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Published by Workers.org
Workers World weekly newspaper
Workers World weekly newspaper

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Published by: Workers.org on Aug 25, 2012
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jun30, 2011 Vol. 53, no. 25 50¢
Después de los tornados Protesto a la GE
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Workers, youth resistbankers’ assault
June 18, City Hall, NYC.
WW photo: Brd SdBr
By John Catalinotto
 Workers and young people in Greece held a gener-al strike and mass demonstrations June 15 to put upthe strongest resistance so far to the relentless offen-sive by European bankers and billionaires against the working class on that continent. In Spain, too, morethan a half million took to the streets on June 19.Greece’s left-wing labor confederation PAME heldthe third general strike of 2011 on June 15, protestingthe government’s newest plans to cut another 6.4 bil-lion euros from the already existing austerity budget.PAME, which marched in 67 cities, represents abouthalf the organized workers and has led the workers’struggle against the Troika.Strikers encircled the presidential mansion, thepremier’s ofce and Parliament to stop the represen-tatives from reaching the building to open debate onPrime Minister George Papandreou’s new cuts. A movement something like the one that recently occupied the central squares of cities in Spain wasalso in the streets with less clear political demands but still opposed to austerity. Communist Party (KKE) representatives left the debate in parliamentto join the demonstration.PAME Secretariat Member Alekos Arvanitidis toldthe crowd in Sytagma Square, “We refuse to recog-nize any debt.” (www.kke.gr, June 16)The PASOK regime, led by Papandre-ou, announced a shufe of positions inthe cabinet that same day, presenting itas a change. Though it showed the gov-ernment felt mass pressure, the change was barely cosmetic.The next day, the KKE held demon-strations in cities across Greece to show its complete lack of condence in thegovernment, to expose the “change” asmeaningless and to insist that the work-ing class had the right to refuse any sacri-ce to help solve the bankers’ debt crisis.KKE Secretary General Aleka Papari-ga told the thousands rallying in Athens,“We must highlight what the businessgroups, monopolies, the EU and NATOowe to the people as do the bourgeoisparties of ND and PASOK … the peoplemust not pay anything. The people must with their own hands take back what they are owedand what belongs to them.” (www.kke.gr, June 17)
Banks wage class war against workers
The corporate media misrepresents the Europeancapitalist offensive as an effort to discipline countriesthat allegedly “spend beyond their means” on social
By Dee KnightBloombergville, New York City
June 19 — Launched on the heels of a massive pub-lic workers’ rally on June 14, and inspired by gigan-tic occupations of public squares in Egypt, Tunisia,Spain, Greece and Wisconsin, the Bloombergville en-campment near New York’s City Hall has withstoodpolice intimidation and inclement weather to mounta spirited and sustained protest against the currentonslaught of anti-people budget cuts in New York City and state.Bloombergville harks back to the “Hoovervilles” of the rst years of the Great Depression, which were aresponse to the cold indifference of the pro-rich presi-dent. Hoover ignored the suffering of millions who lost
‘Bloombergville’ brings worlattention to massive cuts, layofs
New York City
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Palestine solidarity
Celebrities rejectbigotry
Milwaukee march
‘Make the banks pay!’
Hands of Carlos Montes
What workers should know
photo: dSrlitt.BloSpot.com
Barcelona, Spain,June 19. Banner inCatalan reads:The street is ours;We won’t pay ortheir crisis.
page 2 June 30, 2011 wkes.g
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‘Bloombergville’ brigs attetio to massive cts, layofs....1Victories wo i strggle to protect sacred brial grods ..2Growig LGBTQ solidarity with Palestie as strggles erpt .3Milwakee: Broad spport at Pride march...................3Celebrity voices champio LGBT rights, reect bigotry.......3Coerece takes aim at baksrole i Detroit’s declie........4Coty leaders spport oreclosre moratorim ............4 The baks ad the attack o the uAW, Part 2................5 Thosads protest attacks o collective bargaiig.........5Othe picket lie ..........................................5Rallies spport activists targeted by FBI.....................6Ohioas say o to ati-io SB5...........................6Lessos o Wiscosi .......................................7Wiscosi workers lach lawsit, cotie protests........7 The io strggle & imperialist war machie ..............8
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Workers, yoth resist bakers’ assalt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1nATO coties terrorist attacks o Libya...................9u.S. ots Pakistai sovereigty, aroses ager ............10Provocative nATO smmit draws agry protests ...........11Oe cheer or Italia vote..................................11
ATMs, obs & prots .......................................10
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Despés de los torados ..................................12Protesto a la G ...........................................12
 Workers World55 West 17 StreetNew York, N.Y. 10011Phone: (212) 627-2994E-mail: ww@workers.org Web: www.workers.org Vol. 53, No. 25 • June 30, 2011Closing date: June 21, 2011Editor: Deirdre GriswoldTechnical Editor: Lal Roohk Managing Editors: John Catalinotto, LeiLani Dowell,Leslie Feinberg, Kris Hamel, Monica Moorehead,Gary Wilson West Coast Editor: John ParkerContributing Editors: Abayomi Azikiwe,Greg Buttereld, Jaimeson Champion, G. Dunkel,Fred Goldstein, Teresa Gutierrez, Larry Hales,Berta Joubert-Ceci, Cheryl LaBash,Milt Neidenberg, Bryan G. Pfeifer, Betsey Piette,Minnie Bruce Pratt, Gloria RubacTechnical Staff: Sue Davis, Shelley Ettinger,Bob McCubbin, Maggie VascassennoMundo Obrero: Carl Glenn, Teresa Gutierrez,Berta Joubert-Ceci, Donna Lazarus, Michael Martínez,Carlos VargasSupporter Program: Sue Davis, coordinatorCopyright © 2011 Workers World. Verbatim copyingand distribution of articles is permitted in any medium without royalty provided this notice is preserved. Workers World (ISSN-1070-4205) is published weekly except the rst week of January by WW Publishers, 55 W. 17 St., N.Y., N.Y. 10011. Phone: (212) 627-2994. Sub-scriptions: One year: $25; institutions: $35. Letters tothe editor may be condensed and edited. Articles can befreely reprinted, with credit to Workers World, 55 W. 17St., New York, NY 10011. Back issues and individual ar-ticles are available on microlm and/or photocopy fromUniversity Microlms International, 300 Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48106. A searchable archive isavailable on the Web at www.workers.org. A headline digest is available via e-mail subscription.Subscription information is at www.workers.org/email.php.Periodicals postage paid at New York, N.Y.POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Workers World, 55 W. 17 St., 5th Floor,New York, N.Y. 10011.
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Understanding the nature, severity o the crisis — a Marxist analysis
Opposing imperialist wars, occupations; supporting sel-determination
The growing, militant ghtback by the workers & oppressed
Why abolish capitalism; SOCIALISM is the solutionand more
Bring your qution & commnt
ictories won in struggle toprotect sacre burial grouns
By Terri KayVallejo, Cali.
On day 59 of the encampment to protect SogoreaTe — the sacred Shellmound ancient burial grounds atGlen Cove, Vallejo, Calif. — Native people from many reservations along with supporters gathered for a spe-cial Spiritual Gathering June 11. The Native nations rep-resented included Cachil Dehe/Colusa Band of Wintu,Elem Pomo, Grindstone Wintu/Wailaki, Northern Chu-mash, Chemehuevi, Tuolumne Me-wuk, Pit River, Mai-du, Mono, Karkin Ohlone and Rumsen Ohlone.Fred Short, American Indian Movement spiritualleader for California, opened the spiritual session. Hetalked about how their ancestors “fought and died tohave our medicine.” He proudly stated that this is the42nd anniversary of AIM. He called on people to writeletters to the Heritage Commission and Gov. Jerry Brown to bring back the bodies stored in foot lockersand worse in Berkeley and Sonoma.Short described a recent victory, where the localhomeowners’ association wrote a resolution declaringthat they don’t want a park here. (Sogorea Te is situ-ated at the end of a cul-de-sac in a relatively new upscalecommunity.) They said they hadn’t been told, when they had been promised a park, that it was an ancient burialground for Indigenous tribes.The association is planning to submit their resolu-tion to a local newspaper for publication. They have also been bringing food and water to the encampment. Shortsaid, “I know we’ve won now.”Corrina Gould, from the Karkin/Chochenyo OhloneNation, spoke with enthusiasm about how the strug-gle has brought people from all walks of life here. Shesaid they have been working on this for 12 years. Shetalked about the sacrices some had made, even losingtheir jobs and homes. She described how they went tothe Greater Vallejo Recreation District and asked themnot to desecrate this land and how they picked up 350pounds of trash from the site. She said, “We didn’t pick this place; our ancestors did.”Gould also announced a signicant recent victory.The Native activists had demonstrated at the ofces of the Bay Trails in Oakland, Calif., asking them to with-draw their support for the park project. Bay Trails con-ceded and pulled back their $200,000 grant! Wounded Knee, an Indigenous activist, talked withdeep emotion about how the ancestors came here 4,000 years ago. He called for the end of desecration of sacredplaces — not putting sacred things in museums and gar- bage cans. He said this struggle “wasn’t about winningor losing, but about the ancestors who had stood up andprotected our people.” He called on Indigenous peopleto take a stand. He noted that activists had spent 58days in the cold, wind and rain, and “spirit” had broughtthem through.Short said, “I don’t argue and ght, but I will die forthis.” He urged people to write letters to their senatorsand President Barack Obama to sign the U.N. Declara-tion of Human Rights of Indigenous People. Supporterscan also help by making donations to cover court costsat https://www.wepay.com/donate/137138 and signingthe online petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/ssprit/petition.html. Read previous articles on thisstruggle; go to workers.org.
WW photo: trri K
Ancient Native burial site.
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In Deenseo 
 This grodbreakig book docmets revol-tioary Cba’s ispirig traectory o progresstowards liberatio o sexalities, geders adsexes. Book available at Amazo.com
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ston Butch Blu
, is ow available olie. The series icldes:
Growing LGBTQ solidarity with Palestineas struggles erupt
By LeiLani Dowell and Shelley Ettinger
Over the last few years, as the move-ment for boycott, divestment and sanc-tions of Israel (BDS) has gathered steamin the U.S. and throughout the world,the apartheid state of Israel has turnedto various tactics in an attempt to coun-ter the growing solidarity with the Pal-estinian people. One such strategy is toportray Israel as the only place in theMiddle East that is friendly to lesbian,gay, bisexual, trans and queer people.The tactic, dubbed “pinkwashing” by progressive pro-Palestinian LGBTQ forc-es, relies on a broad-brushed slander of the entire Arab and Muslim world, whichis presented as “backward.” It is further based on the egregious lie that the Israelisettler state treats LGBTQ Palestiniansequally to LGBTQ Israelis. Pinkwashingnot only serves to legitimize the Israelistate but also reinforces U.S. imperialistpropaganda, which claims that the U.S. wages war in an effort to “liberate” LGBTQpeoples and women in the Middle Eastand throughout the world — even as LG-BTQ peoples face police brutality, addedeconomic hardship and denial of socialservices here in the U.S. A big and growing pushback of LG-BTQ forces in solidarity with Palestineis challenging the pinkwashing effort onseveral fronts. In Palestine, three groups— alQaws for Sexual & Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society, Aswat-PalestinianGay Women and Palestinian Queers forBDS — issued a call to action in early Junedemanding that the International LGBTQ Youth and Student Organisation rescindits plans to hold its general assembly inTel Aviv in December.In the call, these Palestinian LGBTQactivists pointed out: “Israeli policies andoccupation do not distinguish betweenqueer and straight. All Palestinians —queer and straight — must deal with theeffects of the apartheid wall, checkpoints,and illegal settlements and settlers vio-lence, not to mention living under Israelimilitary law that strip them of their rightsas civilians. All Gazans, including queers,live under medieval and illegal siege in thede-facto open-air prison that is the Gazastrip. And like all Palestinian citizens of Israel, queers are subject to institution-alized discrimination in laws, education,and throughout their public and privatelives.” (http://www.bdsmovement.net) As the realities, described by these ac-tivists, draw more and more people intosolidarity with Palestine, pro-Zionist forc-es have increasingly attempted to silencethe voices of LGBTQ forces that raiseawareness of the Palestinian struggle. InCanada in 2009, an attempt to ban thegroup Queers Against Israeli Apartheidfrom marching in that city’s Pride parade was defeated by the group and its allies.Some 200 people marched in QuAIA’scontingent that year.This year, struggles have erupted on both U.S. coasts to demand BDS and the visibility of Palestinian solidarity. Pal-estinian Queers for BDS has called for a boycott of the San Francisco InternationalLGBT Film Festival, taking place June 16-26. Frameline, the festival’s presenter, hasaccepted funding for the festival from theIsraeli Consulate for the second year ina row. A highly organized campaign by a broad coalition of queer organizations, in-cluding Queers Undermining Israeli Ter-rorism, has called on Frameline to rejectthe money as a part of the BDS campaign.
Stonewall means ‘ght back,’ solidaritywith oppressed
Members of New York City’s LGBTQcommunities are continuing a strugglefor inclusion at the city’s LGBT commu-nity center. After intense pressure froma small, highly organized cohort of racistZionists, the Center’s board of directorsin March cancelled an event organized by the group Siege Busters in conjunction with the annual Israeli Apartheid Week.Pushing back, Siege Busters held a spir-ited, well-attended protest in front of theLGBT Center. (See workers.org, March10) Days later, an already-scheduledevent on LGBTQ support for BDS, held atJudson Community Church, drew severalhundred people mobilized largely by out-rage at the Center’s actions. An open letter to the Center was released by New-York-based groups FIERCE, astruggle organization of LGBTQ youth of color; the Audre Lorde Project, a lesbian,gay, bisexual, two spirit, trans and gendernon-conforming people of color center forcommunity organizing; Queers for Eco-nomic Justice; and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. The letter stated in part, “By can-celing the IAW event, you risk alienatingmany members who frequent your Center by sending a strong message to our com-munities and allies that the issues with which we struggle such as racial justice,anti-imperialism, immigration, economic justice, disability justice and militariza-tion are not genuinely welcome to be dis-cussed at the NYC LGBT Community Cen-ter.” (http://alp.org/) After several maneuvers back and forthon the issue, the Center has announcedthat no group relating to the so-called“Israel/Palestine issue” will be allowedto meet there. Despite the thin veneer of language suggesting that both sides are being treated equally, many LGBTQ ac-tivists see the Center’s caving in to Zion-ist forces as a racist attack on PalestinianLGBTQ people and a political attack onthe growing support for BDS and Pales-tine solidarity. A group called Queers for an OpenLGBT Center has formed and has orga-nized a protest of the Garden Party, theCenter’s annual fundraising party, onJune 20. Meanwhile, New York Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, another groupthat has been expelled by the Center’s new guidelines, marched in the Pride celebra-tions in the boroughs of Queens on June5 and Brooklyn on June 11, and plans tomarch in Manhattan Pride on June 26.
Broad support at Pride marchCelebrity voices championLGBTQ rights, reject bigotry
 At Milwaukee’s LGBT Pride marchJune 12, Bail Out the People Movementactivists marched with the spirited “FromStonewall to WI: Queer Workers United”contingent. The contingent included Mil- waukee public school teachers, university  workers, and other public workers, stu-dents and community members.Onlookers and passersby enthusiasti-cally greeted the contingent and joined inchants of “2, 4, 6, 8, support our workersgay or straight!” Other progressives in-cluded Planned Parenthood Wisconsin,progressive faith groups, numerous les- bian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer orga-nizations and others.The contingents were part of the bur-geoning people’s uprising in Wisconsinthat is ghting union-busting and otheranti-people attacks.For more information on how to as-sist the people’s struggle in Wisconsin,go to www.wisacio.org, www.vdlf.org, or www.wibailoutpeople.org.
— Ben Carroll
WW photo: Br . pFiFr
By Caleb T. Maupin
 As the battle for equal marriage rightsfor lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer peoplein New York state and elsewhere heats up,many famous people from entertainment,sports and other cultural elds are makingtheir support public for LGBTQ rights. Actors like George Takei, Joan Rivers,Uma Thurman, Fran Drescher, Vanessa Williams, Daphne-Rubin Vega, Lucy Liuand Whoopi Goldberg have loudly joinedthe call for LGBTQ rights. Comedian andactor Tracy Morgan recently apologizedfor anti-LGBTQ remarks he has madeduring past comedy routines and assert-ed that he supports the right of LGBTQpeople to marry.Michael Strahan, former defensiveend for the New York Giants and SuperBowl champion, has announced his sup-port for marriage equality. In doing sohe joined other famous gures from theathletic world, such as Steve Nash of thePhoenix Suns and Sean Avery of the New  York Rangers, who recently declaredtheir support for LGBTQ rights.The forces of bigotry and reaction inNew York have responded bitterly to thenumber of prominent individuals whodefend LGBTQ rights. For example, right- wing State Assembly Member Dov Hikindmade a point of insulting Lady Gaga forsupporting LGBTQ rights.Hikind, a supporter of racial prolingand former member of the Jewish De-fense League, a right-wing terrorist group, waved around a large photograph of LadGaga during an anti-LGBTQ tirade on thestatehouse oor. However, Lady Gaga isnot alone among musicians. Cyndi Lau-per, another famous singer, recently an-nounced her support for the cause.Polls show that among New York stateresidents there is a strong base of supportfor the cause of total equality for the LG-BTQ community. As in every progressive movement thesupporting voices of celebrities are alwaysimportant and helpful to those in thestreets who are demanding justice fromthe halls of prominence and power.
WW photo: Jd rSpWW photo: moic moorhdphoto: Kll Vldz

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