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DIY Fortune Divination Blocks and Sticks

DIY Fortune Divination Blocks and Sticks

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Published by Dr See Kin Hai

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Published by: Dr See Kin Hai on Aug 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DIY Fortune – Red Divination Blocks and Sticks
ByLauren Mack ,About.com Guide Going to the temple and tossing red divination blocks is a routineChinese fortune tellingactivity inChina, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and beyond. Tossing the red divination blocks is a way for believersto communicate with the gods about questions they have about life, love, or career.The cashew-shaped blocks are usually made of wood or bamboo. One side of each half-crescent-shaped block is flat and the other side is curved. Each block is called
. The curved side is
(down side) andthe flat side is
(up side).The blocks are typically located next to statues of gods or goddesses in the temple and it does not costanything to use them. Worshippers grab both blocks in their hands, silently state their names, birthdays,addresses, and their questions, and then toss the blocks on the counter. When visiting a temple, it is likelyyou will hear the
clack, clack 
of the wooden blocks hitting the wooden or marble countertop.If you do not live near a temple, you can use the red divination blocks at home. Making your owndivination blocks is easy.
What You Need:
1 small block of woodSawRed paint and paintbrushor Red construction paper Scissors
How to Make Red Divination Blocks:
1. Cut a piece of wood or construction paper into two crescent moon shapes.2. If using wood, paint the blocks red. Once they are dry, you can use them to tell your fortune.3. Then, follow these easy steps to get your fortune.Steps for Telling Your Fortune Using Red Divination Blocks:1. Tell the gods your name, birthday, address, and the question you want to ask.2. Ask the question again while throwing the blocks three times. Pay attention to the position of the blocks.
One Yang and One Yin
(one block flat and one block curved): This is considered a positive responsefrom the gods. It is the way of the gods saying ‘yes’ or ‘things will go smoothly.’1
Two Yangs
(both blocks are flat): This means the gods are still contemplating what you should do. It isthe equivalent of the gods saying ‘things are in an uncertain situation..’ If you get this response, repeatthe question and toss the blocks again.
Two Yins
(both blocks are curved). This is considered a negative response from the gods. It is a way of the gods saying ‘no’ or ‘you should wait a while and ask again on another day.’3. If you get three ‘yes’ configurations in a row, take a joss stick from the bottle at the temple (it istypically near the red divination blocks) and take note of the number of the slip of wood.4. Take the slip and toss the red divination blocks three more times to make sure the slip is the right onefor you. If it is the right one, you can take the slip to a monk at the temple who will either read the stick and interpret the poem’s meaning for you or, referring to the number, hand you a slip of paper with a poem on it.If it is not the right slip, go back and pick another slip and repeat steps 3 and 4.
if you are completing this process at home, you can skip the joss stick portion and still get a fairyaccurate reading from the gods about how to proceed. The process of tossing red divination blocks can be done as often as you wish.
Fortune Sticks
Chinese Fortune Sticks
Happy Chinese New Year! It is the year of the dragon which is especially good for me since Ihave a large blue Chinese dragon tattooed on my back shoulder. Yes I am the girl with thedragon tattoo! I had it done before the height of popularity of the book, but it is pretty funny that Lisbeth Salander (the heroine) also has hers on the shoulder. In honor of the ChineseNew Year I am making a set of Chinese Fortune Sticks. Who doesn't love a fortune? ChineseFortune Sticks are a fun take on the cookie. You have 50 numbered sticks. You draw a stick and read your corresponding fortune. If you have a party it is a fun conversation piece. Unlikecookies it can be left out and reused. Kids especially love pulling out and reading theirfortune. All you need is a container to decorate (I made mine with a dollar store votive) andcraft sticks. You can print out the sheet of fortunes I made for the project or go online andfind ones you like. There are all sorts of fortune cookie fortunes on the internet. You can pick general, romantic, or funny. Just number the fortunes and use the same amount as yoursticks. This is an easy project that even kids can do. It would make a fun Chinese New Yeargift or group kids craft.

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