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Community of Contrast 2011

Community of Contrast 2011

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Published by Ignatius Bau

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Published by: Ignatius Bau on Aug 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Asian American Center for Advancing Justice 
A Community of Contrasts
Asian Americans in the United States: 2011
Co-author Principal Researcher and Co-author 
Welcome 1introducton 2Executve Summary 3Populaton 6Economc Contrbutons 11Cvc Engagement 13immgraton 17Age 23Language 24Educaton 30income 33Employment 39Housng 43Health 46Polcy Recommendatons 50Ethnc Group Hghlghts 55Glossary 58Appendx A:Race & Ethncty 59Appendx B:Asan Amercans by State 60Appendx C:Asan Amercans by County 61Appendx D:Socoeconomc Status 62Techncal Notes 64Order Form 65
For decades, Asian Americanshave been among the astestgrowing racial groups in theUnited States. The AsianAmerican population is largertoday than it has ever been in ournation’s history, growing both inplaces like Caliornia and NewYork, where large Asian Americancommunities have existed ordecades, and in parts o the coun-try like the South, where smallercommunities have more recentlygrown to a critical mass.As our communities grow,Asian Americans are makingsignicant contributions tothe economy and developinggreater political power. At thesame time, our population isincredibly diverse. With parts o the community thriving, thosewho struggle seem invisible.Many Asian Americans con-tinue to ace language barriersand struggle economically. Thecurrent recession poses evengreater challenges to this vulner-able population.At this time o both challengeand opportunity, our organi-zations—the Asian AmericanInstitute, Asian American JusticeCenter, Asian Law Caucus, andAsian Pacic American LegalCenter—have deepened theiraliation and come together toorm the Asian American Centeror Advancing Justice. As inde-pendent organizations underone umbrella, we will continueto advance the goals we havealways worked toward—promot-ing a air and equitable societyor all, strengthening civil andhuman rights, and empoweringAsian American, Native Hawaiianand Pacic Islander (NHPI), andother vulnerable communities.A publication o the AsianAmerican Center or AdvancingJustice,
A Community o Contrasts: Asian Americans in the United States 2011
drawsupon data rom the 2010 Census,American Community Survey,and other sources to providea detailed portrait o the AsianAmerican community in theUnited States. The report alsoincludes a number o policyrecommendations based on thedata that address critical con-cerns acing Asian Americansthroughout the country.This national report is thesecond in a series and will beollowed by regional reports onAsian American and NHPI com-munities in Caliornia, the West,the Midwest, the South, and theNortheast. Additional reportsare also planned, including oneocused on the NHPI communityand another on the economiccontributions o Asian Americansand NHPIs.We would like to thank thesponsors who made this reportpossible, including the WallaceH. Coulter Foundation, the CyrusChung Ying Tang Foundation,and Bank o America.We would also like to thankthose who contributed tothis report, including sta atthe Asian Pacic AmericanLegal Center (Deisy Del Real,Victoria Wilson, Dan Ichinose,and Karin Wang) and AsianAmerican Justice Center (MaritaEtcubañez, Terry Ao-Minnis, andOlivia Chow). Special thanks tothe National Coalition o AsianPacic Americans (NCAPA) andour colleagues in Congress andphilanthropy, who provided criti-cal guidance on the content andstructure o this report.Karen K. NarasakiPresident and Executive DirectorAAJCStewart KwohPresident and Executive DirectorAPALC

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