

Guideline Doc

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Published by Mallari Mary Jane

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Published by: Mallari Mary Jane on Aug 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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-When we talk about the use of language we are actually talking about how we use language? when we open our mouth and language comes out what kind of function do we want language to serve as we use it? when weopen our mouths and language comes out it always has kind of purpose
- OMG horror movie-BAD language culture of FIl hit by a hammer vocabulary of violence
-when you use words to indicate things or facts. Language doesn't only allow us to record but it also allows us toidentify.
- We are using this function of language most of the time when we are using imperative sentences.likelets sayGo!Run!Come here!see the function of a language when it comes out of our mouths is to order /command someone to do something for us.
-We speak language to be social. There are occasion when we speak just for the sake of speaking, and nothingelse. They are just spoken for the sake of sociability. They are spoken to show that yes I am here, I am social, Iacknowledge your presence, I appreciate it etc. When you pass an acquaintance in the street by chance youcan’t ignore them because to do so would be unfriendly but at the same time you may not wish to start alengthy conversation. So you greet with ready made words and go ahead
different from referential because that function of language is when we identify something or name it but Metalingual is for us to define something let's say a wordfor e.g SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC - we use language to define its meaning
When we have a full command of the language this is the time when we are able to use this function of language .The words in a metaphor are symbolic, not literal.
She is a breath of fresh air .The theater is his home.
John is a real
when he eats. – greedy persononomatopoeic
http://www.slideshare.net/cupidlucid/today-the-properties-presentationHuman language has the most flexible and versatile system of communication, are the only one capable of communicating in so may different ways other creatures let’s say the animals also are also capable of communication with other species however the range and complexity of animal and communication is staggering .in order for us o understand the difference of human and non human speech let us define firstCommunicative InformativeHuman language has different properties that distinguish our communication system with that of the animalcommunication.
Cultural Transmission
-That’s why when an infant born in Korea is raised in America, he will learn English because language is not in hisgenes. The ability is there, while he’ll have to learn language from around, from environment. A kitten, givencomparable early experiences, will produce
A sentence e.g. “I am a boy” can be stretched to unlimited lengths just by adding more and more words.Still it would be understandable, communicative and grammatical.Displacement - – We can communicate beyond the here and now . you can talk about the past events in your life aslong as you have a background of that
At one level
n, i, b
are three letters. At other level they create different meaning when we combinethem
. Still this meaning is changed when we manipulate the letters
. Thus at one level these are justletters, at other level they create different meaning while combining in different ways.
But this cannot be the case with animal communication. Dog says
when he is happy from you,means
 I am so happy
. But dogs’ signal
cannot be broken down to its sub part
w, oo, f.
 Neither dogscan create a new signal using same constituents as
has. It means dogs cannot create
as a new‘word’ having different meaning from
. So animal signals has no sub-level or ‘two levels’. Onlyhuman language possess this quality.
 Arbitrary-But this kind of game also emphasises the relation of linguistic form with actual entity. ‘Small’ or ‘tall’ doesnot represent how actual “small” or “tall” could be.
– Language works on a sound system and one sound can change an entire wordLet’s see the sound of /p/ and /b/ they may not have big distinct difference. When pronounce separately but when uuse it in a word let’s say – “pack or back” there is not much of a distinction in pronunciation but the meaning isentirely change. This property is called discretenessDiscrete – disconnect or detached
 – can either be the receiver or the transmitter 

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