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The Journal - Exempla Lutheran's Community Newsletter

The Journal - Exempla Lutheran's Community Newsletter

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Published by ExemplaLutheran
Volume 10 | Number 3
Volume 10 | Number 3

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Published by: ExemplaLutheran on Aug 24, 2012
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September December 2012Volume 10 Number 3
September has started! Those of you withchildren at home have been in back-to-schoolmode for several weeks – early mornings,homework, teacher conferences and grades. It’sthe fast pace of family life.Even for those of you without kids at home, thisstill might sound familiar. Things really don’tchange much as we grow older; we still need toget up early, do our best work and beaccountable for what we accomplish, or fail toaccomplish.In that way, school is never out at ExemplaLutheran. Our teams evaluate the care weprovide every day, seeking new and better waysto improve your quality, comfort, satisfactionand safety.How do we know when we’re successful?Because just like your kids, we get graded. Inaddition to the direct feedback we receive fromyou, we hear from independent organizationsthat evaluate our care data and let us know howwe compare to others, where we excel andwhere we can improve.In August, we were so gratified to open
Consumer Reports 
and see our most recentgrade: The magazine has ranked ExemplaLutheran as one of the 10 safest hospitals inColorado and the highest-ranked hospital in theDenver-metro area!Reports like this have to be carefully considered,since measurements from one ranking companyto another can be based on different scoringmethods or different time periods — theinformation they provide can sometimes beconfusing for patients.But we do think thisrecognition is well-earnedby all of the physicians andstaff dedicated every dayto keeping you safe. Forus, nothing is moreimportant.I know your days are packed, but please take amoment to think about safety in your own lives.Eat healthful foods. Exercise. Wear yourseatbelt. Stop smoking. And if you find yourselfat Exempla Lutheran in need of our expertise,know that we will provide you with the safestpossible care. And then we’ll invite you to grade us!Enjoy your fall, Grant Wicklund
From the preSiDeNt
Exempla Lutheran: Among the Saest in Colorado
Grant Wicklund,President and CEO,Exempla Lutheran Medical Center 
Get Paid to Lose Weight Really! 2Bridges Integrative Health and Wellness Classes 3-5Cardiac Rehab Services 6How to Breathe Easy While Wildfires Burn 8Cancer Services 11In the Comfort of His Own Home 13Exempla Lutheran Hospice 14Human Motion Institute 18Pulmonary Rehabilitation 18Exempla West Pines Behavioral Health 19
Answerline – 303-689-4595 for registrAtion 
t 57 years old, Dee had tried nearly everything to lose weight. She hadpaid every program ee and boughtall the packaged meals. And some o theseplans even worked, or a time. Once, shelost 50 pounds, only to gain all o it back. At her most desperate, she tried extreme addiets – like the one that let her eat only sauerkraut. No kidding.Then one morning, while strolling througha produce air with her adult daughter, shecame upon a Weigh and Win kiosk. Theidea was simple: Register or a ree onlineprogram that gives you access to healthulrecipes, coaching rom a personal trainerand tips or living a more active lie. I youlose weight, you earn money.Dee laughs when she remembers her frstthought was, “Finally, someone is going topay me!” She added, “Money is an awesomeincentive, and the program looked so easy I just fgured, why not?That was one year and 32 pounds ago. Theonly weight Dee has gained back since thenis rom the extra cash in her pocket. By agreeing to weigh in at the kiosk once eachquarter to demonstrate that she’s losing weight and keeping it o, she so ar hasearned $135.“The real rewards long-term are less weight,more energy, a healthier lie and a morepositive sel-image,” said Katie Hamilton, Weigh and Win program manager. “Butobviously, the fnancial incentive is a big draw.”In just a year and a hal since the programlaunched, more than 20,000 Coloradanshave registered or Weigh and Win, and it’s just become a lot more accessible to Denver’swest-metro residents:
Exempla Lutherannow has a Weigh and Win kiosk in itsmain lobby, available to all interested members o the community.
The program works like this:
Enroll online or start your enrollment atthe kiosk. Anyone age 18 and older canparticipate and anyone with a body-massindex higher than 25 is eligible to earnmoney.
Get pAid to lose weiGht – reAlly!
continued on page 6 
The Journal
Call Bridges – 303-425-2262 for registration 
Come join the party! Zumba
is the only dance fitness programthat blends red hot international music and dance steps toform a “fitness party” that is downright addictive. Location:ELMC, 2nd Floor Learning Center. Cost: Five class punch card$40, drop-in $10.
Wednesday evenings, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. (Sept. 5 – Dec. 19) 
t’Ai Chi Chih
T’ai Chi Chih practice is a non-martial art form comprised of 19slow movements and one pose. Notice improved balance andflexibility, relaxation, reduced stress, increased energy, bloodpressure control, and an overall sense of well-being. Location:Wheat Ridge Occ Med and Physical Therapy at Kipling andI-70, 9830 I-70 Frontage Rd South. Please park in back of thebuilding. Cost: $60 for 6 weeks.
Tuesday evenings, 5:30 – 6:45 p.m. (Sept. 18 – Oct. 23) 
Beginning T’ai Chi or Diabetes NEW!
T’ai Chi has been proven to be helpful with diabetesmanagement. It combines fluid movement, mental imagery anddeep breathing to help you relax and strengthen your body. It isdesigned with a gradual increase in physical exertion as yourskills and strength increase. Location: ELMC, 2nd FloorLearning Center. Cost: $120 for 12 week session.
Wednesday mornings, 9 – 10 a.m. (Oct. 3 – Dec. 19) 
T’ai Chi or Arthritis and Fall Prevention NEW!
This T’ai Chi form has been modified to meet the needs ofpeople affected by arthritis as well as those trying to improvebalance and prevent falls. The movements are slow, gentle,and safe. The benefits are increased flexibility, strength andbalance. T’ai Chi has been shown to help relieve pain andreduce stress. It can be practiced in a seated or standingposition. Location: Collier Hospice Community Room. Cost:$120 for 12 week session.
T’ai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention – BeginningClass –
The beginning class covers warm-up exercises andthe basic 12 movements. (12 weeks)
Tuesday mornings, 10:45 – 11:45 a.m. (Oct. 2 – Dec. 18) 
T’ai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention – ContinuingClass –
This class is for those who have already completedthe beginning class.
Tuesday mornings, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. (Oct. 2 – Dec. 18) 
Bridges Integrative Healthand Wellness offers a varietyof therapeutic services toenrich your mind, body andspirit, integrating rich healingtraditions with the latest inpreventive care.Bridges is convenientlylocated at the main entranceof the Exempla LutheranMedical Center campus, in ablond brick ranch house atthe southeast corner of 38th Avenue and LutheranParkway, 8098 West 38th Avenue (follow the sign toentrance #1; building #1).
Bridges ComprehensiveServices include:
Therapeutic Massage
Pre and Post-NatalMassage
Chiropractic Services
Healing Touch
Integrative NurseConsultation
Nutrition Counseling
Holistic Surgical Path
Inpatient Services
Classes and Workshops
To schedule an appointment or to register for a class, contact Bridges at 303-425-2262, or go to www.Wellnessatbridges.com to register online.
september december 2012

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