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Old War Horses, Issue 14

Old War Horses, Issue 14

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Published by BabbageCliologic
An RPG 'zine
An RPG 'zine

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Published by: BabbageCliologic on Aug 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue 14
So I’ve written 13 issues all about my Serenity/Firefly–DeadlandsReloaded campaign so far and I think they are going pretty well. Lastissue, I wrote about some issues that I wasn’t going to include in the gameand here’s some info on what I am going to do.
hammering the setting
 You may think that I’ve set up a pretty sweet deal for the PCs. They haveaccess to Alliance supplies, a home base protected by armed satellites andfree access to the ’Verse. Well, I’ll admit that these things are pretty sweet.But there’s a price that comes with that.The Alliance is a large bureaucracy and the military have a tendency to want to check up on their equipment and garrisons, even on Ita. So, atsome point, an inspector–general is going to come to town to see whatGeneral Zook and the 479
have been up to. And that’s going to be fun.Then there’s the problems with the troopers, stuck on a boring, hot, brightplanet with no shade, little air–conditioning and nothing to do but get intotrouble. And they're all “bad eggs,” at least according to the military.There’s bound to be problems. Another point I’m going to hammer on is the isolation and terror thatspace–travel entails. Months on ship, between the planets, family andloved ones far away. What if the air pump goes out in mid–flight? What’sthat knocking sound? Is that ship coming on us a bunch of Reavers or justpirates? At least with the pirates, they’ll only space us.Dealing with the underworld, unreliable thieves, pig–in–a–poke cargoes,late shipments, not paying what’s due, all these things can happen, too.Being your own boss has it’s down–side, scraping for jobs and trying toplease the “investors” (the 479
).Then there is the whispering voice in Xun’s ear.
 Bloody and Un–Natural  Murder
. It’ll start slow. Casual–like “You
just kill them.” Then builda bit more. “These people are murderers. They 
to die.” And keepat it with him. It’ll be good! The others have their own problems. Zook’s

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