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The Fourth Dimension

The Fourth Dimension

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Published by Kandasamy Mohan
A guy meeting another planet man in an invisible dimension, What the other planet man is doing in the invisible dimension is the story
A guy meeting another planet man in an invisible dimension, What the other planet man is doing in the invisible dimension is the story

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Published by: Kandasamy Mohan on Aug 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The fourth dimension
It was night.Niranjan came out of his room and stood outside. He inhaled and enjoyedthe pleasant wind blowing across the open ground opposite.When hefortuitously looked up, he eyes were riveted to what he saw. what was that?Two legs were dangling in mid-space! To confirm what he saw his eyeswent up again-he could see the two legs again. He was scared now.Mustering some courage he asked,"Who is that?"No response."Who is that?" he asked again.Now it appeared someone was watching him from there.There was agesture towards him and whisk! He was abruptly pulled up floating as if onan escalator!Niranjan was severly jolted and looked around the place he arrived. It wasa circular shape with lights on inside."Welcome" some one sitting in there ushered him. He looked unlike ahuman being with a slightly different features."What is this?""This one? Take it as a small floating body""Who are you?'"I am from bennot planet. My name is Ramse"
"What? Bennot planet? So you are not from our planet. KIndly leave me. Iam leaving""Dont be afraid. I wont do anything to you""What you expect me to do? How I can be without fear? When I called youfrom down there you might have come down. Instead you have whisked meup abruptly""I can't come down. I am in the fourth dimension""Fourth dimension?'"Yes. The fourth dimension. You are in three dimensional world. This fourthdimension is invisible to you""What are you doing sitting in this?"Niranjan looked around the place he was in. It was a circular shapedstructure with some instruments inside"You said it is a floating body. There are instruments too""This is a small flying saucer. I am collecting energy from here""Energy? Petrol, coal, natural gas-of these what is the form of the energyyou collect?""None of these, your name ....?""Niranjan""Look here Niranjan.You belong to the three dimensional world. How manyforms of energy you know ?"
"Energy? There are lot of forms of energy. If we consider an energy dailywe are using then it is solar energy, electrical energy or electricity, ocean-thermal energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, nuclear energy ... so on. Am I right?""Perfectly right.You seem to be well informed about the forms of energy.Even then you know only about the energy in the three dimensional world. Iam telling about the fourth dimensional energy.I am collecting this andtaking it to our planet""What is that energy?""You can't decipher if i tell. This is coming from outer space. Since it isunused it has accumulated in huge quantities around your Earth""That means you are swindling our Earth bundles and bundles of energy,right?""Bundles and bundles of energy? No. Swindling? Not that either. How canwe bundle the energy? It is just like the age-old fossils trapped deepunderneath in the earth forming oil and coal. The energy coming from theouter space also accumulates in a collectible form around the earth. Wehave fuel shortage in our planet. Therefore we take this to our planet tomake up our deficit. Anway you know nothing of this fourth dimensionalenergy. If we dont touch it will go unused and wasted""I cant make out anything from what you say""Your Earth has no danger because of this, will that suffice?""Leave it aside for a moment. You were in the invisible fourth dimension.Then how come you came into my view?""Oh,that! My foot slipped a little and my legs alone shifted into the thirddimension. When I was like that for sometime you sighted me. Since youcalled me I thought of meeting you and brought you up here"

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