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080112 Kingdom Newsletter

080112 Kingdom Newsletter

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Published by JoAnn White
Wonderful edition, really challenges what I believe, though.
Wonderful edition, really challenges what I believe, though.

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Published by: JoAnn White on Aug 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kingdom Newswww.kingdomnewsonline.comAugust 2012Copyright
2012 Page 1 of 15
Kingdom News
The Kingdom is Yours; the power is Yours and the glory is Yours, forever.(Matt. 6:13)Volume 6, Issue 8 August 2012
The Chief Cornerstone & The Leadership Corner
Journey to Intimacy
Nutrition, Health and Wellness
The Chief Cornerstone
 The 5 W's of Life (
Last month, we began talking about the 5 W's inlife: the
Who, What, When, Where
). We focused on the ultimate "
" in theprior edition.All throughout life, we're asking these questionsin some form or other. Sometimes we may ask thequestion with our mouth. At other times we ask itwith our deeds, at other times still we ask it withour thoughts. So subtle is the intimation of thequestions that we often don't even know thatwe're asking them.Borrowing from last month's theme…Sometimes our actions and attitude asks "
" And without a genuine contemplation, we'llmove on with our lives as if the question didn't
The Leadership Corner
Leadership Living, Inc.
God is Hiding in Plain Sight
All scripture is KJV paraphrased.
Have you ever watched 007-type movies? These are the kindof films where everyday citizens seem to be innocently goingabout their personal business. However, some of them turn outto be high level spies or secret agents.I love these kinds of movies because it’s so intriguing to findout who the secret agents are. Sometimes the hero in the movie(i.e. 007/James Bond), seems to be on his last leg. It appearsthat he is surrounded by the bad guys and is about to die. Then,when you least expect it, the maid or the cable guy (who justhappens to be in the area fixing a wire) turns out to be a doubleagent. He or she jumps in and rescues Bond or somehow helpsto save the day. At this point in the movie, I’m usually sittingon the edge of my seat crunching loudly on my popcorn.It’s like there is always this unseen eye watching out for thehero. No matter what predicament 007 is placed in, someone(or something) seemed to have been planted in the environmentthat can be used to help him at just the right time. Sometimes Ithink to myself, “Ok, that was just too perfect. In real life therewould have been no way for 007’s team (the people that work behind the scenes helping him – like “M” the code name forthe head of the British Intelligence) to know James Bondwould be at a particular place at a specific moment.While I know these kinds of movies are fantasy, I believe thatthey have a kernel of truth to them. I believe the concept of having people and things, planted in our environment, to helpus is a biblical principle. I submit to you that our God does thisvery thing. And, He is so much wiser than the BritishIntelligence agency.
Chief Cornerstone
continued on page 4 
The Leadership Corner
continued on page 7 
Motto for the year of 2012
You are worthy, Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for You have created all things,and for Your pleasure they are and were created.
(Revelation 4:11
KJV adapted)
Kingdom Newswww.kingdomnewsonline.comAugust 2012Copyright
2012 Page 2 of 15
Boot Camp ThePatternSon
A Meditation –Often we comfort ourselves in that we look at JesusChrist as if He were some abnormality of mankind; notreally human. We look upon Him as if the things thatJesus did and said, we dare not attempt.Repeatedly our Lord says to us, "
Why have you not taken up My pattern
?" We humor ourselves that weearnestly believe we want to be the sons of God, but notquite like Jesus. He was too holy … too perfect … tooGod. The scriptures say of us: now are we classified asthe sons of God. But it is not yet manifest what that son-ship actually walks itself out to be, in us.
But how arewe to get there? By what means shall we be made likeHim? Shall we be like Him, after the resurrection? Mustwe wait until we leave here, to be made like Him? Is theOmnipotence of God, sufficient only to make and keepthe man Jesus Christ in a cruel world and untowardgeneration? Is it somehow not sufficient to also makesons of us? He didn't have to take Jesus Christ out of theworld to keep Him.I know… I know… we don't like the entailments of these types of questions. We don't have a problemasking God for a Mercedes and a promotion
(so that wecan pay for the Mercedes).
Certainly His Omnipotence cansupply that, right. That's easy. But to make a wretched,miserable, blind and naked one such as myself "holy;" istoo much to ask, isn't it. I mean, He did it for Paul; butthat doesn't necessarily mean that He can do it for metoo.Why are we here? Because these are the questions wereally need answers to, right. Whether (or not) Sundayis the Sabbath,
is negotiable
. But whether (or not) Godcan make a dead man live,
is not 
. Whether (or not) Godcan make a prodigal into a son,
is not 
. Whether (or not)God can take a wretch like me, and turn them into aservant; by which He makes manifest the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth,
is not negotiable
. At least, it's notnegotiable for me. I'll trade everything I have for it. Of all of my life's questions, I MUST know this one thing.Can the blood of Christ, who through the Eternal Spirit,offered Himself without spot to God; purge
 conscience from dead works, so that I may serve the
 A Journey to Intimacy 
 The Prodigal and the Son
I was reading one evening, and ran acrosssomething precious in Isaiah 45. Three things inparticular seemed to be transacted between theFather and the Son (there is much more there,but these three stood up for me).The Father said (not in this order):1)
I girded You, though You have not knownMe2)
I have even called You by Your name: I havesurnamed You, though You have not knownMe3)
I will give You the treasures of darkness,and hidden riches of secret places, that Youmay know that I, the LORD, which call Youby Your name, am the God of Israel.As I read this, I heard the Father whisper to mesomething out of Luke 15. This I thoughtpeculiar, because I did not readily see thecorrelation. Would you walk through it withme? Let's begin in Luke 15.You know the story of the prodigal son. Uponthe son's return home; the father gave him a
 and a ring. This was symbolic of being givenone of the father's suits and a credit card.
: In this discourse, although we'llmake frequent reference to the prodigal son;the implications are less on his title as"
" and more on his title as "
." Thisparticular parable makes useful references tothe cultural tenets that we want to exploreconcerning our Lord Jesus. In Isaiah 45, theLord says to our Lord, something mostprecious and eternal. The cultural contextand its details, as given to us in the parableof the prodigal, serve to help illuminate.There are numerous ways to accurately expresswhat the suit represented. For the sake of thisdiscussion it represents the mantle of the father
Journey to Intimacy c
ontinued on page 10 
Boot Camp c
ontinued on page 9 
Kingdom Newswww.kingdomnewsonline.comAugust 2012Copyright
2012 Page 3 of 15
Nutrition, Health & Wellness
     
My Life! … A Vineyard? 
(Part 6)
 And God said, Behold, I have given youevery herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in thewhich is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; toyou it shall be for meat.
We began this journey in February 2012. We talkedabout the artifacts of the vineyard (the hedge, thetower, the winepress the grapes, etc.). Wecontemplated the fact that the Lord sends"servants" to collect the fruit of the vine (love, joy,peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness,meekness, faith and temperance).This month we'll wrap up the journey pulling backthe covers on the "wicked husbandmen." In caseyou missed the prior articles, the wickedhusbandmen … that's us. We are the keepers of ourLord's vineyard.I'm sorry … I missed that; please say it again.You're right … you're right … it's not nice to callpeople "wicked." Would it be better if I said that weare "unfaithful servants?" Okay, okay, you like thatbetter? The pay is the same, though.Please allow me to share something with you. Theterm "
" in this parable (with reference to thehusbandmen) has a most intriguing origin. It is aprimitive Hebrew, or Chaldean, word. It couldhave been translated "
with leaven
." So allow me tointroduce you to the husbandmen again. These arepersons whose character has leaven, is bitter or ispuffed up. You may recall that our Lord'sdisposition to "leaven" was not favorable at all.Israel ate leaven bread, in Egypt. But when theydrew near, in the service of the Lord, they had toremove leaven from their presence. The Lord wasvery particular when describing sacrifices,acceptable; to Him. It was an egregious violation ofthe ordinances of God, for Israel to offer sacrifice"with leaven." During their solemn feasts, theywere not allowed to eat leaven, nor could theyretain leaven in their homes.
They had a holy daywas "the Feast of Unleavened Bread."
When theangels visited Lot in Sodom, he prepared for themunleavened bread.
 Why does that matter to us? I knew that questionwas coming.It matters because
Sacrifices "R" Us.
 For the life of the believer or Christian,(whichever works for you), leaven is forbidden.For the husbandmen over the vineyards of God,leaven is prohibitive. Why? Because a little leavenin the life of the believer, corrupts the whole.
  Jesus warned His disciples of the leaven of thePharisee and of Herod.
 What is the leaven of the Pharisees? As Luke wasscribing the account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ(being a physician, he is quite thorough); hequoted Jesus this way, "Beware of the leaven ofthe Pharisees, which is
." Paul, in talkingwith the believers at Corinth (shedding morelight) said "Purge out therefore the old leaven thatye may be a new lump, as ye are
leavened ...therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven,neither with the leaven of
;but with the unleavened breadof sincerity andtruth." Here we also get a glimpse of thesymbolism of the
Feast of Unleavened
bread.Now that we have a proper respect for the word"wicked" (within this context) let's look back atthose husbandmen. Can you now, very clearly,see the leaven (the malice and hypocrisy)? Theirmalice was that they mishandled the servants ofthe lord of the vineyard. Their hypocrisy was thatthey were hired to be
of the vineyard, butthey acted like they were the
. So we'veprofiled the wicked husbandmen. But what doesthat have to do with us? I was afraid that youwould ask that question. Well…Our lives are the vineyards of God. He has hiredthem out, to us, for the span of some three scoreand ten years. He created
for Himself, that Hemay offer to the nations the wine of His covenant(in us and through us). But we won't afford Himthat luxury. We won't be "
" of His vineyard;we want to be the "
." We refuse to be toldwhat to do with
life. The "choice is ours tomake," we say. And we will not brook any
Nutrition, Health and Wellness
continued on page 13 

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