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Syllabus Eng1 Spillane 2012

Syllabus Eng1 Spillane 2012

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Published by Lee Ann Spillane

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Published by: Lee Ann Spillane on Aug 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your Name: ________________________
English I Honors SyllabusCourse Description
English I Honors focuses on academic excellence in all the language arts: reading,writing, listening, viewing, speaking, computing and critical thinking through studies inliterature and composition. The curriculum centers on young adult and world literaturefrom a variety of genres and time periods. Students read and write daily both in class andat home. Aside from literature students will also study vocabulary, reading, writing andcomputer skills. Writing skills are taught from a process approach. Students receivehands-on, computer training in web 2.0 tools and a variety programs.
I want you to become avid readers and confident writers in a nurturing environment thatis interactive and dynamic where we all can speak up and share our ideas and our writing.This requires daily commitment from each of us
achieving nearly perfect attendance;arriving with all supplies and completed homework assignments, engaging in classdiscussion; taking risks with assignments to go beyond what you have always done, andaccepting responsibility for your own learning and growth.
My goals are for students to…
develop as critical thinkers capable of participating thoughtfully in learningcommunities and in our democratic society,
read, understand, interpret and analyze texts from many genres,
recognize and write in a variety of modes: narrative, expository and persuasive,
discuss and write about a variety of texts,
develop and sustain reading habits and personal reading preferences,
employ the writing process,
use technology responsibly,
understand new vocabulary words both connotatively and denotatively,
read and compose on demand (timed writings),
employ strategies for answering test questions, and
create a significant body of personal writings that demonstrate writing
development and “voice.”
Lee Ann Spillane, Ed.S., NBCT
Cypress Creek High School1101 Bear Crossing Dr.Orlando, FL 32824classroom phone: 40-7.852.3400 ext. 2689cell: 321.945.7984 (texting okay)class web page: http://www.laspillane.org orhttp://teachers.ocps.net/lee.spillane-larkeemail: spillal@ocps.netSchool Social Network:http://www.bearenglish.ning.com
One choice cantransform you.
-Veronica Roth,
Learn is our mission. Engage in the process. Cultivate curiosity. Use your interests tomake school more relevant to your life. Learn.
I cannot read your mind. When you have a problem with anything in this class, or inyour life that affects your schoolwork, talk to me, and I will do my best to listen, and tohelp in any way I can. I am always here early in the morning, and after school on mostdays. I keep a mailbox on my desk for notes and grade questions.
Participation is an integral part of this class and something that cannot always be madeup. Be here. Be prepared. Always have your binder, journal, paper, pens, the appropriatebooks and a positive attitude. Lack of materials should never hinder your participation inthis class! Extra paper, pens, handouts and such are located at the table by the door to ourclassroom.
Late work happens. Planes are late. Taxes can be late. My expectation is that you willturn in your work on time at the beginning of the period or when called for, but late work is accepted with a point penalty of 1/3 of a letter grade per day including weekends andholidays. If you are absent, you may email assignments to me at your own risk, or turnthem in upon your return. Students absent unexcused may not receive credit for theirwork as per Orange County policy. Parent contact is expected if you are having difficultyturning in a major assignment on time.
Use a planner. Subscribe to the class’s calendar 
online. Use the reminder feature on yourcell phone. You need to develop a system to manage your time, and juggle all you wantto accomplish both academically and socially.
Behaving respectfully also means follow the Code of Conduct and school rules. A studentmay receive a detention for tardies, and for inappropriate or disrespectful behavior inclass. Detention forms must be signed by parents/ guardians and returned in order forstudents to serve their detention. Do your own work honestly and to do it to the best of 
your abilities. Presenting another’s work as your own is cheating even if you do not get
caught. Cite your sources using MLA format when you use them and give credit wherecredit is due. Cheating may result in 3 in conduct, parent/teacher contact, an academicdetention, loss of extra credit, an administrative referral and or removal from the class.
Internet Policy
All communication and information accessible via the OCPS network or the BearEnglishNing should be considered information that can be seen by all. You are expected to abideby general accepted rules of network etiquette. Highlights from
the county’s Internet
Policy are noted below:
Be polite. Do not write or send abusive messages to others. Use appropriatelanguage. Do not swear, use vulgarities or other inappropriate language.
Keep personal information private. (address, full name, phone numbers, etc)
Maintain the integrity of the network (e.g. do not send mass emails, post irasciblecomments, download large files or spread viruses)
Please see the Internet Policy in you Student Code of Conduct to review all policies.
Class Web Spaces:
My web page
Social Network
Progress Book
Set up a
account You could first name, last initial, and birthday forusername.2.
Join Goodreads.com and friend Ms. Spillane3.
Join BearEnglishSubscribe to the Google Homework Calendar (link below) you can get SMS or emailreminders about upcoming assignments:
grade calendar:
Grading Scale: A
= 90-100
, B
= 80-89
, C
= 70-79
, D
= 60-69
, F
= 35-59
Grades by letter
: A+= 100, A=95, A-=90, B+=89, B=85, B-=80; C+=79, C75, C-=70;D+=69, D=65, D-=60, F=59, very late make up=50, did not do=30
Extra Credit
 Students may earn extra credit by reading more on their reading log each week, bycompleting additional independent study activities or by doing other assignments asdetermined.. Students who exceed 3 unexcused absences, 3 tardies or 3 detentions arenot eligible for extra credit.
Orange County
Attendance Policy for Academic Credit for Grades 9-12
(1) No student shall be awarded a credit unless the student has been in attendance forinstruction for a minimum of 135 hours. The 135 hours required for attendance forinstruction corresponds to twenty (20) absences in a school year or ten (10) absences foreach semester. The principal may provide a student who has been in attendance less than135 hours an opportunity to receive credit by demonstrating mastery of the studentperformance standards in that course of study.

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