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Old War Horses, Issue 16

Old War Horses, Issue 16

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Published by BabbageCliologic
An RPG 'zine
An RPG 'zine

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Published by: BabbageCliologic on Aug 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue 16
Last issue, I talked about some moons and asteroids nearby Ita. This issue,I’ll cover some people that the crew will meet during their journeys.First, the PCs need a good bad guy/crime–boss to go up against. I’m notgoing to have the game be about beating down an underworld Don but Ifigure that if I have one in the works, then I can pop him in anytime I want. And he’s gonna be a good foil for the PCs.
the laughing buddha
Li Ho Fook is a crime–lord on planet ____________ (GMs choice). He’sa mostly good man in an evil business, forced to do many evil things inorder to survive. And Li Ho is all about survival. As a child, he was amusical prodigy, playing an excellent violin. He kept mostly to himself, butpracticed. His father, a plant manager, made some enemies and ended updead. Soon after, his mother died, just wasting away due to extremesorrow. Li Ho was alone.But he’d been noticed. A local crime–lord, eager to appear “genteel,”picked Li Ho up off the streets, gave him a new violin and only requiredthat little Li play for him. And play Li did. And watched. Never wanting toface that helpless situation again, Li Ho spent his teen years learning. Hekilled his first man at 14, saving his boss’s life. That day he became a fullmember of the gang.Li Ho married and had children and worked his way up. He made friendsand eliminated rivals and no–one could trace any dirty deeds back to him.He cultivated friendships with other criminal groups and gathered allies.Because of his great loyalty to his boss, he waited until the death of the oldman before personally killing his boss’s son with his bare hands and only he knows where the body is buried.Li Ho was still a young man when he “inherited” his position. Thosefriendships with other gangs lead to a larger, more organized enterprise.He took on the big figures on his planet and came out on top, eliminatingthe older kingpins to become boss of bosses. And there were plenty of obstacles to remove.

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