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Published by Terry Welch
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Published by: Terry Welch on Aug 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page asBefore I was throw off for telling the truth.Full versionThese search terms are highlighted:
Drunvalo Melchizedek
The free Book of News
_____________________________This is confusing but
wantit that!__________________________________________________________I regret that others have been misled by my false claims, and Istrongly encourage Mr. Vincent Bridges my publisher, and
Melchizadek, a/k/a/ Bernard Perona d/b/a Flower of Life, Inc.,and all others who have repeated my false and hurtful reports,to stop doing so.
Flower of Life talks all around the world against theHealth and Wellness Systems that was all over control .By
using his so called teaching he had his inner circlebreak the laws everyone on earth . Many never known the truth isa master at creating confusion .All occult leaders are !
today is talking about rights what rights .If anything
stated about Perfect Science , Full-CircleInt and Terry Welch was true them we want our due process .Posted on Flower of LifeOur day in court !Where the fake report Kathy Barns said you had show us now .( You know the so called one's that Linsey a so called bio-chemist did !Back in 1999 .We been waiting or should we say our lawyer's are .http://docs.google.com/Doc? docid=0Ad57f1ZjdUUaZGY0OXJuanRfNDk4aGhuODlqN3A&hl=en  Were you and Linsey by making us water which it is not . Wereyou in fact after you failed in Istanbul really trying like hellto steal our ( IP) Intellectual property (IP) is a number ofdistinct types of legal monopolies over creations of the mind,
both artistic and commercial, and the corresponding fields oflaw.[1] Under intellectual property law, owners are grantedcertain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets, suchas musical, literary, and artistic works; discoveries andinventions; and words, phrases, symbols, and designs. Commontypes of intellectual property include copyrights, trademarks,patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets in somejurisdictions.In fact Vital Earth Solutions , Full Circle , AD Perfect Inc ,Perfect Aqu Inc , Ayterion , Pan_Thor and now Centrum in Polandrights are as you knowIn Anglo-Saxon law, an exclusive right is a de facto, non-tangible prerogative existing in law (that is, the power or, ina wider sense, right) to perform an action or acquire a benefitand to permit or deny others the right to perform the sameaction or to acquire the same benefit. Which is a "prerogative"is in effect an exclusive right, the term is restricted for usefor official state or sovereign (i.e., constitutional) powers.Exclusive rights are a form of monopoly.[nb 1]Exclusive rights can be established by law or by contractualobligation, but the scope of enforceability will depend upon theextent to which others are bound by the instrument establishingthe exclusive right; thus in the case of contractual rights,only persons that are parties to a contract will be affected bythe exclusivity.Exclusive rights may be granted in property law, copyright law,patent law, in relation to public utilities, or, in somejurisdictions, in other sui generis legislation. Many scholarsargue that such rights form the basis for the concepts ofproperty and ownership.Yes that what you were really about ! If not then have your lawoffice call ours!Pseudoscience attempts to persuade with rhetoric, propaganda,and misrepresentation rather than valid evidence.This is where you live
Flower of Life with all occult socalled leaders of the new age !Pseudoscience always achieves a reduction to absurdity ifpursued far enough.The absurdity is of you, Dunvalo – we have science behind ourtechnology. We are not afraid of our science.Wanda Pratnicka and Zbyszek Ploszczyca centrum office have awhole book of the testing and results for the health andwellness formulas. Where is
Flower of Life science? Orreport as your slave said you had made three where the hell ourthey .
Discovery Time !The principles of natural justice are two fundamental principleswidely held to be legally necessary to a fair trial or validdecision in a legal system. These are:1. nemo iudex in causa sua: "nobody shall be a judge in his owncause", invalidating any judgment where there is a bias orconflict of interest or duty; and2. audi alteram partem: "hear the other side", giving at least afair opportunity to present one's case (which may, for example,require access to counsel).The requirement of "reasonableness", as unusually defined in theWednesbury case, is sometimes treated as a further principle ofnatural justice.Perfect Science asks you
for natural justice .The truth and nothing but the truth Dru do you know what that is.This article
 may requirecleanupto meet Wikipedia'squalitystandards .
Pleaseimprovethisarticle if you can.
(January 2009)
This article
 may beconfusing orunclear to readers
. Pleasehelpclarifythearticle ; suggestions may be found onthetalkpage .
(January 2009)
Flower of Life
Drunvalo Melchizedek
(born Bernard Perona)a.k.a is aVietnam veteran, author and spiritual teacher, who lives inSedona,Arizona.[1] 
completed most of a BS in Physics andMathematics before switching to a fine arts degree which he wasawarded in 1970[2]. His fine arts degree was from Kent State,obtained without finishing the course due to clerical errors bythe university.[
]He adopted the name
after studying at theAlpha and Omega Order of
in Vancouver, Canada[2].He has written four books:
The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume I,ISBN1891824171
The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume II,ISBN189182421X
Living in the Heart,ISBN1891824430 
Serpent of Light - Beyond 2012,ISBN1578634016 

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