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Old War Horses, Issue 17

Old War Horses, Issue 17

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Published by BabbageCliologic
An RPG 'zine
An RPG 'zine

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Published by: BabbageCliologic on Aug 26, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue 17
In this issue, I continue my Serenity/Firefly–Deadlands Reloaded settinginfo, adding info on a moon near Celena (rim–ward from Ita) that has aninteresting contact group and a hidden treasure!
There is a small moon named Shropshire owned by a religious order nearCelena (core–ward, approx. 3 days out by a Speed Class 2 vessel). Themoon is not actually a satellite of the planet. It’s moving on it’s own in theBlack but sometimes it is affected by the mass of Celena. The moon size issmall and it was terra–formed in a minor way decades ago, so it’s safe to walk around without a suit. It has two features that are of interest toadventurers: the Shropshire Abbey and a rich load of ghostrock.
the abbey
The order of monks at Shropshire Abbey is neo–Benedictine. The monksfollow the Rule, including stability, conversion of manners and obedience.They follow a strict order of duties, with a communal timetable for prayer, work, meals, spiritual reading and sleep. While they have no vows forsilence, there is a portion of the day where silent contemplation isrequired. The order has changed a bit since the days of Earth That Was,including changing to a scientific order as well as adding a martial aspectto the Rule. Now, the monks are allowed to defend themselves in the eventthey are attacked, but only with enough force to stop the attack. Thesemonks use martial arts or stun weapons to disarm and disable attackers.This abbey contains about 30 monks and 15 oblates. They are currently  working on gene–splicing technology and the abbot is well known in thatfield. The majority of monks are over 30 years old (most are in their 40s)and most of the oblates are around 20, though there is one who is pushing60 that has an interesting story. The abbey supports itself with vegetableproduce and vitamin production as well as some minor ship repairfacilities (one of the monks was a spacecraft mechanic in an earlier life and brought his whole shop to the abbey). What they can fix on a ship and holong it will take is up to the GM to decide, but figure that the monk hasdecades of experience working on many different kinds of ships and with

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