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The Sydney Globalist Call for Submissions - Volume VIII, Issue II

The Sydney Globalist Call for Submissions - Volume VIII, Issue II

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Published by thesydneyglobalist
The call for submissions is now open for Volume VIII, Issue II of The Sydney Globalist!
The call for submissions is now open for Volume VIII, Issue II of The Sydney Globalist!

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Published by: thesydneyglobalist on Aug 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Sydney Globalist 
is seeking submissions for Issue II of Volume VIII, 2012.
Founded in 2005,
The Sydney Globalist 
is an undergraduate international affairsmagazine published by students at the University of Sydney. The magazine aims topublish the best in student ideas, writing and analysis on international affairs. Itsaudience encompasses students, academics, analysts, civil society, opinion-makersand the foreign policy community. All University of Sydney students are encouragedto contribute to the magazine.Students are invited to contribute to any of the following sections:
“The Faith Game: Religion, Humanity and PoliticalAction”
History is replete with the mixing of religion and politics, a prime example being theexecution of Socrates for “his disrespect for the gods”. Religion has shaped theinternational scene for many centuries, but it is now faced with a number of unprecedented challenges to its relevance, compounded by the rapid globalization of society and culture. Countries, to this day, have had varying degrees of separationbetween government and religious institutions. Western democracies often pridethemselves on their constitutional separations of church and state, while manytheocracies around the world routinely impose interpretations of religious laws upontheir citizens. To some, religion is a catalyst of war and conflict; to others it is asource of political and social stability. Regardless, religion is multifaceted, dynamic,and adaptive to new global changes.This issue of 
The Sydney Globalist 
invites students to explore the modern role thatfaith plays in international affairs. Does faith still matter as societies becomeincreasingly culturally and socially intertwined? Is the separation of church and statea reality or just an ideal, unable to be fully grasped even in the more maturedemocracies? What relevance does public opinion of Islam have to the foreign policyof Western nations? And is modern conflict, as Samuel Huntington wrote just twodecades ago, still determined primarily by religious and cultural divides?Submissions to this edition might address, but are not limited to:
Religion and morality
The role of spiritual and religious leaders in the political sphere
Religious freedom versus religious extremism
Religious lobby groups in electoral agenda setting
Religious violence and ethno-religious conflicts
The difficulty in reconciling religious freedom with a non-secular state
The adaptation of major religions to changes in technologyRelevant case studies may include:
Secularism in the Middle East
The role of religious lobby groups in the U.S. Electoral Process
The religious roots of the Indo-Pakistan partition and the Kashmir conflict
The (ir)relevance of the Vatican and the Catholic Church in global affairs
The emergence of “new global religions” such as Scientology
Public opinion on Islam and the memory of 9/11
The shifting demographics of global atheismOf course, submissions need not be limited to the above suggestions. Unique andhigh-quality pieces exploring any facet of the theme are encouraged. Submissionsmay involve in-depth factual case studies, conceptual discussion, or a combinationof these two approaches. Importantly however, submissions will combine both anacademic prowess with a creative and persuasive journalistic prose if they are tosucceed.
Theme Articles must be 800
1600 words in length
These features need not be related to the theme of the issue but may exploregeneral issues in international affairs and foreign policy.
Feature articles (800 words
1600 words)
Opinion Piece (800 words)
 A forum inviting short, incisive responses to articles in the preceding issue. The lastedition, entitled “Shifting Seats: Transitions of Power in National Leadership”, isavailable online atwww.thesydneyglobalist.org. Submissions to
The Roundtable
should be strictly 200 words in length.
Interested in submitting something a little different? We are seeking submissions in arange of new media, including: field reports, book and documentary reviews,humorous pieces, photographic contributions and the like. If you would like to makea contribution of this type, please email us with a brief proposal. Photographs mayconstitute stand-alone photographic essays or may be intended to supplementarticles from other contributors. Resolution must be of high quality.
To submit a piece to
The Sydney Globalist 
, please email the following tosubmissions@thesydneyglobalist.org 
: your full name, degree, major, year of study and phonenumber.

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