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Published by Workers.org
Workers World weekly newspaper
Workers World weekly newspaper

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Published by: Workers.org on Aug 25, 2012
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oct. 6, 2011 Vl. 53, N. 39 50¢
¡Troy Davis presente!
Police riot evokes outrage
 JOIN uS OCT 8-9
Workers World Party Conference
By Dianne MathiowetzAtlanta
Sept. 26 — The outrage over the state of Georgia’s ex-ecution of Troy Davis at 11:08 p.m. on Sept. 21 has notabated. Rather, his name has become a code word forresistance and struggle. Youth chanted, “We are Troy Davis!” when attackedand arrested by New York City police on Sept. 23 andSept. 24 during marches that took to the streets, de-nouncing his execution and rebelling against the rule of 
prot over people.
In Atlanta and elsewhere, people are meeting to strat-
egize on how to carry the ght against the death penalty 
and the prison-industrial complex to higher levels, chal-lenging a class structure that is imbued with racism and
only serves prot.
The Davis family will hold a public funeral for Troy onOct. 1 in Savannah, Ga., and encourages all of his sup-porters to visibly show that they are heeding his call to build a movement for justice for all. For more informa-tion, go to www.aiusa.org.In the days leading up to Troy’s execution and since, acommon question asked by the corporate media is why this case caused more than 1 million people to sign on-line petitions demanding clemency; brought out peoplein more than 300 cities on Sept. 16 for an InternationalDay of Solidarity with Troy Davis; and compelled thou-
sands to continue to ght for his life, right up to the mo
-ment that the lethal injection procedure began, after theSupreme Court refused to stay the execution. Youth, not even born or only very young children whenTroy went on trial, make up a large percentage of thoseincensed by a judicial system that favors technicalitiesand deadlines over innocence and fairness. People of allages are now withstanding the failures of this capitalistsystem to provide jobs, education, health care, housing,a clean environment, peace and equality. So many mil-lions — not just in the U.S., but worldwide — have seen
rsthand that the laws are written to benet the rich and
those in power, not to provide justice and fairness. Thatis why they recognized the truth of Troy Davis’s situationand responded in such huge numbers.The facts of Troy’s case, told on the Internet, bloggedand tweeted and covered on corporate TV, radio and innewspapers, became well known to millions who couldrecount the injustices and failings of the original trial
SubScribe to WorkerS World
Fur weeks rial $4 one year subscripin $25Sign me up r he WW Supprer Prgram
 Fr inrmain: wrkers.rg/supprers/
Name ____________________________________________________________Ema ________________________________Phone _______________________Aess ____________________________Ct /State/Zp___________________
Wrkrs Wrld
55 W. 17h S. #5c, NY, NY 10011
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Yus Salaam spaks ut r Try Davs.Salaam was   fv Black yuthsramd up  th s-calld “Ctral Park Jggr Cas.” H was mprsd r fvad a hal yars br bg xratd.
Disantle tisnjst syste
in Libya
Workers fght budget cuts
Page 2 Oct. 6, 2011 woes.og
National Oce
 55 W. 17 S.New Yrk, NY 10011212-627-2994wwp@wrkers.rg
 P.o. Bx 5565Alana, GA 30307404-627-0185alana@wrkers.rg
 / Slidariy cener2011 N. charles S.Balimre, MD 21218443-909-8964balimre@wrkers.rg
 284 Amry S.Bsn, MA 02130617-522-6626Fax 617-983-3836bsn@wrkers.rg
Bufalo, N.Y.
 367 Delaware Ave.Bual, NY 14202716-883-2534bual@wrkers.rg
 27 N. Waker Dr. #138chiag, IL 60606hiag@wrkers.rg
 P.o. Bx 5963cleveland, oH 44101216-738-0320leveland@wrkers.rg
 5920 Send Ave.Deri, MI 48202313-459-0777deri@wrkers.rg
Durham, N.C.
 331 W. Main S., Se. 408Durham, Nc 27701durham@wrkers.rg
 P.o. Bx 3454Husn, tX 77253-3454713-503-2633husn@wrkers.rg
Los Aneles
1905 Rde Rd.Ls Angeles, cA 90018la@wrkers.rg323-515-5870
 P.o. Bx 34249Philadelphia, PA 19101610-931-2615phila@wrkers.rg
Rochester, N.Y.
San Dieo
P.o. Bx 33447San Dieg, cA 92163619-692-0355sandieg@wrkers.rg
San Francisco
 2940 16h S., #207San FraniscA 94103415-738-4739s@wrkers.rg
Tucson, Ariz.
Washinton, D.C.
P.o. Bx 57300Washingn, Dc 20037d@wrkers.rg
this week ...
In the U.S.
 try Davis: ‘Dismanle his unjus sysem’ ...................1Wrkers Wrld Pary Nainal cnerene .................2Undumened yuh blk inersein ..................4New Yrkers wish cvez speedy revery ................4Indian mmunis leader speaks  U.S. aiviss ...........4Presers expse rle  he sae .........................5Farmwrkers demand living wage ........................5on he pikeline .........................................5Leer rm try Davis .....................................6 the lass res ha killed try Davis ......................6 try Davis exeuin raises ld quesins, new hallenges .7Peple pres he murder  try Davis ...................8
Around the world
Presiden’s reurn sharpens he sruggle in Yemen .........9Abu Ghraib deense arney aes murder harge.........9Greee: Sruggle ver pssible deaul...................10NAtos Libya war pens dr  AFRIcoM ...............11
 tw exeuins, ne weapn............................10
Noticias En Español
¡try Davis presene! ....................................12
 Workers World55 West 17 StreetNew York, N.Y. 10011Phone: (212) 627-2994E-mail: ww@workers.org Web: www.workers.org
 Vol. 53, No. 39 • Oct. 6, 2011
 Closing date: Sept. 27, 2011Editor: Deirdre GriswoldTechnical Editor: Lal Roohk Managing Editors: John Catalinotto, LeiLani Dowell,Leslie Feinberg, Kris Hamel, Monica Moorehead,Gary Wilson West Coast Editor: John ParkerContributing Editors: Abayomi Azikiwe,
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Fred Goldstein, Teresa Gutierrez, Larry Hales,Berta Joubert-Ceci, Cheryl LaBash,Milt Neidenberg, Bryan G. Pfeifer, Betsey Piette,Minnie Bruce Pratt, Gloria RubacTechnical Staff: Sue Davis, Shelley Ettinger,Bob McCubbin, Maggie VascassennoMundo Obrero: Carl Glenn, Teresa Gutierrez,Berta Joubert-Ceci, Donna Lazarus, Michael Martínez,Carlos VargasSupporter Program: Sue Davis, coordinatorCopyright © 2011 Workers World. Verbatim copyingand distribution of articles is permitted in any medium without royalty provided this notice is preserved. Workers World (ISSN-1070-4205) is published weekly 
except the rst week of January by WW Publishers, 55
 W. 17 St., N.Y., N.Y. 10011. Phone: (212) 627-2994. Sub-scriptions: One year: $25; institutions: $35. Letters tothe editor may be condensed and edited. Articles can befreely reprinted, with credit to Workers World, 55 W. 17St., New York, NY 10011. Back issues and individual ar-
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php.Periodicals postage paid at New York, N.Y.POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Workers World, 55 W. 17 St., 5th Floor,New York, N.Y. 10011.
 join us
 join us
Wrkers Wrld Pary(WWP) fghs r sialismand engages in srugglesn all he issues ha aehe wrking lass &ppressed peples —Blak & whie, Lain/a,Asian, Arab and Naivepeples, wmen & men,yung and ld, lesbian,gay, bi, sraigh, rans,disabled, wrking,unemplyed & sudens.I yu wuld like  knwmre abu WWP, r  jin us in hese sruggles,na he branhneares yu.
OCT. 8-9
 Join s at te Workers WorldParty National Conference
By Kathy Durkin
Do you want to discuss the global economic crisis?
Strategize on how to ght for jobs, health care, housing
and education? Help to organize a struggle against thisracist, anti-worker system? Fight for a socialist future?If you answer “yes” to these questions, then the Work-ers World Party national conference in New York City isthe place for you to be on the weekend of Oct. 8 and 9.This will be a time to analyze the global capitalist crisis— using the tools of Marxism — and its worsening impact
on working and poor people. It will be a time for reec
-tion, discussion and the exchange of ideas and tactics.It will be a working conference — aimed at building theresistance movement and organizing a national, coordi-
nated ghtback.
 WWP invites left, progressive and working-class forc-es to attend and to join in the spirit of unity to buildthe class struggle here and to help strengthen the world- wide anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and pro-socialistmovements. At a time of staggering unemployment and soaringpoverty — when the government at all levels is cutting jobs and safety net programs — anger is growing daily. Yet there are no real jobs programs, no increases in socialprograms or other assistance. The crisis has hit tens of millions of people here and untold numbers abroad, withno end in sight.Larry Holmes, a WWP leader, explains its impact:“The debt crisis and bank solvency crisis in Europe hasnow become the focus of the world capitalist crisis. It isa big deal that affects the entire world. What have glo- balization and technology done? What has the world- wide socialization of labor resulted in? They have madethe crisis in any region of the world immediate, with agreater and quicker impact on the economic crisis and onthe class struggle here.”Holmes underscored at a recent WWP meeting: “Wemust go over this at the Party conference. We must bringas many of our longtime friends, newly met people fromthe Bronx and around the country, and allies from theprogressive movement and the international struggle.The conference needs to be strong because it comes at a very crucial time.“Everyone should distribute the attractive broadsheet,
 which lists our ghtback program,” Holmes suggested.
“In light of all the important issues, such as launchingthe Food is a Right campaign and the jobs struggle,” hestressed, “if the Party is to be helpful in shedding lighton these serious global developments and explaining our
programmatic response, then we must light a re under
people to come to the conference.“This is a serious event. We are preparing for it in a se-rious way. It could be decisive now and in 2012, with theelection morass. This crisis is facing us and the workingclass here and in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa,Latin America — everywhere. Our Party will do our bestto explain the crisis and put forward a line of march.”The racist execution of Troy Davis brings the issue of state repression against oppressed, poor and workingpeople even more to the forefront of the progressive and working-class struggle — and to the WWP conference. Inlight of this atrocity and recent police attacks and arrests,including at the “Occupy Wall Street” protests, the role of the capitalist state will be addressed, too.Conference panels and discussion groups on Saturday,Oct. 8, will take up the deepening world economic cri-sis. Activists from across the country will raise concretestrategies and tactics to help push the class struggle for- ward. Ideas and suggestions are welcomeThat evening there will be a workshop on “What is Workers World Party?” How to join, as well as our po-litical program, perspective and pro-struggle orientation will be taken up. Young activists are organizing a panel entitled, “Rebel
against Capitalism,” which will reect the courageous
and militant role of youth in struggle worldwide and inthe U.S.The WWP conference will be held at the Paul Robe-son complex in the Bronx, N.Y. See www.workersworld.net for the location and schedule, to register and to con-tribute to the event’s expenses. Posted there is literaturerelated to the conference’s themes, including the above-mentioned broadsheet, “Why Are We Fighting for Jobsfor All!” A must-read is the brand-new document by Fred Gold-stein, a leading member of WWP, titled, “Capitalism is ata Dead End: Job Destruction, Overproduction and Crisisin the High Tech Era — a Marxist View.” Also, an appeal for socialist unity sets forth basic te-nets: solidarity with the multinational working class andoppressed peoples here and worldwide, support for self-determination, and opposition to imperialist wars, rac-ism, sexism and gender oppression.
If you want to join the anti-capitalist ghtback, you
know where to be on the second weekend in October.
HigH TecH, low Pay 
A Marxst aalyss  th chaggcharactr  th wrkg class
In 1986 Sam Marcy wre ha he scienifc-echnlgical revluin is acceleraing a shi  lwer-paying jbs and  mrewmen, Black and Lain/a wrkers.Using Marxism as a living l, he analyzeshe rends and ers sraegies r labrincluding he ccupain  plans.A new inrducin by Fred Gldseinexplains he need r a wrking-classresurgence.
Low-wage CapitaLism
What the new globalized high-tech imperialismmeans for the class struggle in the U.S.
An easy--read analysis  he rs  he currenglbal ecnmic crisis, is implicains r wrkersand ppressed peples, and he sraegy neededr uure sruggle.Paperback, 336 pages. Includes graphs, chars,bibligraphy, endnes and index. the auhr is available r lecures & inerviews.
Bks are available a Amazn & bksres arund he cunry
woes.og Oct. 6, 2011 Page 3
What it will take to fight it
Qué se necesita para luchar contra ella
Plenaries, wrkshps and disussin grups n:Plenarias, alleres y deliberaines en grup sbre:
 Undersanding he naure, severiy  he risis — a Marxis analysis
 Enendiend la nauraleza y la severidad de la risis — un análisis marxisa
 oppsing imperialis wars, upains; suppring sel-deerminain
 opniéndse a las guerras y upaines imperialisas;apyand la audeerminaión
  the grwing, milian fghbak by he wrkers and ppressed
 La reiene luha miliane de ls/as rabajadres/as y primids/as
 Why he sluin is  ablish apialism and build SocIALISM and mre . . .
 Pr qué ablir el apialism; SocIALISMo es la sluióny muhs rs emas másBring yur quesins and mmens traiga sus pregunasSAVE tHE DAtES:
OCT. 8 - 9
St. and Morris Aenue, Bronx NY
# 4, 5, 6 rains  E. 138h S/Grand cnurse
 the nerene is dediaed  herevluinary spiri  he inernainalisher :
maryred o. 8, 1967.La nerenia esá dediada al espíriurevluinari del hére inernainal
asesinad el 8 de ubre de 1967.
G  www.wrkers.rg and www.wrkerswrld.ne r updaes.
Marque la fecha:
89 de octbre
Call 140 y avda Mrrs, Brx , Cudad d nuva Yrk 
renes #4, 5, 6 hasa parada E.138 S/Grand cnurse
a.m. –
(9 a.m. regisrain)
Dscuss grups 
Spcal atr plary sss:
Global yot rebellion against capitalis
llwd by p mk
(atr luch)
Spcal dr mtg :
Workers World Party: Why and how to join?
a.m. –
(9 a.m. regisrain)
Trbuts t Ch Guvara ad Try Davs
BADo 10 a.m. 7 p.m.
(9 a.m. insripión)
Ssó plara spcal  la tard sbr:
Rebelión lobal de las juentudes contra el capitalismo
,sgud pr la partcpacó d la audca
(lug dl almurz)
ecutr spcal durat la ca sbr:
El PartidoWorkers World/Mundo Obrero: ¿Por qué y cómo unirse a él?
DoMinGo 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
(9 a.m. insripión)
Trbut al Ché Guvara y a Try Davs
fo 25¢ a a o can become a Woes Wo sppote
Sen a chec o mone oe sng the om beow. To contbte sng a cet ca,se o sece onne Web ste at
Ys! i wat t j th Supprtr Prgram!
Here is my dnain : $75 (WW Supprer) $100 (WW Spnsr)$300 (WW Susainer) $ ______ oher.Send me inrmain abu he Supprer Prgram.
Name _________________________________Phne ____________________Address _______________________________ciy/Sae/Zip_______________Email ____________________________________________________________
• If you are thinking that the capitalist crisis isn’t going away anytime soon• If you’re sick and tired of the bankers and bosses making the workers pay for their crisis• If you want to ght for socialism Then help us put out a progressive weekly that’s in print as well as on the Web.We’re determined to keep issuing a printed edition to hand out to people looking for
answes at emonstatons, pant gates an steet cones.Woes Wo s abe to pbsh ant-wa, ant-acst news becase we ae t ne-
pendent. You can’t get anything like it in any of the big-business-controlled media. We
have no copoate baces o avetses. We e compete on o onatons.A onaton o $100 a ea s jst abot 25¢ a a. Become a membe o theWoes Wo Sppote Pogam an hep b the newspape ea on.
Sponsors who contribute $100 a year or more receive a year’s subscription to the printedition of the newspaper, a monthly letter, ve free trial subscriptions to the print
eton, an a boo om Wo Vew fom.
Reurn  Wrkers Wrld Newspaper 55 W. 17h S, #5c, NY, NY 10011Yu an llw Wrkers Wrld n twier wier.m/wrkerswrld and Faebk hp://bi.ly/4ndYg.

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