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Why Microprocessor Name Like 8085,80286.

Why Microprocessor Name Like 8085,80286.

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Published by Zarnigar Altaf

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Published by: Zarnigar Altaf on Aug 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Electronic chips are generally numbered.When Intel made the first 4 bit microprocessor, itwas called the 4004. At the time, they did notrealize it was a microprocessor, they were justmaking a custom integrated circuit for a handheldelectronic calculator.The instruction set on the 4004 was quite limited;an upgraded version was numbered 4040 byreversing the last two digits. By now, they realizedthe power of a programmable microprocessor.When they made 8 bit processors, the double wide4004 was the 8008, and the double wide 4040 wasthe 8080. The 8085 was the 5 volt only version of the 8080.When Intel made an upgraded 8085 into a 16 bitprocessor, the next number was 8086. They likedthis, as it seemed to fit the 16 bit nature. The 8088was an 8086 with an 8 bit data bus for fewer pinson the package, and I think the 8087 was a mathcoprocessor (things are starting to get fuzzy, thiswas quite a few years ago). Note that there is no
law requiring any particular numbering scheme, it isnot unusual to skip numbers or make up newnumbers that seem to have some kind of meaning.Later they went with a new generation 80186, then80286, then 80386 and I think, 80486. Theydropped the "80" in front somewhere along theway, it was common to call a microprocessor a386SX or 486. Then, they pretty much dumped thenumbers entirely, because other companies wereusing them. Making up names like Pentium for the586 means they could trademark them and preventothers from using them.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
5 means the microprocessor operates at+5 volt.third 8 means 8bits,its wordlength is 1byte.80 indicates it was devoloped in eightys(1976)
1)The microprocessor came in the late 70s(1976).This wascloseto 80.so from here 1ST TWO DIGITS were taken.
2)There are 8 bits inmicroprocessor.Hence the 3RD DIGITwas tkaen as 8.3)Before 8085,8086 the CPU of intelcorporation was 8080Awhich were requiring +5V,-5V and+12V for functioning.With the advancement in technology,it was possible to runthe microprocessor with single+5V.Hence the LAST DIGITwere taken as 5.This was the hidden message behind8085,(year)(bits)(supply voltage)80 8 5///////////////////////////////////the first 80 is the specific series. nw,it has 8 software interrupts and 5hardware gh intrepts

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