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Beyond Virus

Beyond Virus

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Published by Kandasamy Mohan
A case of ULTRA AIDS caused by ULTRA VIRUS detected and cured by the same doctor who hypthosised the disease during his research days
A case of ULTRA AIDS caused by ULTRA VIRUS detected and cured by the same doctor who hypthosised the disease during his research days

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Published by: Kandasamy Mohan on Aug 25, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Infinite medical center in Yester island. The center was bustling with activityas usual. The Chief Doctor Arundale was in his room.
Shrring! Shrring! Dr. Sim lifted the receiver. “Dr. Sim here.”
“Dr. Viggs from intensive care unit.
A woman has been admitted minutes ago. Her
condition appears strange. Kindly come over here.” Replacing the receiver, he
hurtled out of his room. As he raced down the corridor, his gut feeling told him theevent he was looking forward to all these days was going to materialize that day.He quickened his steps and reached the ICU.An old woman was lying on the bed.
“What happened to this old woman?‟
“You don‟t remember, Sir? She was a bar 
maid at the Palace Hotel.” Dr.Viggs
“What? I asked what happened to her?”
“You called her old woman. If I tell you then you will understand. She was the star attraction at the Palace Hotel. The great Sunanda.”
“Yeah! Sunanda it is.”
 Now Dr. Sim had a close look at the woman. Is this Sunanda? Only two weeksback he saw her at the Palace Hotel. How young and ravishing beauty she wasthen! Is this the same dream girl with pouting lips and floating blue eyes... Theheart-
throb of the Hotel‟s customers. He looked at the woman once more. How
wrinkled and folded she was… No. Sunanda is not an old woman for sure.
She seemed to have aged overnight. Whatever happened to her?He glanced at Dr. Viggs.
“It is AIDS again.” Dr. Viggs said curly.
“AIDS?” This could not be.”
“Then? She has aged barely in two weeks. You have any clues?‟
 Dr. Sim laughed within himself. If he told anything to Dr. Viggs he would be at aloss to understand. He was sure that this was what he was waiting for all thesedays. Better tell him later.
“OK. Take it as AIDS itsel
f. AIDS will age her this fast? Have u drawn the blood
“Of course, I have drawn a sample. Here it is.”
 Dr. Viggs handed a vial and Dr Sim took it.
“O.K. I “ll test it in
my lab.”
 He left for the lab.When he came out of the ICU on the way to the lab, the words seemed to havespread like wild fire all over the medical center. It was an odd hour of the day-
10.00 p.m. Still the center‟s staff were standing in pools in animated discussion,
gesturing towards the ICU.Seeing them, Dr. Sim stopped to enquire.
“What‟s going on here? I think you are all supposed to be at work.”
“We heard about a case of AIDS in our center. Naturally we are excited andcurious Sir.”
 Someone explained.
“AIDS?” No. You all know AIDS is past history. Eradication progra
mmesbanished it years and years back. Now we are in 2500 A.D. The symptoms of thiscase simply do not match AIDS symptoms. Anyway we have to get this sample
tested first. I am going to my lab to do exactly that. I.”ll let you know if at all it is
w u can go back to work.”
 His voice was very firm when he said that and they disbursed wondering what he
meant by declaring it is not AIDS.Donning the biological isolation suit to shield him from exposure to micro-organisms, he entered the lab. The hermetically sealed lab had been specially builtfor his exclusive use. He went to a corner of the lab and removed the covers on theauto-AIDS analyzer designed and built by him and kept unused all these years.
He placed the vial in the analyzer‟s opening s
tand and switched the analyzer on.The vial was sucked into the thermostatically controlled untra-
centrifuge and it‟s
whirring sound spinning at lightning speed started and stopped as the sold masssettled at the bottom of the vial and the clear serum floating on top was drainedmechanically into the separator to separate the unwanted particles. Still moreserum went into the Immuno Absorbent Assembly where the Anti-body andAntigen bonding marker liquid poured in. No colour change noticed.That made the sample negative for AIDS. From there the serum was taken into theUV and spectral analysers. Negative again. The serum was micro-sprayed on to agrid and placed under the electron microscope to physically test for the VIRUS.The auto-AIDS analyzer had a see-through dome through that all all the stages of testing could be viewed. There was also a provision to manually interfere at eachstage of the operation. Therefore, there was an opening to which the electronmicroscope could be lifted up to manually view placing his eye on the viewer. Dr.Sim lifted the electron microscope by flicking a switch on the control consoleplaced at the end of the analyzer and placed his eye on the viewer. He peered at thevast expanse of the serum smear. He scanned the island for VIRUS. No. Negative.He continued to scan...And there it was! Making finer adjustments in themicroscope he peered closely.Now it was unmistakable. He spotted what he expected to find. It was neitherAIDS VIRUS nor any strains of AIDS VIRUS. It was ULTRA-VIRUS. A newdisease particle!Normally pathogenic bacteria and Virus cause disease. Bacteria is deadly, Virus isthe deadliest. Right through the human history, a killer disease surfaced wheneversex perversions hit a new high. First, when milder perversions prevailed, syphilisburst upon the scene. It was controllable. More vigorous promiscuity brought the
most dreaded AIDS in it‟s wake. Virus was the killer in AIDS. Virus had so far 
been the deadliest disease particle ever known.

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