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Neighborhood Walk Checklist

Neighborhood Walk Checklist

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Published by teapartypatriots

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Published by: teapartypatriots on Aug 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tea Party Patriots Neighborhood Walk Checklists
Thank you for volunteering to organize a Tea Party Patriots Neighborhood Walk. On a neighborhood walk you go door-to-door in your neighborhood and discuss the issues with your neighbors.
For Health Care Freedom Neighborhood Walks, you will discuss the effects of government run health care and whyyou think the new health care law should be repealed.
For Growing the Economy Neighborhood Walks, you will discuss the effects of federal debt on jobs and our economy and why you think our budget must be balanced in 5 years without raising taxes.
For Corruption and Cronyism Neighborhood Walks, you will discuss the out-of-control growth and unchecked power of elected officials and unelected bureaucrats; why regulations must be repealed or passed through Congress; whythe vast number Executive Orders must decrease and instead be enacted through proper legislative channels.We do these Neighborhood Walks to increase our reach and influence as Tea Party Patriots. Often you will find the peopleyou talk to have not heard about the full implications of new laws and/or regulations. They will be glad you stopped to givethem information. Others you call on will have heard the news that could affect them. You will ask them to vote for candidates who will implement solutions based on Tea Party Patriots principles.Door-to-door voter interaction is the most effective way to get out the vote. Speaking to a neighbor face-to-face personalizesthe issues and the solutions. It gives the voter an opportunity to ask questions and understand the issues more clearly.
Before the Neighborhood Walk
Decide who will be walking with you.
Will you do the walk by yourself or will you ask other volunteers to walk with you?
Time is of the essence in getting our message to voters. Election Day is November 6 and early voting starts evenearlier. So, if you are inviting others to walk with you, then you need to act quickly.
 As a note, it is more fun to walk with others so that you have companionship.
Determine your walk time, and if you are walking with other Tea Party Patriots, where you will meet.
Neighborhoods with sidewalks are easier to walk.
Since you actually want to talk to people as you walk, it would probably be best to walk in the evening hours whenpeople are home from work. If you cannot do the evening hours, then you can leave literature at their door. However,take into consideration the demographics of your walking area. If there are a high number of retirees, for instance,many people will be home during the day.
You will need to work with your Local Coordinator to get walking lists with names, addresses, and maps to walk inyour area. The walk lists will include homes of registered voters that are likely to vote.
Print out the following for each volunteer:
Volunteer information sheet
 Tea Party Patriots 2012 Get Out the Vote
If you are going to invite others to walk with you, then register your walk at TeaPartyPatriots.org:
Log on towww.teapartypatriots.organd click on “Events” at the top of the main page.
Click “Create Event”
Fill in all required info:a)Nameb)Descriptionc)Category (uncategorized is the only option)d)Group organizing the event (your group must be listed on the site to post events)e)Locationf)Event times
Fill in optional informationa)Website for event/groupb)Venue Namec)Recurring events (if the event repeats every week, month, etc., enable this)
Click “Create Event and Continue”
Upload an image to use as a logo for the event (optional but recommended.)a)Crop image after uploading
Click “Finish”
If you have a Facebook Account and are inviting others to phone bank with you, add an event for your phone bank.
Sign into your account at http://facebook.com. 
Click on the “Events” link in the upper left-hand column, which will take you to your Events page.
Click on the grey “Create Event” at the top of the page.
Fill out the details for the event.
Click “Create.”
Upload the Tea Party Patriots logo which is found at _________XXXXXXXX_________ 
Follow any prompts to save and publish the event. Find more info here as well:http://www.facebook.com/help/events/create.
Follow prompts to invite friends.
Read the Tea Party Patriots Issue Specific Handout so you are familiar with the issues you are discussing. These issuescan be found on our website at__________XXXXX_____:
Email your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to let them know about your Neighborhood Walk and invite themto participate. You can find the wording for the email from this link:_______XXXXX_____.
Print the Tea Party Patriots Neighborhood Walk Sign Up Form. This form will be used for neighbors who want moreinformation about Tea Party Patriots so you know who is interested and can follow up with them after the event.
Print at least 2 of these forms for each person who is going to walk.
Either print several copies of the Tea Party Patriots Issue Specific Handout or get from your Local Coordinator to handout to your neighbors. If printing yourself: you will need the same amount of handouts as doors in each packet.
Print 1 script per person walking for Tea Party Patriots Neighborhood Walk: _____XXXXX_____ 
What You Need to Take with You on the Tea Party Patriots Neighborhood Walk
 Tea Party Patriots 2012 Get Out the Vote
Clipboards (1 for each person walking)
Ink Pens (2 for each person walking)
Cell phone
Still Camera
Video Camera
Issue Specific Handouts
Local Coordinator contact information
Personal items for comfort – i.e. bug spray, sunscreen, raincoat, water, umbrella, snack, etc.
During the Tea Party Patriots Neighborhood Walk
Welcome everyone. Thank them for attending. Remind them that they are representing the entire Tea Party Movementand their actions will be what people remember the as the “Tea Party” when they leave the person’s house.
 Ask everyone to fill out the Tea Party Patriots Volunteer Information Sheet and Waiver. It will be helpful to have theseforms on a clipboard or two so that participants can easily fill them out. This will be very important information so thatyou can follow up with everyone after the neighborhood walk.
Explain the game plan below,
Each person will be assigned a particular street. You may want to have 2 people walk a particular street, 1 on eachside of the street. Remember to let them know that they will only be knocking on doors listed on their sheets – theywill not be going to every home.
Use role-playing to demonstrate an example of what to expect at the doors.
When they arrive at the door, they will say the script and record the answers from the voters.
Knock like you mean it and ring the doorbell! Many times people cannot hear knocks on the door if they are notloud. (Golf balls work particularly well to use as doorknockers to save your knuckles!)
Remind the volunteers to follow posted notices (i.e. no trespassing, beware of dogs, etc.), and to not argue withpeople that answer the door.
If no one answers the door, tell the volunteers to leave the Issue Specific Handout in a conspicuous place at thedoor or wedge it in the side of the garage door.
This can incur a $10,000 fine for both the organization and theindividual per each occurrence.)
 After they finish walking, tell them where to meet up with everyone else to turn in their results to their LocalCoordinator.
Give each person a Tea Party Patriots Neighborhood Walk Packet which includes:Script (1 copy)Tea Party Patriots Sign Up Form (2 copies)Issue Specific Handouts (you will need the same amount of handouts as doors in each packet)Walking list and map (1 copy)
Review the script with each walker.
When calling on the first couple of houses, people may choose to walk in pairs so they get the hang of what they aredoing. This is acceptable. It is not recommended to walk in more than pairs as it may be intimidating to have more than2 people on a doorstep at a time.
 Tea Party Patriots 2012 Get Out the Vote

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